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Friday, March 11, 2005

Brigitte Mira, the German actress and singer who was in many Fassbinder films died at age 94. She was the star of Ali: Fear Eats the Soul, in which she played a horny widow who falls in love with an Arab immigrant. She was also in Fox and his Friends (1975) Berlin Alexanderplatz(1980) and Lilli Marleen (1981)

I should just give in and have sex with Sergey Brin, he's young, riche---a billionaire with the search engine Google and he is very desireth of my giant race horse arse. I feel no sparks when i'm with him, but who needs sparks when the man is loaded. Being with him could be the answer to all of my financial woes, but somehow i just can't go there. More on this subject later.

That bland band Maroon5 use to be called Kara's Flowers and they played at my sunday punk rock beer bust Club Sucker back in the late 90s. I remember they were very young and very cute, with a tired grunge sound, and i even made them all undress and i sucked their toes on stage. The lead singer is named Adam Levine, and someone from his record company emailed me to put him on the guest list at Bricktops 2nite. Well he can pay $5.00 just like anyone else. Gosh like he can't afford it, didn't he just win a goddamn undeserved grammy? Oh don't pay any attention to me, I'm feeling in a bitchy mood.