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Thursday, July 15, 2021

erstaunliche dreifache Penetration

erstaunliche dreifache Penetration

hübsches Gift hat noch nie so gut gerochen

That lovesexy pop star Lil Nas X and Ms. Davis have been working remotely in an exciting secret exchange lately for an upcoming music laden project. Mr. Nas X also wants to come to Berlin to get a whiff of how the lady works in her own turf and bounce off of her eclectic and very unique cray cray synergies. Ms. Davis has suggested that they also bring in the actors Joel Kinnaman and Antony Starr into the brainstorming sessions as eye candied throwing muses.


The latest from that vivacious Berlin based art schtar Natascha Sadr Haghighian:

July 29 2021
relearning bearing witness
book launch
n.b.k. Berlin

„This book compiles a number of Natascha Sadr Haghighian’s many essays and interviews, and threads them through constellations of images that range from Sadr Haghighian’s own artworks to broader documentation and research that inform the works and writing. Though the collection is not comprehensive—there are important writings and works that are not included—it somewhat exhaustively presents certain lines of continuous inquiry central to her work and thinking. However, this book—especially its visual language—can only make strong assertions about Sadr Haghighian’s work by engaging with a central paradox, which is that much of her work is not actually very visual in the first place. Most often, the subject of the work is not even seen as such, even when it is materially present, or even omnipresent. In many cases it cannot be seen at all, due to laws of the state or laws of physics. This makes the modes of visual disclosure or multisensory mapping extremely important components of Sadr Haghighian’s work, which this book’s visual language and design—thanks especially to Zoff Kollektiv—try to extend. Each of its four sections identifies a line of inquiry common to its grouping of essays and images. However, the illustrations may appear to point elsewhere or misdirect the reader, or exert unusual gravitational pulls on neighboring text and image. Hopefully, they reflect our decision in this book to indulge in the perverse power of visuality in overdetermining otherwise abstract or nonrepresentational lines of inquiry.“ (From „A Signal From a Hole“ by Brian Kuan Wood)

Long in the making, I am excited to announce the launch of the publication relearning bearing witness on the occasion of the Hannah Höch Advancement Award 2020. In a wonderful collaboration with editor Brian Kuan Wood, coeditors Anna Lena Seiser and Michaela Richter, designers Zoff Kollectiv and precious eyes Pola Sieverding we managed to compile a dazzling 374-page book holding a number of essays written in the past ten years threaded with constellations of images from various works and related research. relearning bearing witness is part of the n.b.k. Discourse series, published by Marius Babias and Anna Lena Seiser, who also wrote an afterword for it, the introduction is by Brian Kuan Wood. The book will be presented on July 29 at n.b.k. Berlin. It would be lovely to see some familiar faces there!

Ms. Davis has some of the most talented and fascinating current and ex students. One of her holy best is certainly Anne Duk Hee Jordan who was in Ms. D’s seminar at Weissensee Art Academy in Berlin back in 2008. Here is what she is churning out lately:


A solo-exhibition by

Anne Duk Hee Jordan




Urania e.V.

An der Urania 17

10787 Berlin

Entrance through courtyard:

Kleiststraße 13

Tickets Online

7€ • reduced price 4€

The exhibition The Worm: Terrestrial, Fantastic and Wet is conceived as a sensory room installation, whereby the viewer gets a fascinating insight into the world of worms. Anne Duk Hee Jordan explores the biological, physiological and sexual facets of worms and creates a completely new work that consists of soft sculptures, printed textiles, video projections and sound performances.

At the entrance of the exhibition space, a tubular tunnel, consisting of extra-tactile material, invites the visitor to the inside of the worm’s body. In the middle room the artist creates a magical world where numerous neon-colored sculptures appear out of the darkness. One hears a subliminal sound composition that continues up to the third and last room where a newly created video work with close-ups and macro views of the worms’ realm makes visible to us what one otherwise cannot perceive.

Limited spaces for the opening on July 16 2021, 5:00 PM – 9:00 PM with livemusic by DJ Female Macho. Please register here and come with a negative COVID test or proof of your completed vaccination.

joel kinnaman

antony starr

Vaginal Davis 1999 photo by Max Morales at her annual birthday party with her Sucker at the Garage partner Frank Rodriguez at Chico's of Montebello.  Hair styled by E. Norma Tamale.  Makeup by Glen Meadmore.  Dress by Rick Owens

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


Die Alm

Promischweiss & Edelweiss. Den Luxus könnt ihr euch abschminken

Oh I was wondering the other day what ever became of Kelli Lovelace. Kelli was a gorgeous young black girl who floated on the periphery of the punk and fashion scene in the early to mid 1980s in Los Angeles and New York. She had amazing style and was an incredible dancer. I loved watching her command the dance floor at clubs. One of her girlfriends was a wild child named Patty who moved to New York with Kelli. The two of them together and their posse always kept heads turning. At one point in the late 1980s and early 1990s I believe Kelli was dancing back up for a junior pop star whose name I can't remember. I do recall seeing Miss Kelli on Byron Allen's talk show one night with said pop singer when I was in a hotel in Vansterdam. Kelli completely outshined the main performer dancing and doing backup singing. In the 1990s i think she moved back to Los Angeles and I would occasionally run into Kelli, her sister and extremely young looking mother in Hollywood always off of Melrose Avenue and LaBrea, so maybe they lived around there. The last time I hung out with Kelli was at a fab Hollywood party thrown by the late Cliff Diller of Club F*ck shortly before he died of Mrs. AIDS.


Just received this from Olga Rozenblum & Co. in Paris, France:

Claude Pélieu : Blue Kid
9-30 juillet 2021

A fine warm rain falls on this shapeless mass, feverish & carved w/boredom, misery, stupidity, those flat images are reproduced by the magnetoscopes — on the screen old images wave, crisscross, mix, explode softly — a bloody theatrical eddy, infallible signs of grass vanishing
Claude Pélieu, 'Europig Mumbo Jumbo', NOLA Express, 22/01/1971, pp. 8-9.
Claude Pélieu : Blue Kid est une exposition d’éditions, collages et archives de l’artiste poète écrivain et traducteur Claude Pélieu (1934-2002).
Artiste poète écrivain et traducteur, Claude Pélieu naît à Pontoise en 1934. Ado, il traine à Paris, rive gauche, dessine, écrit, et boit. En 1956 il se fait arrêter pour une histoire de drogue. Il est alors enrôlé de force dans l’armée française et envoyé en Algérie. Une fois dégagé des drapeaux – il s’est empoisonné avec de l’eau croupie pour se faire reformer – il décide de quitter la France. De 1963 à 1971, il vit entre San Francisco et Manhattan.
En commençant par Automatic Pilot, paru en 1964, il produit une vaste quantité de textes obscurs, écrits dans un langage privé, souvent impénétrable, et marqués par le lettrisme, la poésie sonore, concrète, et beat, ou encore les procédés cut-up ou la bande-dessinée. Pendant des décennies et de façon quotidienne, Pélieu fait des collages à partir d’images (publicitaires, pornographiques, politiques) qu’il envoie ensuite par la poste à ses ami.e.s, Certains de ces collages sont publiés dans la presse alternative américaine et française, ou transformés en papier-peint pour les divers meublés qu’il occupe au fil des années. Ses images poétiques comme visuelles s’entassent, se contredisent, et se désagrègent. Elles s’immiscent aussi dans les traductions-adaptations de textes d’écrivains undergrounds devenus célèbres (William Burroughs, Allen Ginsberg) ou restés marginaux (Bob Kaufman), qu’il réalise avec sa compagne Mary Beach.
Dans un registre pastoral acide, où bribes de science-fiction se mélangent à des saynètes de roman noir et des slogans de la contre-culture, il cherche à raconter le malaise de « toute la Génération Grise Et Invisible sous l'averse télépathique », à diffuser les nouvelles d’une révolution imminente tout en brouillant les fréquences. Ses textes et ses collages constituent un champ mouvant de figures et d’images récurrentes qui laissent entrevoir une vision trouble des États-unis – ses villes, ses banlieues et ses paysages réels ou imaginés – et des courants contre-culturels, dont ils expriment autant les affects négatifs, les psychoses et les écueils que les espoirs utopiques.

ouverte de 14h à 20h :
- samedi 10 au dimanche 11 juillet
- mercredi 14 au dimanche 18 juillet
- mercredi 21 au dimanche 25 juillet
et sur rendez-vous (écrivez à
Conception : James Horton
Accrochage : Marion Abeille
Nous remercions : Daniel Azoulay, Benoît Delaune, Jan Herman ; Peggy Pacini, Frank Rynne, Pam Plymell, Jeffery Beach, Lu Nash ; Treize (Pascaline, Olga, James, Emmanuel, Gallien, Léna, Julien, Kevin, Fanny) et ses ami.e.s (Marion, Mathilde, Thomas, Juliette, Ethan, Fanny, Adrien, Lionel)


Treize est soutenu par la Mairie de Paris et la DRAC Île-de-France


Just received this from the great Aliza Shvarts one of my sacred young children of New York high art:

Dear friends,

Please join me next Friday July 16th from 7-9pm for the opening reception of OMNISCIENT at the Leslie-Lohman Museum of Art, curated by Avram Finkelstein and on view through January 2, 2022.

Participating artists: Justin Allen, Stephen Andrews, Sarah E. Brook, Wells Chandler with Brandi Twilley and Jennifer Coates, Liz Collins, Kerry Downey, Angela Dufresne, Joy Episalla, Yevgeniy Fiks, Chitra Ganesh, Camilo Godoy, Nicki Green, Erik Hanson, Roey Victoria Heifetz, Edith Isaac-Rose, Tahir Carl Karmali, Deborah Kass, Esvin Alarcón Lam, Kang Seung Lee, Izidora L. LETHE, Glenn Ligon, Loring McAlpin, Omar Mismar, Carrie Moyer and Sheila Pepe, em north, Russell Perkins, José Rafael Perozo, LJ Roberts, Catalina Schliebener, Anna Sew Hoy, Aliza Shvarts, Pacifico Silano, Pamela Sneed, Jonny Sopotiuk, Thomas Tomczak, Jason Villegas, Frederick Weston, and Paul Wong.

I'll also be celebrating two other things: an interview just published in October, wherein Emily Apter and I discuss a wide range of topics relevant to contemporary feminist practice and thought, such as the genealogy of citation, the uses of theory, speech action, rape kits, nonconsensual collaboration, queer kinship, and memes. And my new position as the Director of Artist Initiatives at Creative Capital, where I'll lead the annual Creative Capital Awards cycles, oversee the development of educational programs and artist services, and advocate for the arts and arts funding.

If you're around and able, I hope you can raise a glass with me on the 16th :)

Stay well,


Be on the lookout for these upcoming CHEAP Kollektiv events:

And don't forget to check out CHEAP Funk, our monthly radio show on and archived at Our last show CHEAP PALESTINE is still fresh and relevant on the airwaves and available for your listening pleasure:

Hope to see at least some of you again soon!
Marcuse Siegelstein
Minister of Insubordination for CHEAP Kollektiv

PS: Opening on July 22:
Concept and Installation: Susanne Sachsse, Şenol Şentürk, Martin Siemann
Music: Xiu Xiu
Lyrics: Susanne Sachsse
Voice: Vaginal Davis, Susanne Sachsse, Angela Seo, Marc Siegel, Jamie Stewart

in the context of Derek Jarman's The Garden: Cinematics of the Soil, silent green, Berlin, 23. July - 21. August


And this from the Black Jerry Lewis of performance art, sexy young Elliott Reed.

Wish brings together works by Reza Abdoh, Jean Genet, Nash Glynn, Torbjørn Rødland, Elliot Reed, Heji Shin, and Nora Turato. In his seminal book The Interpretation of Dreams (1900), Freud asserts that every dream is the expression of a wish. However, in dreams these repressed wishes often manifest themselves in distorted form in order to be tolerable to the dreamer. The works in the exhibition can be viewed as dream-images that represent desires considered too uncomfortable, taboo or salacious to the conscious mind. Wish is intended to unfold like a dream, with the wish exemplified by each artwork made available to viewers for interpretation. click here


So happy i got a chance to be social this past weekend, taking a mini break from my exhibition work schedule. Yes Judy LaBruce that wild and wooly Canuckian was in town and I am sure your ears are burning because we indeed did gossip about you and YOU! Such fellowship, frivolity and fun was had by all at a scrumpteous dinner by the great La Susi Sachsse, the fearless leader of CHEAP at her eastside compound. It was my first dinner party in a coons age. The next night was a mega CHEAP event at the Klosterruine in Mitte that was conceived and performed by Susi Su with assist by Martin Siemann, Marcuse Siegelstein and Daniel Haji Hendrickson. The outdoor venue was packed with a glorious crowd happy to be near other humanoids after lockdown and a brutal Winter/Spring. One of my ex students from Giessen, Christopher Weickenmeier is hte curator. So many juicy celebutants I can't even begin to name them all marking this the Summer of Sachsse.