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Friday, January 14, 2011

Last night’s Rising Stars, Falling Stars screening of the Alma Reville/Alfred Hitchcock 1927 film Easy Virtue was electrifying.Eunice Martin on klavier played as if her life depended on it. Among her staunch admirers in the audience-composer Hans Berg. With An SRO crowd it was a nice way to begin the RSFS series for the gnu yeart of 2011.Lots of hot young NYU visiting grad students like Ms. Jessica Giespert with her entourage Andy & Katherine plus Carlos Reyes and Jo-ey Tang who brought the most beautiful Korean boy on the planet with them. This young child mesmerized me with his sculptural masculine face and a rock hard tight body-yowza! I’d give up my last paycheck,if I had a paycheck for him to sit on my face 24/7. Also on hand hunky young artist Gunnar Neumann with posse,big peniled German sex machine Jan Klesse of the new rock band Tenderloin, lovesexy video maker Liz Rosenfeld, handsome proper butch video artist and junior curator Justin Tyme, Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental with gal pal DJane Olga Damnitz(Thank you Nanna for the sweet smelling perfume), filmmaker Angela Anderson with British thespian Alex Pettyfer, Ulrich Ziemons(the handsomest man in Europe) with Nadja Talmi of Forum Expanded,cutie pie male ingénue Alden Ehrenreich with his Olympic athlete beau Artus Was, Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim and translator to the shtars who did the creative decorations in the Rote Foyer and designed my new RSFS poster, Little Alex of Macedonia aka: Tielemachos Alexiou who styled, beat the face and hair in shape of la hostessa making her look super glamoo. Little tiny bubble butt Alex is a gifted filmmaker in his own right with the Chocolate Grinder kollective was with his humpy Israeli lover Assaf Hochman, a dancer with the Catherine Sullivan Company. Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who is learning to speak Arabic made all the art honchos Leo Koenig, Galerie Neu’s Johannes Birkner-Behlen and dealer Jan Wentrup feel right at home. Rising Stars goes on hiatus during the Berlinale in February but will be right back atcha in March.
1940s big band singer Margaret Whiting died age 86. She had a very nice silky vocal tonality, evident in songs like “Moonlight in Vermont”. Though I wasn’t a huge fan, what did intrigue me about her was that she was married to gay porn star Jack Wrangler, 22 years her junior. They met in 1976, and he told her he was gay to which she replied, “Only around the edges dear.” They wed in 1994 after living together for many years and he died in 2009.
This from my sweet and handsome baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras on holiday in Central America.

Queen Vaginal,
OH how I have been missing my favourite lady. Where are you? How are you? I briefly scanned your blog and am happy to hear you had such a wonderful New Years being pampered like the lady you are.
I am in the mountains of Costa Rica. Monteverde to be exact and it is breathtaking. Enrico and I went zip-lining today over the forests and it was definitely a thrill and the most "extreme" thing I have ever done. I feel like Tarzan today!
In case you were remotely missing me at all, please find enclosed the photo that the Siegessäule photo-lady took that evening I stepped away from Tenderloin rehearsal. Do you like?
So I am DJing with BlaB February 4th at SchwuZ. It won't be as fun as Djing with you but I am sure it will be easier then the three of us together. Ha ha.
So what are your LA dates? You are going to be gone so much this winter :(
I am back in Berlin January 24th....
OK, gotta go get ready for dinner...Enrico should be back from his night hike looking for Tarantula's.
Much love and laughter to you

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Film historian Marc Siegel’s CHEAP mailing list post is always filled with wonderful tidbits of information about what is happening in Berlin. So if you are a visitor check out his recommendations below:

Hello CHEAP Friends,

A perfect way to celebrate the ice breaking mild weather would be to go see what some of the people in the CHEAP cosmos are doing with themselves in public. There are three things going on in January that are worth your last dime:

1. Vaginal Davis welcomes you into 2011 with a HitchCOCKian silent film, Thursday, Jan 13th
2. Our very own Tim Blue has created a new work for the child in you at
Theater an der Parkaue with Stefan Faupel. Premiere on Friday, Jan. 14.
3. Our very own Tim Blue will have his very own evening in Arsenal, Jan 31st.

So, first, Miss Davis in her own words, because these words are so juicy this month:
Hope to see you Thursday, January 13th at 9pm for the first Rising Stars,Falling Stars of the New Year. We will screen Alfred Hitchcock¹s silent version of faggoty Noel Coward¹s Easy Virtue from 1927. Accompanying the film on klavier is the great composer Eunice Martin.
To get everyone in a festive mood feel free to come dressed in Hitchcock heroine chic.Yowza! We suggest you wear a strangulating necktie, mink coat & typewriter-in-tow ensemble for that special oomph of Tallulah Bankhead glamour. I want to see plenty of murderous gay hysterical bottom runway realness, Mrs. Bundy ornithologist tweeds for handsome women, Jimmy Stewart peeping-tom haberdashery, Edith Head ill hairdos & dark grey shades. Mrs. Danvers sinister saaphic brittleness is always appropriate, along with Melanie Daniels spoiled socialite smugness or Grace Kelly cocktail gowns for hetero normative crossdressers. Oh and lets not forget to highlight our
Norman Bates neurotic tics.
Rising Stars, Falling Stars Thursday Jan 13, 2011 9pm Kino Arsenal 2 Alfred Hitchcock/Alma Reville’s Easy Virtue 1927 with musical accompaniment by Eunice Martin. After the screening join curator and hostess Vaginal Davis in the Rote Foyer for an intimate wine reception. 2 Potsdamer Str at the Sony Center Filmhaus in Historic Potsdamer Platz
After the smash success of CHEAPs english-language queer for kids
production of "Dr. Seuss ABC," Tim Blue and Stefan Faupel (the stars of that infamous piece) took it upon themselves to create something new for the Theater an der Parkaue (probably the only Staatstheater around that would let such talented goofballs create their own piece!). The result is: "Is there Anybody Out There?" a disturbing UFO musical inspired by Alice in Wonderland and the Wizard of Oz and with sets by handsome Senol Senturk (of CHEAP Blacky fame). We don't know what to expect from that perverse non-thespian/thespian trio, but it's sure to be strange, beautiful and fun.
The premiere on Jan 14 is already sold out, so go see it either on Sa,
15.01.2011 at 16:00 Uhr or Mo, 17.01.2011 at 10:00 Uhr. Take a few designer babies with you.
At Theater an der Parkaue, Parkaue 29 Lichtenberg.
Info at:

Sound and Image Works by Tim Blue at the Arsenal as a part of DAS
Weekend/Transmediale on Jan 31. Check out Tim Blue and Paul Rowley's
experimental feature THE ROOMS (2009) in its Berlin premiere! This is Tim's first feature and it is rife with the sensuous abstractions we know and love from his shorts! Indeed, the program will open with a short film and live music accompaniment by the Brothers Blue, Tim and John. A selection of Tim's shorts (film's I mean, not his skanky Bermudas) will be playing in the BlackBox! Not to be missed! Arsenal, Jan 31, 7pm

Hope to see you in all your bottom bitterness or spoiled smugness!


CHEAP looks forward to...

*Vaginal Davis in LA! Again! Check out dejecta/protecta
A performance by Vaginal Davis
in conjunction with The Artists Museum
Saturday, January 22, 2011, 8pm
Ahmanson Auditorium at MOCA on Grand Ave.

*Brand new piece by Tim Blue/Paul Rowley/David Philips in this year's ForumExpanded!

*The Advocate for Fagdom in the Panorama at this year's Berlinale! a new documentary about Judy La Bruce with interviews by such decrepid
personalities as Susanne Sachsse, Vaginal Davis, Gus Van Sant, John Waters,blahblahblah! don't miss it!

*and of course...Susanne Sachsse singing Schoenberg! Prepare for the
premiere of a radical new production of that perverse Austrian atonalist'sPIERROT LUNAIRE on March 6, 2011 at HAU! Conducted by melancholic beauty Premil Petrovic and directed by the eternally and seductively washed-up JudyLaBruce! not to be missed.

Monday, January 10, 2011

This just in from one of my Weissensee students Katya Maya who is in the wonderful new band Leiseylento:

HOP laaa !!

wir haben ein grund zu feiern! vorgestern ist unsere CD - die allererste
special limited edition handmade wow wow- fertig geworden! juhu, dank an
viele wunderbare menschen ist sie toll geworden und jetzt gehen wir auf tour
mit unsere grosse schwester MY SISTER GRENADINE ( um
sie zu prä fängt in Hamburg an... und für unsere liebe berlinerInnen ist das nächste LIVE termin am 25.januar chez madame claude*

our queer tango and experimental chanson first album ist ready! yeah! record
release is happening on tour next week and soon in berlin! thanks to all the
wonderful persons who helped us to make this great thing happen!
spread the word! leitet weiter ! kommt vorbei ! schickt eure familie !
macht verspätete weihnachts geschenke !

hope to see you all soon**
10.01. hamburg / pony bar
11.01. hamburg / sweet home
12.01. kiel / prinz willy
13.01. hannover / feinkostlampe
14.01. köln / vorstadtprinzessin ---- mit krikela

15.01. osnabrück / café mojo
für alle details adressen usw. bitte auf myspace schauen: °°°°°° dort sind auch neue lieder zu
hören°°°°°°°°new songs°°°°°°°°mit unsere special guest musicians°°°°°°°°
25.01 berlin/ madame claude , lübbenerstr.19, xberg, 21h
love** leiseylento**
My other amazingly talented NYU grad students Carlos Reyes, and Jo-ey Tang along with artist and curator Elly Clarke came by the Cheese Endique Trifecta last night for some hot toddies and snax. It was a very rousing salon at the Trifecta aided along with Kentucky boubon. The gorgeous Ms. Clarke is leaving Berlin for a while to teach as Senior Lecturer in Photography at Coventry University in blimy Birmingham, England. She will certainly be missed here in Berlina as this is one young woman who is a mover and a shaker, but in a more interesting loving way then those tired art careerists who are stretching their icky tentacles everywhere. Don’t let me get started as that is another subject for another time.
Earlier in the day I attended a grand bruncheon at the famous table of La Susanne Sachsse the fearless leader of collective CHEAP. The table was gloriously set with cascading tulips as we ate a hearty Jena style meal of pork & lamb snausages, potato porridge, white kabal sour krout and a winter green salad with film historian Marc Siegel’s famed secret dressing---yumsville.
Susi’s beautiful children Richard & Salome Gersh were also on hand, as well as Richard’s new sweet and pretty girlfriend Fraulein Vicki.
Marc & Susi and I chatted about next year’s big Camp Anti Camp Festival they are curating which looks like it will be very exciting as it will be the last project at HAU under the artistic direction of Mattias Lienthal the quirky genius of the Hebbel Theatre.
Saturday morn I took Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim and his boyfriend Piero Bellomo to a birthday breakfast at the Turkish boite La Femme on Kott Busser Damn. We were there very early so it wasn’t crowded.Usually this place is a madhouse as the food is very good, and the moultenly hot Turkish men populating the joint is very eyecandylishtic.