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Saturday, January 24, 2004


Bricktops was hotter then those four sisters from Georgia last night. The Lady Miss Bricktop sang a song about George Bush that went like this:

“O Mr. Bush, President shrub,you’re not very nice, you and your black lover Condolezzi Rice. O Mr. Bush dear Prezident shrub, once? Twice? Thrice!
you’re such the dinge queen, carpet munching on Condi Rice”

she also did a very strange cover of the Grace Jones hit, “Warm Leatherette”
rhyming leatherette with They Won’t Forget, Suzanne Pleshette and Suffragette
The special guest star was Montreal’s musical lunatic Creekbird. The Creek as I like to call him, is one of the most sexiest men alive. He really is quite the stud and every man and woman in the audience was very much desireth of his lusty charms. The theme of the evening was a nutters salute to komedy klunky Harry Langdon, who was the 4th most popular silent era comedian after Chaplin, Keaton and Lloyd.

Bruce La Bruce was back in town from Sundance so of course there were a lot of people who came out to be in his lofty orbit. Including Nikki the former model and wife to photog Terry Richardson who starred in Bruce’ last art porn classic “Skin Flick” The porn version is actually called “Skin Gang” but I prefer the working title which was “Gang of Foreskins” Darling Nikki’s new boyfriend is named Eddie and he use to be a semi regular on that banal sitdumb “Friends” and he also starred in a shortlived WB TV Network drama. He’s one fine piece of caucasion ass, but I can’t remember his last name. Michael Schmidt the jewelry designer, and costumer also was paying his respects to La Judy of Bruce. Michael is doing really well now that he left tired New York and lives here in Los Angeles. I love New York, but it can also get really bleak. Michael designed specialty wardrobe pieces for both Charlie’s Angelz movies.
This graffiti artist named Dash Snow or something like that was taking a million pictures of me. Judy sez he comes from a very wealthy family and his mother sits on the boards of the Whitney Museum of Art and MOMA. I just ADORE these artists who become big in the art world through the dear old fashion grit of nepatism.

Early Friday at around 4pm while I was decorating the club. This woman called who works for Nicole Kidman saying that the star of stars and her jewish/negro lover Lenny Kravitz wanted to drop by. I told her that Bricktops is here every Friday from 10pm-2am --- the cover is $5.00 and Ms. Kidman and Mr. Kravitz, are welcome any time.
Are they even still an item? I liked it better when Nicole was with that humpy jubas rapper Q-Tip.
Mz. Assistant to Nic asked about the VIP area. When i told her we didn't have one she told me she'd call back----but didn't.


My production designer pal, Jose Montana called and wants to have a Pik Niq. Jose is very posh. He use to design rock videos like REM’s “Losing My Religion” but now he mostly does commercials, though I’m sure he’d like to do feature films, but there is such a heirachy in the biz that moving up to features is one hard gnut to crack. Jose’s mother was a famous Swedish actress and his father a famed Bolivian architect. He grew up in Seattle and London. He has a house in the Echo Park hills that is lovely with a great city view. Jose is also an amazing gourmand.
He sez that Rubencito, my 21 year old El Salvadorean bootypie bar back at the Parlour Club speaks Spanish with a Brazilian accent. I love the way Rueben talks. I used him for my voicemail, although it confuses everyone who calls me.

Friday, January 23, 2004

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Wednesday, January 21, 2004


Went to the American Cinemateque to see a screening of "Bell, Book and Candle" starring Kim Novak and James Stewart. I haven’t seen this movie since they use to show old films on TV back in the 70s. It was great seeing it on the big screen at the famed Egyptian Theatre where I spent many Saturdays during my child and young adulthood. Before the Egyptian became the Cinemateque I would come for their bargain basement matinees as late as the early 90s. One of my other favorite movie palaces, The Pacific Theatre on Hollywood Blvd has been closed for ages. Some equity waiver theatre companies use it now, it was transformed from a single large theatre to a multiplex in the 80s. At the reception for the Kim Novak flick I ran into Mrs. Michael Glass, Tom Guzman and Mark Simon and his lovely sister. Mark’s new performance group The Younger DeGenerates will be performing at Bricktops in February.

Received an invitation from famed academe Amelia Jones to participate in a symposium called "Theorizing Queer Visualities" at the University of Manchester. She’d like me to do one of my performance/lectures at the University's Whitworth Gallery. I’m really excited about this.

The others invited for this two week event are: Peggy Phelan, Stanford University/ keynote presentation, with discussion, José Esteban Muñoz, New York University/ second keynote,Richard Dyer, University of Warwick; author of White and Culture of Queers and numerous other publications on film, visual imagery, and identity. Jackie Stacey: cultural theorist whose work addresses gender and sexuality and has helped shape debates in feminism and visual culture; professor at Lancaster University, Patty Chang: internationally known performance artist based in New York/ California.
Richard Fung, experimental video and filmmaker and theorist of queer Asian visuality; based in Toronto.
Thomas Allen Harris: filmmaker based in New York and California whose work *explores desire, ambivalence and the construction of diasporic identity, through a critical engagement with questions of blackness, sexuality and the body.* (from electronic intermix website)Lyle Ashton Harris: artist and commercial photographer and theorist whose work addresses sexuality and race in and across the black male body, based in New York.
Ma Liuming: Chinese performance artist whose work involves cross-dressing and interrogating Western stereotypes of Chineseness.Isaac Julien: internationally known queer black filmmaker and theorist from London. Glen Ligon: New York based internationally known artist whose work addresses intersection of race and sexuality.
Ming-yuen S. Ma: Los Angeles-based video artist and theorist; author of Slanted Vision (1995), an experimental video exploring the relation between vision and desire with eroticized images of Asian men.
Yasumasa Morimura: Japanese artist who deploys his own body in photographs that mimic famous Western images (most of these involve some kind of cross-dressing).
Prathiba Parmar, originally from Kenya, now a major British experimental film and video maker who explores feminist, diasporic, and queer identities in her work.
Toxic Titties: feminist queer performance collective from Los Angeles.
Ike Ude: Nigerian artist whose photographic work (like Ashton Harris's) addresses queer black masculinity, usually through the depiction of his own body.
Legier Biederman, Ph.d. student at UCLA; work attempts to push boundaries of queer theory and feminism vis-a-vis black Hip Hop music imagery.Gavin Butt, lecturer at Goldsmiths College, Univ. London, whose art historical work addresses gay masculinity in art of the 1950s.Sue-Ellen Case, professor in theatre department at UCLA; her work has been central to the development of queer theory in theatre studies.
Dianne Chisholm, teaches at University of Alberta; has just written a book called Queer Constellations: Fictions of Space in the Wake of the City about queer flânerie and modernist literature.
Patricia Ticineto Clough, author of "Queer Desire and the Technobodies of Feminist Theory," in Autoaffection: Unconscious Thought in the Age of Teletechnology (2000).
Barbara Creed, feminist and queer film theorist who teaches at the Unviersity of Melbourne, Australia.
Thomas Dowson, lecturer and theorist of queer archaeology from University of Manchester.
Jennifer Doyle, assistant professor in the English Department at University of California, Riverside; her work on Eakins and Warhol establishes a new framework for thinking "queer visualities."
Susan Foster, professor in world cultures department at UCLA; her work has been central to the development of feminism and queer theory in dance studies.Sander Gilman, professor at Univ. Illinois, Chicago; has written extensively on sexuality, Jewishness, and gender in relation to "scientific" imagery.
Michael Hatt, Birkbeck College, University of London; has written extensively on gender and sexuality and issues of visuality, currently finishing a book on homoeroticism and the visual in late Victorian Britain.
Catherine Lord, professor of art at UC Irvine; her work has long explored the interstices of queer theory/art theory nexus. She is an established art critic.Sharon Marcus, teaches as Columbia University; works on gender, sexuality, and urban history; has published on the gendered city.
Laura U. Marks, theorist of gay porn and new media theorist; author of The Skin of the Film: Intercultural Cinema, Embodiment, and the Senses (2000).Michael Moon, professor at Johns Hopkins, has worked on queerness in Warhol and Joseph Cornell.Marlon Ross, University of Virginia; works on African American gay culture, including visual culture.Shuddhabarata Sengupta: media theorist who addresses identity and global media, co-founder of Sarai media collective; lives and works in Delhi, India.
Robert Summers, theorist of queer visualities who is working to break the boundaries of "gay art history."
Carole-Ann Tyler, professor of English, UC Riverside; works on queer theory and visuality.
Lola Young, author of Fear of the Dark: "Race," Gender, and Sexuality in the Cinema (1996), based in London?

Monday, January 19, 2004


Went to the opening of FADE 1990-2003 African American Artists in Los Angeles A Survey Exhibition curated by sexy little Malik Gaines of the pretty fair skin, curly hair and bumping tight booty. I’d sure like to burrow my tongue up his anal stairwell, but I’ll have to save that for another episode of the Oprah Winfrey show.

Malik is also in the wonderful showcore band My Barbarian, with pretty Jade Gordon and his zesty Latin lover Alex. Malik is part of the new breed of young, fresh, go getting colored boys working the staid art world. I wish I was more ambitious, but as an olde school rebellion, lets face the Gertrude P. Stein custard------ I am what I am, what I ambla.

Of course with Bricktops also being on a Friday, I didn’t make the opening reception till right before it was ending. What a delicious scene. I NEVER go to art openings, mainly because they are so dull, but this one had some spunk. A colored people art show in Los Angeles is a mighty rare occurance, so everyone seemed to be in a celebratory mood. I was dressed as Saint Salicia Tate, a look that isn’t easy for the majority of public consumption. I just breezed in and then breezed out because I had a show to do. I’m glad I came though and Malik did a great job of displaying the work.

Who was there?

colored girl TV writer Josslyn Luckett, Willy Banta and Miriam Jacobsen of the LA Weekly, Phylis Teen from the band Spooky Pie, NPR’s bubble butt studkin Ben Adair and his lovely jewel of a girlfriend Shoshanna, Nora Keyes and Max Gonberg of the Centimeters, LA Weekly editor Joe Donnelly and his glamorous dancer wife Miss Candy, Brian Freeman, Leslie Sahr the grand dame of afrikan american art,
Creekbird, artist Ming Ma, Professor Jennifer Doyle, writers Ellen Kraut Hasagowa and Lisa Teasley.

During the week I’m going to go see the exhibition so I can pay closer attention to the work. I’m really anxious to check out Mark Bradford’s pieces as I’ve been told he is really exceptional. What I know of his background is exciting----the boy use to be a hairhopper turned artist who uses a lot of black hair care products in his abstract pieces.


Got an emug that my good girlffriend the NYC superstar drag diva, The Lady Bunny is Djing a major fashion event at the Eiffel Tower.

I'll make it easy and copy what i received so you can read it for yourself:

Armed with a clutch of CDs and a wig box big enough to get Marie Antoinette twirling in her grave, New York drag superstar Lady Bunny is jetting into the City of Light to DJ one of the hottest fashion parties of the new year.
To be held January 21 in La Salle Gustave Eiffel, on the first floor of the
famous tower, the event will celebrate the launch of Visionaire Magazine's
Visionaire 42 Scent.

Known to most as an outrageous comedienne and personality about town, Lady
Bunny, a fashion industry darling, is also the in-house DJ for the
extravagant Visionaire (and V) magazines and can be found spinning her brand
funk-soul-pop-disco at the hottest Fashion Week parties. Previous gigs for
Visionaire include spinning at L'Opera Garnier (becoming the first DJ ever
to spin in that famous Parisian opera house), the Fendi showroom in Milan,
Harvey Nichols (London) and Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum on Times Square.

Other recent gigs include the Fashion Group International Awards at
Cipriani, Saks Fifth Ave.'s main floor during the holidays and Ritz Carlton
South Beach's New Year's Eve party where she became the first DJ ever hired
by a Ritz Carlton hotel.

The Lady Bun Bun is the hardest working queen I know. There aren't too many other queens that i hang out with. She is one of the few, and is always making me laugh till my intestines are sticking out of my anus.

At the end of the note was this piece of hot gossip:

Grace Jones attended Jade Jagger's birthday this week in a bar in Mayfair.
She disappeared into a cubicle for ages and then burst out, executing karate
moves while announcing loudly in a fake German accent: "Here is ze cocaine


Friday at Bricktops we celebrated Aimee Semple McPhearson, the famous evangelist who ran off with her much younger lover and pretended to be kidnapped. I love Geraldine Page’s performance as Miss Aimee in the 1975 John Schlessinger film of Nathaniel West’s "Day of the Locust".

Of course my interpretation is as the The Most High Right Rev’rend Saint Salicia Tate. Salicia hadn’t performed in Los Angeles in over two years so it was a thrill for the audience to see her in full self-beatified regalia.

As my alter boy vestal virgens Dan Peiera and Jason North were very angelic and pious. The only celebs I personally saw was that former Calvin Klein model turned TV Tarzan Travis Fimmel with fellow Aussie actor Martin Henderson who was at the club a few weeks ago and is in some new motorcycle chase movie that also stars Ice Cube and Debbie Mazar’s younger sister.