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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vaginal Davis, Vaginal Davis, Vaginal Davis you and your shameless tricking. Two recent lotharios of la diva, turn out to be a pop starlet named Jan DeLay, and a well known actor(schauspieler) Stefan Kaminski. Both men in bed were nothing to write home to grandma about.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The gorgeous Professor Jennifer Doyle was in fine form when she presented her lecturina Between Friends at Kapelica Gallery, the day after my performance piece. I've never seen la Doyle so animated and in complete total control. Certainly getting regular sex from a hunkazoid Slovenian contributed to her zesty glow. At both of our performances was members of one of my favorite all-time bands Laibach and the NSK kollective. O and correcting what i wrote earlier, our after party was produced and arranged by the lovely Marsela of Aksioma.
And to all who wrote to me: Yes Marilyn Manson came to the show. What else was there for him to do in Ljubljiana? I think he definately was on the prowl to steal ideas for a rock video. I get so sick of these mainstream rock video directors who appropriate from the performance art world. Why not hire us as an art director so that we can make a little cash$. When you do performance or live art, you are guaranteed a life of poverty, so if someone wants to borrow your so called "edge" they need to pay for it accordingly.
Before coming to Slovenia Dr. Doyle and i partied with British art star Tracy Emmin. Dr. Doyle wrote an introduction for Tracy's work as part of the UK Pavillion at the Venice Biennale. And if you haven't bought Jennifer Doyle's amazing book "Sex Objects and the Dialectics of Desire" rush out and get it today, if its the last thing you ever do.
I've been writing about German gay sex for numerous publications including a Frohmer's type publication that will be coming out soon. I will entreat you with a little preview of my take on the gay sauna scene, here goes nuttin:

As a bathhouse benediction queen from way back before the flood i am an expert on gay saunas from around the world. Being that i missed the heyday of saunas during the 70s, the first time i went to one i snuck in underage with my girlfriends from Ventura, CA: Dora, Boofy, Thing, Bigdiq Doug, HomoHaus, Vince,BushBunny, Gommorah, Wednesday, and Quasi. We all went to the legendary 8709 that was, believe it or not connected to the Cedar Sinai Medical Center on Third Street back in the early 80s. This tub was owned by a wealthy fag named Sheldon Andelson who was also a UC regent, and politico. 8709 is probably responsible for the AIDS infections of almost everyone who went to the place including its owner. How i escaped is because i was more of a voyeur and not a participant. Besides 8709 there was M*A*C*S in Silverlake known also as the Men's Action Center and Men's Affection Center. I went to this bath along with my Ventura posse as well and lets say that the sex i observed at these places was beyond wild. Imagine walking into a large room filled with bunk beds and the sounds of large penises slapping sphincter's to a disco soundtrack and giant screen Falcon Videos blazing. Its was downright angelic and demonic at the same time. I've never before or since seen so many huge penises,in every configuration, and the sounds and smells of sex that would leave one faint.
But let me now move to the present. In Berlin there are four saunas and i've visited them all at different times and days just so that my reportage would be fair and accurate.
Lets start with the Triebhause Sauna in Prinzlauber. The best time to go is Sunday afternoons, which seems strange to Americans but thats how it is in Germany. Of all the tubs this is the one with the youngest, cutest, best bodied and peniled clientle, but like everything in Berlin it can still be hit or miss. I really love that at Euro Saunas you can sit around a full bar, have a drink and get some food, but the small town cammaraderie can make it seem like a old lady hen party, which kills things if you want to really get a mack freak on---every man for himself, and that infamous German distance thing is even more prevalent at saunas, where between twinky cha-cha queens and schlager crusties you have to put up with a lot of icky attitude. And will someone please explain why the tuetonics insist on getting their proverbial gnut in the wet sauna, the place where germs incubate the most. If you hang right outside the shower holding pen, you get to see who has the largest merchandise. German penis are exceedingly above average, but like the British Germans are either extremely gorgeous or butt fugly, and some of those large peters are very misshapen. Germans have this weird openness/modesty thing that is hard to explain let alone understand, they are a culture set apart indeed.
The layout of Treibhause is weird, and most of the employees are a complete trip. Why do the most bitter and jaded people always work in saunas? There are a few kids who work there who are sweet, and the best thing about going to these places is the massage staff, you can receive a halfhour or hour for a decent price. At Triebhause there is one ladylooking man who works behind the kasse and bar, who i swear looks just like Carol Burnette circa 1974, same hair, and lips,and he is so heavily moisturized it looks like he put clear nail polish all over his face----but remember Berlin is a place of really bizarre trendy hair cuts and looks.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

o my darling ljubjiana, you opened your golden gates to me and i let you drink chocolate milk from my large breastage!!!! I love you!!!! Everyone was so warm and accomodating and extremely helpful. All the juicy collaborators, from the mothers who donated their beautiful healthy white babies to me for the Madonna of Laibachdorf photo series and the VDasVB performance. Shout out to my new granddaughter Isabella, Nina, Pinta, SantaMaria!!!!
I am forever indebted to the generosity, courageous spirit and love shown by event producers Davide Grassi and his lovely and serene wife Marcela Okretic, of the Aksioma Institute of Contemporary Art, who provided Dr. Doyle and i with a pristine villa as accomodations, filled with more food then we could ever eat, that overlooked the majestic Alps. It was so nice sleeping in a giant bedroom on a superkingsize bed that could have fit 45 lovers, and Davide and Marcela even pimped out men for us, so that our orifices were always filled with uber floppy, drippy appendages. yahoo!!!!!!
Everything ran smoothly, and tight tight tight, like a gash, like a wound. And the press coverage was amazing. I must have done 20 interviews and had 30 photo sessions, and all the journalistas asked prostrate probing questions.
It was wonderful being a part of the City of Women festival, and Marcela even produced a gigante party for Jennifer and I attended by literally hundreds at the old squattors encampment. Of course there is so much more to tell, and i will get to it all, i promise, I´m just a little exhausted at the moment, but i promise to give you the details of Jennifer´s lecture, and book signing for her new tome "Sex Objects" so please be patient.