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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Celebrities always die in threes. Such was the case this past week with the deaths of French New Wave director Eric Rohmer, Art Clokey the creator of that lil green slab of clay Gumby, and R&B Heavyweight crooner Teddy Pendergrass. Pendergrass got his start first as a drummer, then lead singer of Philadelphia International soul group Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. By the mid 70s he had a solo career with his ladies only concerts. In 1982 Mr. Pendergrass became a paraplegic after a car accident. Its funny that in the obits on the radio and online, there was no mention of the tranny girl who was injured in the accident with him. The rumour in urban circles was that Teddy loved his chix with dix.
Friday at Search & Destroy rock club Judy La Bruce, and the Vagimule Doll hosted and DJaned a neurotic/erotic party till the bitter wee hours, and Teddy Pendergrass´s tranny loving spirit was watching over everyone. Ms. LaBruce is back in Berlina for her big art opening at Peres Projects Gallery on Jan 30th where she will preview a rough cut of her new LA Zombie flick that stars the steroid French blue movie studkin Francois Segat who will also be in attendance. All the bearded lady fags will all want to bury their faces in Mdm. Segat´s bodacious bubble buttkin.
A juicy gaggle of celebutants danced and pranced at Search & Destroy at the legendary Schwuz club at Mehringdamn. The New Yorker Magazines star staff writer Hilton Als looking dapper with his look-a-like posse in tow. The magnificent Mr. Als was just in Berlin for the weekend, but will be back in full glory in April reporting on all things teutonic throughout the Spring & Summer, so watch out world!
Swedish designer Lars Nilsson and Spanish coutourier Josep Font were having a hairy thyroid eyeball nigger fit over hunky experimental filmmaker Alejandro Duran, who was out with pretty Otto:Up With Dead People star Katherina Klewinghaus. Seen outrageously flirting: French director Olivier Assayas who was enthralled with Pork Club´s Tennessee Clafin, the performance artist/concubine to A-list Hollywood directors Bryan Singer & Gus Van Sant. Making everyone blush with his young boy beauty, the Slovakian artist Mario Dzurila, while intermedia actress Susanne Sachsse was chit chatting with Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and his muscular beau Enrico Dallman. Ms. Sachsse will star in Keren Cytter´s new piece that premieres Thursday at HAU 3. The Lady Ms. D will Djane the after party at WAU Cafe so stop by why dontcha? Ms.Cytter and her music curator lover Christoph Gurk were smooching to Jonathan Fireater´s „A Love Like That“ while the wildest dancing was being led by film historian Marc Siegel, musician kJohnny Blue with socialite Aaston Brooks, Anna Muelter, artist Dean Sameshima, and Flemish royal Koen Claerhouten. Sissi Magazines Toby Rauscher removed his jock strap and got all the boys to start doing helicopters with their genitals. Not to be undone a group of lesbianas started taking off their sports bras as LaBruce played music from Godspell. Looking ultra glam video artist Liz Rosenfeld with British live artist Richard James Hancock and juicy Gunnar Neumann. Everyones favorite good time Sally--- Mauro the Italian art critic was giving limousine lap dances to birthday boy Daniel Hendrickson, and his partner Piero Bellomo of La Collezione while watching all the action was Pablo&Vincent of Paris, male movie ingenue Justin Bartha, Greek curator Marga, Torsten & Cigdem of bbooks, Guillaume Airiaud and Der Spiegel writer Felix Knoke.
Sunday it was Ladies Day for CHEAP´s fearless leader Susanne Sachsse and Ms. Davis as they brunched royally at the Schoenbrunn Restaurant in Volkspark Friedrichshain. The two pretty women are planning on performing together again as sisters, this time as famous sibling rivals Joan Fontaine and Olivia DeHavilland with sets & costumes by Serbian talent Nebuschar.
Monday evening Marc Siegel and I went to the Arsenal Institut für Film und Video Kunst to see the wonderful short films curated by one of my former Weissensee students Beate Rathke aka: Justin Tyme. All the movies screened were exceptional, and that is something rare for a shorts program. What i liked best was the playful, whimsical nature of all the films. Usually in Germany nothing is taken seriously unless it is dry and dour. Seeing these shorts gives me hope that some new movement is on the rise in Germania.
We had to leave during the break to make it to bbooks for a lecture series hosted by Tim Stuttken that featured as a guest Tavia Nyongo, the Kenyan performance studies scholar from NYU who has been living in Berlin for the last few months on a fellowship. I first met Mr. Nyongo years ago through his collegue Professor Jose Munoz. The serene Mr. Nyongo gave an insightful talk on the oh so currant topic of Freaky. I loved how he wove the controversy about the South African Personal Best athlete Caster in with the Lee Daniels film Precious based on the book by Saphire. Last year all these tired pundits were attacking this strapping African woman Caster, and calling her a man-dinga!, but no one was criticizing in the same manner the big dique, webbed feet amphibian mota smoking tranny chasing Aqua Man gold medal winning swimmer Our Lady of the Perpetual Phelps.
Don´t forget to mark in your calenderia Saturday January 23rd 9pm – Rising Stars, Falling Stars, my monthly performative silent film event. For our first program of the new year we will show Erdgeist (1923) directed by Leopold Jessner and starring the great Asta Nielsen. Tell everyone you know as this is a rare treat, and the print is newly restored from Amsterdam. Eunice Martin will accompany the film live on klavier and after the screening i will host a reception in the rote foyer where we will drink vino and Blue Curacao the favorite libation of Ms. Nielsen.
My sexy and super brilliantine grad students from NYU are putting on this MFA exhibition. Remember the names of these radiant youths, because you will be reading about them EVERYWHERE really soon. They are on the verge of taking over, and its about time there was something interesting floating about in the institutional art world. Don´t you think?

NYU Steinhardt 1st Year MFA Exhibition


Opening Reception Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - 5:00pm - 7:00pm
The Commons Gallery 34 Stuyvesant St (btw 2nd and 3rd) / On View from 1/20/10 - 1/30/10
he website is

The Department of Art and Art Profession at NYU Steinhardt is chaired by artist Nancy Barton.
The MFA faculty includes Peter Campus, Ross Bleckner, John Torreano, Sue de Beer, Trisha Donnelly, Jesse Bransford, Jack Pierson, Maureen Gallace, Kathe Burkhart, Adam Putnam, David Rimanelli and Carol Bove.