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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The wonderful and talented young feminist filmmaking genius Evie Rüsseler who is co-starring with me in the new play Daddy by Travis Jeppeson, that premieres June 17th at the HAU 3 took me out for apperetif and din din Friday to celebrate my Ethyl Eichelberg award win. I got to ride on the back of her sexy Yamaha motorcycle. The last time i did this was at a Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco in the early 90s with Dykes on Bikes. It was scary but exhilerating! Evie makes her theatrical stage debut in Daddy, and she brings to the stage the same whimsical delight that is in her short film studies. After a delicious meal at the Lesbian Tapas boite in Kreuzeberg we were back on the motorcyle and over the bridges of Madison County into Friedrichshain/East Berlin to see GOSSIP perform. What a magnetic evening it was hanging back stage with the great beauty of all beauties Ms. Beth Ditto, resplendid in Vivienne Westwood, and her luscious manager Tara aka: Annie Oakley of the Sex Workers Art Show, and the rest of the fun loving spirited Gossip gang. The audience gave the group the proper worship such true shtars deserve. Can´t wait till the album drops which is their first on a major label. The new songs that were introduced are sensational. Ms. Ditto is a musical Flannery O´Connor.
Seen in the audience My Space operating chief Owen Van Natta, haute couture designer Frank Sorbier, German director Christian Petzold, actress Birgit Minichmayr and handsome, well hung Chinese action star Qin Hao.
One of my favorite Bricktops kids Miss Christiane left LA at around the same time i did, and moved to Portland, Oregon where she is designing and making by hand some unique retro styled clothing, including hats, vests, and bloomers through her new etsy store. Go to and spend, spend, spend. Believe me you will be thrilled with your purchases.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Feeling in better spirits so i went to the famed punk venue SO36 to see MEN perform to a knockout sluggo enthusiastic crowd of devotees. A very cute lovesexy bevy of pert baby dykes in sports bras closed ranks in the nosh pitulem.
Seen in the celebutante huddle Arsenal Experimental´s beautiful and brainy Nanna Heidenreich with juicy gal pal DJane Olga Damnitz who just celebrated her 21st birthday. Balkan baby studkin Sasha of bbooks kollective looking very vegan delish strutting that bubble butt and buxom pectoralikins. Famous LA artist Dean Sameshima was turning heads with his boyish gaysian beauty. Ran into one of my luscious Weissensee students Lydia Hamann who was sporting a brand new fancy modern hairdoo while dressed in her usual glama mode. Visiting academe and hard bodied musclecologist Devin Fore and a lady friend told me about the must see exhibit of 91 year old Dada-ist Carol Rama at the Isabella Bertolozzi Gallery on Schoenberg Ufer across from the Neue National Museum. I am anxious to check it out.
Loving thankx and kisses to JD Samson, Ginger Brooks Takahashi and young guitar goddessa Miss Michael O´Neill for inviting me to their show which really got my mind off my romantic troubles and foibles. Something tells me that this new music group MEN, like GOSSIP is bound to stir some much needed trouble in the music industry. I even ran into ganymede TV honcho Ryan Murphy of Nip/Tuck fame in the audience. What was he doing at a punky indie rock concert? Most likely research/rip off for a new cable TV show. Hmmmmmmmmm
Don´t forget this Saturday May 23rd at 9pm i host Rising Stars, Falling Stars at Arsenal Institute Für Film und Video Kunst in the intimate Kino 2. This month its all about Canada with little known feminist film star Nell Shipman, and a screening of her 1919 hit Back To God´s Country. Eunice Martin will be accompanying the film on klavier, and after the movie is a wine reception in the Rote Foyer.