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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Joel Gibb, of Toronto´s Hidden Cameras is now living in Berlin, and had a tiny gathering at his spacious flat in the east. The guest list included the beautiful mulatta singer Val of the British duel Noblesse,Oblige. Val and her handsome German juicekick Sebastian, have been living in Berlina for sometime. We sistah bonded on a matter of topics of being foreigners in a strange mercurial land. Her musical project has found quite the audience here in Germany. I´ve never seen them, but somebody recently told me that they are like the Thompson Twins but without the funny looking dread head black guy.
Also at the soiree was young editor/writer Malta,who wrote this great article a few years back that featured Fearless leader Suzi and Marcu of Cheap, about gay men coupled in sexual relationships with straight women. Malta also is a performer along with portly pepperpot dragqueen Kay, in the combo Strawberry Short Cake.
Joel surprised me by taking us all to Berlin Hilton, the weekly queer dance party around the corner from his apartment. We were the guests of the club´s young Brazilian DJ Ricardo, who like a proper host made sure we had drinks all night long. Berlin Hilton is located within this gorgeous compound, and is a nice sized space for a weekly party. Ran into Paul Bonomo aka DJ Snax, who has been living in Berlin for many years, and who i have never bumped in to till now. I´ve known Paul since he was a teenage Robert Smith of the Cure fanatic who use to write me long fan letters from the DC area during my homocore zinedom period of over 20 years ago. Now he is part of a flourishing Berlin/euro newJack swing style dance music scene. I still play one of Paul´s records in my DJ playlist, from when he was in the spirited San Francisco based band Fag Bash.
Also at Berlin Hilton, the lovely Catherine of the Hebbel Theatre, artist Dean Samashima and tired Easy Target Heike Heiko, the curator from Graz, Austria´s Campshow Steiermark, who know runs some space in Vienna.
There were a lot of very good looking boys at Berlin Hilton, some of the best looking i´ve seen at any event that wasnt one of my own.