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Saturday, October 01, 2016


I thought that when I moved away from Los Angeles to Berlin over ten years ago, I would stop getting offers from TV and movie people for work in the awful mainstream entertainment industry. Its hysterical that they still contact my live art agent in London Andrea Novarin or my Berlin assistant Gleeson Brevard. They find it hard to believe that someone is not interested in their wicked system of things.  Some guy name Bryan Lourd tracked me down at my last Rising Stars, Falling Stars performative screening at silent green KulturQuartier.  All these fasttalking showbiz careerist types are a scream.
Some of the British tabloids have been writing about my having an affair with the cute little Brit actor/dancer Jamie Bell.  That is preposterous as I am old enough to be his great grandmother.  Another tabloid linked me with Gabriel Kane Day Lewis the son of Daniel Day Lewis and Isabelle Adjani.  Gabriel is a model and is barely out of his teens, so no I am NOT having sex with him.  I barely even know him as he is friends with one of my former students who is a fashion model.  
Fearless leader of CHEAP kollektiv Susanne Sachsse and Marcuse Siegelstein invited Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson and I for drinks at this cute little Potsdamer Strasse pub called Victoria Bar.  I had a great time drinking and gossiping about who has drop kicked whom, and we also talked about the recent death of horror director Hershel Gordon Lewis.  I was even in a shortlived band in the 1980s called Gore Gore Girls named after one of his films.  I also heard that Suzan Straus the famous Lava Lady of the LaBrea/Melrose corridor died age 86.  I first met Suzan in the early 1980s when she would shop at Retail Slut on Melrose Avenue where I worked and did the window displays. Ms. Strauss was a Los Angeles style original in her rocket platform shoes, burlap twin set outfits and phallus hair bun.  She lived in a modest  Hancock Park adjacent  home that was covered in lava rock. After i moved to Germany I heard she moved to Palm Beach Florida to be near her grown children or something to that affect.  I am sure the awful state of Florida could never appreciate someone with such an eccentric style and serene demeanor.
Heard that the beloved thrasher skater champion Brian "Better Youth" Anderson came out of the closet as a "gay".  I remember him when he was just a hot, humpy, big stinky feet kid in the 90s,  I never figured BA for a fagula, but he would come to my afternoon punk rock beer bust Club Sucker at the Garage in Silverlake with Hollywood's favorite horndog Orion "Wiley E. Coyote" Dailey.  And Wiley was notorious for bagging cute skater boys with his job working for Goldenvoice the punk touring and promotions company.  Goldenvoice is now pretty mainstream in that they produce that big moneymaking machine known as Coachella Music Festival.  I wonder if Wiley still works for Goldenvoice.  I loved that Wiley who was always surrounded by the most delectable of cute punk, skater and surf rats.  Rick van Sant who i knew from the Screamer days died several years ago and the founder of  Goldenvoice Gary Tovar got busted about 25 years ago for his mota empire.
Oh let me stop getting all nostalgic.