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Thursday, April 11, 2013


So sad that Annette Funicello died the other day from complications of multiple sclerosis age 70. Annette was a member of the original Mickey Mouse Club from the 1950s at age 12 and starred in its TV serials Annette and Spin& Marty that also featured 50s teen boy beauties Tim Considine who was featured on TV in the 1960s in the sitcom My Three Sons starring Fred McMurray andTommy Kirk who later turned into quite the homo studkin and scandal queen getting caught chowing down in a tea room and having an illicit affair with an underage swimming star, and getting fired by super conservative Walt Disney.

Not only was I a fan of Annette’s Disney films like Babes in Toyland, The Shaggy Dog, The Misadventures of Merlin Jones and The Monkey’s Uncle but I also actually liked her singing style with songs like “Pineapple Princess”, “Tall Paul” and “Jamaica Ska” Her AIP beach party movies are classics,but she was also quite effective in the Bob Rafelson psychedelic film Head 1968 featuring The Monkey’s.

Was back in Berlin for a short spell and was taken to bruncheon at one of my favourite eateries East London-God Save Brit Food by sweet and cuddly David Evans Frantz who is a curator in Los Angeles with the One Institute National Gay & Lesbian Archive. Had a lovely time with David and his hunky young big peniled cub lover. David works at One Institute with my former Afro Sister Clitoris Turner aka: Bud Thomas. I also had tea and was interviewed by gorgeous and talented Bianca Cassady of the band CoCoRosie for her new art magazine Girls Against God. Bianca is in Berlin working on a new collaboration at the Berliner Ensemble with Robert Wilson of Peter Pan. Bianca’s hot French beau Jean Marc who looks like Halle Berry’s boyfriend Olivier Martinez took photos of me in the Cheese Endique Trifecta studio.

With Manuel Schubert I went to Arsenal to see the last of the Cyd Charisse film the Nicolas Ray directed Party Girl from 1958 co-starring a long on the tooth alcoholic looking Robert Taylor. Director Nicolas Ray is famous for not only having been married to Gloria Graham who cheated on him with his 14 year old son who she later married, but during the filming of Rebel Without a Cause Ray fornicated with all of the films leads Natalie Wood, James Dean and Sal Mineo.

Just received this letter from my olde LA pal who just quite his job as an executive with a major insurance company.


Yes, I moved to a new company. The hustle with the duck had me very non-focused. The high volume of recruiting really flooded and fucked up the brand. The big guys don't see that, but the field can feel it. When my old boss called me and asked me to meet with him, I didn't know he had joined the competition. He explained the set up and offered me the position to Manage what they call the Public Division, which included LAUSED, Long Beach Unified, Compton, Lynwood and about 5 other School districts. The position also includes the Kaiser account, which is HUGE. I would have been crazy not to accept. The position is still in sales, but I walk in with a base Over-ride, at about 60k, plus commissions, bonus, residuals and other perks. The fact that I am Vested with the Duck, I still get my monthly Residuals for the rest of my life.. so it is not a bad set up.

But Fecha, you should see the team. It is all Black. Today I was at a meeting, it was crazy, all the super well do to Black folks, dressed to the 9's! I sent my boss a text, during the meeting, my boss is also black. I said, “am I at the right meeting, Or did I walk into the Southern Babtist Church of the Rock of Gibralter.” He busted up as he read my text in front of about 25 black folks. I like what I'm doing. I gained immediate credibility with the staff. One Black Momma came up to me after my presentation, she hugged me, she said, We need some Spanish speakikng folks up in here! She said, u also look Good! I'm gonna hug u again, so she gave me a second hug. The team has been very nice. One of my agents is a sharp Dark black brother, he lives in Manhattan Beach with his White wife, and son, who is a Champion Fencer and on the Lacrosse team. Yeah, i thought What the fuck, No basketball in this family. They folks are all driving Mercedes Benz or BMW's.

But as far is business is concerned, they have done well. I will confirm my flight to Chicago tomorrow. My time has been really off. At home at Maltman, I've had a bathroom remodel, the patio is getting a make over-we had some termite issues, the side of the house is also being worked on, we knocked a tree down, and some plumbing upgrades.

At the new house, today we had the first tenant move out. So tomorrow, we start the work on the first unit. it is a cool apt, with a nice private patio. The second tenant, a hot little bubble butt White boy, moves out next week. He moved to L.A. to become a Star, once that didn't pan out, he became a Fashion designer making Couture for the Haute Welll to do. That didn't pan out either, he said, L.A. is too casual for him. So he is moving back to Texas. He is a hottie, with an Ass that I would hmmm, like to have my way with. He is handsome in a pretty dorky way.

So there you have it. The tenant living in the main house, has not moved out yet, so we wait for the bastard to move. The contract allows him there unitl June 30. So July 1, is our move in date. There you have it my Negressa.

 O and a note from kJohnny Blue of the Blue Brothers Music Kollective who will be debuting a new project see below:

Hello Living Archive folks,

my band is doing a show in preparation for the LA performance on Thursday April 18th and I'd like to invite anyone to come to be there for this event in a relaxed environment to share some music and a drink. I hope you are all well. Veteranenstra├če 16. 20:00 uhr ciao, John Blue

Heather Cassils who is becoming one of the most famous body artists in the world will unfold a new piece in England soon. Read the details below and rush out and see it:

Dear Lovelies,

I wanted to let you know that will be in London, UK this coming week for my newest performance "Becoming An Image".It is being performed at the National Theater Studio at 7:30 on April 13th. My pal, the talented and darling of UK performance photography Manuel Vason, will be taking photographs as part of my performance. I have been training with a professional Maui Thai fighter at the Glendale Fight Club for the last few months. GFC is home to the female world champion MMA fighter "Rowdy Ronda Rousey." who has set a totally new precedent in relation to gender expectations and athleticism. At GFC I have been working on extending the limits of my strength and endurance to push this performance to new physical heights. You can read more about the intent and content of this piece here. On Sunday April 14th, there will be a panel discussion at the Whitechapel Gallery at noon about my work and on the greater themes of "contact" addressed by this years artist at the SPILL Festival. Come see me obliterate 2000 pounds of clay in total darkness, or come here me talk about the work and the process. I am privileged and excited to announce that Kira O'Reilly and Dominic Johnson, both interesting and splendid UK artists/academics will be taking part in the panel. I look forward to seeing you there. Here is a link to the event with time, location and ticket information: Manuel Vason: Kira O' Reilly:'Reilly

Was sent the latest news from electro soul singer Billie Ray Martin:

we wanted to share this very special video with you of billie's performance last week in new york. it's downloadable. if you like it, please feel free ot share it on all social media, embed it on your blogs and websites, post it wherever you like.

videos of billie's other performances have also emerged, such as the black party nyc. make sure to follow the facebook music page and twitter to get updates on all those goodies. the crackdown double album cd is finally getting fedx'ed to us on monday, after
much chasing and no responses from the u.s. label etc. so within a few days
things should get shipped out to you. it is of course out on itunes and all
other digital stores already
and the double cd album is available from billie's webshop
all songs have received posh remastering.
some of the tracks in their remastered forms are streamable here
of course sound quality on soundcloud is not very good.
as the u.s. label has not promoted this release, again, feel free to help spread
the word by sharing these tunes.

thank you. best wishes. brm-team.

Oh and my good friend Billy Miller of STH will be in England making several important appearances so do yourself a favour and go see him. He is incredible!

AMG @ FRINGE! Film Festival
Rare film-video from the AMG archives April 10 - 16 FIGHT CLUB Studio 1.1, 57A Redchurch Street, London, E2 7DJPrivate view: Wednesday 10th April, 6pm-9pm 11th April - 16th April, 12-6pm Info: BOB MIZER & THE SEXUAL REVOLUTION IN TRANSITION
School of Fringe! @ The Old School, Victoria Park Road, London E9 7HD
Saturday 13th April5pm Info: THE REALLY WAY OUT WEST
Arcola Tent, 24 Ashwin Street, London. E8 3DL
Sunday 14th April3.30pm Info:

• • • •

Additional info:

STH @ The FRINGE! Film Festival School of Fringe! @ The Old Cardinal Pole Catholic School, Victoria Park Road, London E9 7HD Sunday 14th April 8:30pmSTRAIGHT TO HELL (a.k.a., The Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts), the true-sex chapbook series founded by cult writer Boyd McDonald, presents a program of short films from STH collaborators introduced by current editor Billy Miller.

Featuring: SUPERM (Slava Mogutin, Brian Kenny), Latino Fan Club, GeminiMen, AMG, Steve LaFreniere, Anthony Viti, Kristian Kozul, Michael Economy, Randal Wilcox, Al Baltrop, AA Bronson, Justin Spring, Sam Steward, & XXXTRA SPECIAL SURPRISES!