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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back in tired Los Angeles---yuk. After the amazing successes in Berlin, it feels very stale here. Looking forward to interviewing that Ukraine stud Eugene Hutz of the Romany band Gogol Bordello for Zoo Magazine. The publicist just got back to me and I'll be interviewing them on Tuesday Jan 31st for their show at the Wiltern Theatre where they are opening up for that asphalt dullard white boy band Cake. Gorgeous Dino Dinco will be taking the photos.
Just received a sweet emug from my Berlin husband Timothy Blue:

A note to say first off that I love you! Secondly, I am two pages of poor
handwriting into an actual letter to you (I am "slow") It is like 20 below
here, but sooo lovely. I walked across the water like Jesus at the sex
park. Unlike jesus, people were ice skating around me. It is a Stalinist
wind around us, as the weather front emanates from the former USSR. Seems
the Red ghosts want to freeze out the Brownshirts.

I want you here.


Tim is so insightful, and did i forget to mention he is a genius with the music and video images he creates for the Cheap Kollective. I'm so happy i got to spend a lot of quality time with him, and of course i loved hearing all his stories about the old punk rock days in Portland Oregon, with Kitty Diggens, Courtney Love and Gus Van Sant. It seems that everyone use to score drugs at Gus' place from a portly sexual predator, who of course gave free narcotics to the hot punque boys who traded their sexual favours.
and people think I'm bizarre. Was at the Bev Hills library researching some NY Times articles and saw a gigantic homeless black man, taller then me with a beard and stache wearing a red Vidal Sassoon bob wig and a crazed deconstructed camouflage patchwork dress complete with an elaborate fishtail train. Talk about schitzo haute couture. His look worked in an odd and compeling way, and I'm happy to report he was wearing proper foundation garments.
Billy Miller of STH/Manhattan Review of Unnatural Acts told me in November that there is this homeless man who rules Greenwich Village in some of the most insanely creative outfits imaginable.