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Friday, February 22, 2008

I am run down and exhausted from the 10 days of The Berlinale Film Festival, and the Cheap Gossip Studio living installation. I am fighting not getting a cold with a pesky scratchy throat. The Cheapies took me to a fancy birthday dinner at this lovely Austrian restaurant in Kreuzberg, and showered "the doll" with many fantastic gifts, also present were Anna Muelter, Cheap Blacky Production Coordinator. Anna is the girl who handles everything for Cheap, so that we don't have to worry about a thing. Anna bought her little Ms. Davis some nice birthday treats and bath products, that i need to keep me from being too stinky. Empress Stefanie of Kino Arsenal really surprised me early in the morn with flowers delivered right to my Cheap Endique Trifecta doorstep, along with French Champagne, and gorgeous,delicate Japanese linen table napkins. Fearlesss leader of Cheap, Suzi Su and her 14 year old twins Salome and Richard picked out some divine earrings, one pair made out of mink gonads, and another exact replicas from the Elizabeth Taylor film Boom. Tim Blue made me a special erotic film short in his incredible style that features some very large footed and bick dique thickerous men, Danny Hendrickson gave me some raunchy Italian blue movies featuring hunky men who take seminal emissions to new heights, and Marcu Siegel as a film historian gave me copies of some cinema treats perfect for my cineaste library. Making the din din table extra special was John Blue, Nanna Heidenreich, with girlfriend Angie Baby and Cheap set designer and expert facilitator Senol with his sultry Turkish bedroom eyes.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Forum under the gracious auspices of Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, the most powerful woman in Berlin, took us Cheapies to a grand luncheon at Diekmanhaus, where we feasted on roast beef and many mucho macho courses of gourmand delicacies. It was the first real meal i have had since the festival began.
Sad to report that the Gossip Studio wasnt the complete Rolling Stone Freezone i hoped for. Alas Bill Wyman, who looks like an albino hotentoten was hanging at our circular bar, and everywhere else at the festival, like the Forum party where Tim & Kjohnny Blue along with the Filipino contingent, and Ibadette of Super 700 performed. I was too exhausted to go there, but i was fortunate enough to catch a screening of John Torres multi-screen enamorata, Years When I Was a Child Outside(Family Multi Channel) The Blue Bros once again accompanied the hip Flips with live music that was extroidinary, for a film that was sublime.
Talk about tacky celebs coming to the gossip studio. At our last Cheapy Underground Uber Alles award ceremony, Bruce Darnell, the Rupaul doppelganger, and euro TV fashion ickspurt, was lurking about looking very confused by our living, breathing installation.
Also got to go to Hamburger Bahnoff to see Suzi Su of Cheap perform as part of Heinz Emigholz´ The Basis of Make-up. Of course Suzi was brilliant, and looked ravishing, much better then Tilda Swinton, who was macking with her very young boyfriend, i still adore Tilda who had two flickers in the festival. Mr. Wyman was also in the house, along with Lior Shamriz, Mr. Emigholz' swarthy young Israeli cameraman, Ms. Cloe of Reichenbergerland, Nanna "hot butt" Heidenreich, Forum Expanded intern Christian F, lovely Uli, Evi Rüssler, Annette Frick, Wilhelm Hein, artist Maggie Schneider, Karola Gramann of Kinotech Asta Nielsen, and former director of Oberhausen.
The living doll Vaginal Davis will be hosting another Rising Stars, Falling Stars as part of the Asta Nielsen retrospektacle on March 16th at Kino Arsenal before she heads off to San Fran for her Yerba Buena performances and installation so no more Black woman from March 22 till April 1st. Actually looking forward to returning to the states for a while. Its been over a year since i last set foot in my own country.
Also met Kelly Parker, the Cal Arts girl who directed South Main, about a group of Section 8 ladies in South Central LA, my old stomping grounds. The docu was a nice talking head piece, you can´t go wrong when you gather a bunch of funkytown women with ill hairdos and let the camera roll.
Got a dozen emails from people wanting to know about the premiere of Judy LaBruce´s Otto. I´ve been so crazed i forgot that i didnt write about it. In a nut shell: I really liked Judy´s latest opus, it isn´t the Raspberry Reich, which benefited from the influence of Dusan Makavejev´s WR Misterije Organizma, and of course the stellar lead of Susanne Sachße, but it also shows a new maturation of old laBrucian. James Carmen his cinematographer, has made the film look major Ms. Gorgeous Douglas Slocumbe visual treat. Otto is similar to Super 8 1/2 in its layered structure. Super was way too long, but i feel Otto should have been longer. I only caught a glimpse of the great Kembra Phfahler, and that was a shame as she should have been utilized more, same thing with the sizzling lesbianic relationship between Katharina Klewinghaus and Lulu doppelganger Susanne Sachße in silent movie drag. The lesbian couple were more interesting to me, then the cute gay boys played by twinkette juicemonger Gio Black Peter, and fetching lead Jey Crisfar, and i also was needing me more from hot brother of the dyke filmmaker, and zombie domestic partners in crisis, played by Christophe Chemin and Marcel Schlutt. Otto is certainly a transition work for Bruce, and i can´t wait to see which direction he will take to in the near future. 47 Shtars!!!!!