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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

So happy and proud to report that my former collegue at the LA Weekly Ms. Christine "Qtr Pounder" Pelisek is getting national attention for her series of articles reporting on the Grim Sleeper serial killer. Ms. Pelisek is featured in the current issue of Newsweek Magazine and also scored a book deal. Wow! not bad for a little blondine girl from Ottawa, Canada. I adore Christine and like most Canadians she is crazy, so of course that is one of the things i love the most about her. Her Berlin Pudding wishes her all the best for continued success!!!
Speaking of my old LA Weekly colleguens I am also thrilled that Ernest Hardy continues to receive national accolades not only for his stunning writing in the his Blood Beats volumes but for his insightful and dazzling blog which i must say is one of the best blogs in Christendom. Most blogs are all about lazy writing and people with way too much time on their hands, but not with Ernest. Ernest believes in calling a spade a spade. I miss running into him on the RTD---- oops thats MTA bus line. I guess i am showing my age with that reference eh?
Another former LA Weeklyite is Donnell Alexander who is also quite a writer. Donnell and i bonded over the fact that we both grew up Jehovah´s Witnesses, and we also loved the fact that being Witnesses helped us not feel a need to conform to the mainstream. I am delighted with my religious background because it gave me a love of history, reading and probing deeper into all levels of the human pysche. If i hadn´t gone to theocratic ministry school, i wouldn´t have developed into such a powerhouse on the stage.
This sweet email came in from one of my young interns that i have mentored over the years and has been a great help to me with live performances, my experimental film ouvre and dealing with the World Wide Web.

Hey Ms. Davis,
I've been very busy preparing for my departure to Hamburg and then New York after that. I'm completely moving out of my appt. and moving to New York after hamburg. I'm so excited to leave the bay area but also a little sad to leave all of my friends and fuck buddies.
I've been doing research at the Berkeley Library on the Polish Theater artist Tadeusz Kantor. His work is kind of boring but I like his philosophy on art objects. Anyways, a couple weeks ago this this really tall hot blond guy was reading in one of the isles, he was wearing these nylon shorts and it was impossible not to notice his massive bulge. We exchanged a really strange glance, like he was straight but interested. I dunno it was eerie so I didn't really try cruising him any more. Well, I was in there a few days ago and he comes and sits at a near by computer. I try to act cool and ignore him. About and hour later I go into one of the private study rooms to work on "read" i.e. lure him into the room to hook up. no more than a few seconds after I've walked in he barges in. "you like blow"? i'm not a big coke fiend, and drugs from a stranger in the library is no different than off the streets but i say "sure" and he pulls out the bag and a dollar bill and we go to town, this is obviously not what I was expecting but it gets weirder when he takes out two wolf masks and asks if I want to go play in the forest. As he asks this he grabs his cock, which I could see was giant through his pants, and teases me. this guy was a veritable porn star. I'm prettty high and his throbbing cock are really turning me on so I pull the mask over my head and follow him out the library and into the Berkeley hills.
It takes about 20 minutes to get off campus and then another 15 as we hike into a very wooded area, I start to feel like a wolf and make noises and growl I don't know what's gotten into me. I'm soo horny and sweaty now from walking in the hot sun. Maybe it wasn't coke this guy gave me. Finally we arrive at a clearing where there is a large pedestal and lots of fur. he tells me to strip; I do and then he takes off my mask and wraps my body in animal hide, I'm not sure what it's from but feeling the soft fur rub against my cock makes me ooze with pre-cum. I can't move now, my arms are all wrapped up. He drops his pants. Hs cock had to be at least nine inches, I would vouch and say it's even bigger. I wrap my lips around his manmeat. he starts to shove it down my throat, it is so huge I gag and spit all over it. He gets naked. he's lightly chiseled just enough to show off his broad shoulders and hairy body. He unwraps me and licks me from my ass to my eyeballs. He knew how to make an ass feel good, I felt like a helpless babe in the wood, squirming and grinding as he slapped his slippery cock on my body. For the first time he smiles, grins really huge and I make out his sharpened teeth. I start to freak out and for the first time realize I am high, alone and in a very secluded place. I try to runaway but he's got me pinned down, His ripe sweat dripping on my lips. It tastes so good, but i'm afraid he's gonna murder me. I try to push him off but then he slides his cock between my legs. It's throbbing veins and thick head feel so good I don't notice that he's biting me. I see red, and he shoves his cock inside me. I bite back and he thrusts harder. We end up fucking for hours, there is a pool of blood cum and fur. I'm not sure what happened but when I woke up hours later he was no where in sight and I was all bruised and cut.
I'm not working on any new art projects. There were actually a lot of opportunities here in sf to have shows and performance but i'm saving my juice for bigger and better places. I was going to have a big show at New Langton Arts, but they, like many US art institutions are going under because of the economy. So, it's back to the streets, which I'm actually pretty excited about, I don't feel like I have to answer anyone which is nice, But we'll see what new york is like, if I'm not happy there, I'll move to Berlin.
If you have the time and funds, I would love to see you in Hamburg. I'll be at Frise Hamburg. I'll be doing lots of performances as well as a gallery show. Jack Waters and Peter Cramer will also be there. But I'll also be coming down to Berlin for a long weekend, I'm pretty sure i'll be in Berlin the 10th - 13th of sept.
Here is another email for your reading enjoyment from a longtime pal in the states.

Dear Mayata,

We are in Madrid, wow what a city. This place is huge, we are in Chueca, oh my
there are tons of Mariquitas here.
This place is full of hot booties! I am overloaded with booties I want to stick
my tongue in and whatever else I can stick in these hot asses! The beauties are
endless! There are some fuglies, but not like the London fuglies, that was real
The bars in Sevilla were cool, more Bear/Leather type settings. It was cool. I
got to piss next to this hot young slim dude at a bar. He was showing off his
white uncut Spanish dick. His dick had tons of foreskin and was peeing with the
skin down. He gestured to his dick so I touched it as he was pissing. When he
finished I pulled the skin back and he started to get hard fast. Well, the wiff
of stink from that uncut dick was un-real! He kind of broke a smile and pulled
my skin back rubbed my dick head and smelled it. Mine was clean, and I piss
with my skin back so that helps keeping it clean. So he licks his finger that
rubbed my dick and reaches over to let me smell his finger with his dick cheese
smell, it was bad, I was not about to lick that. So he moves me towards the
back of the pisser wall and drops to a squat and starts sucking me. He was not
a good cocksucker, younger guys normally aren't. I didn't cum, but made my way
back to the dance floor.

So that was fun.

As we left our hotel in Sevilla the Soccer team Real Madrid was checking in with
full on Movie star fan fare. These men were HOT! I was all Ms Davis
Cornelius...looking, staring, oogling...