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Saturday, April 29, 2023

Wenn es anschwillt, fahren Sie damit

The Vagimule Doll is taking tiny baby steps in rejoining cafe society. During the pandemic Ms. Davis who hates going to the dentist refrained from sitting in that olde torture chair. Her last dentist she liked but the lady was always having trouble keeping staff and when you go for a dental appointment the last things you want is to see your mouth care professional all high strung and anxious. So after three years of putting it off, La Ms. Davis started to go to La Susanne Sachsse´s dentist. The Fearless Leader of CHEAP goes to a feministiche dental zentrum run by a gaggle of wonderful women who know exactly how to deal with people who are pain sensitive. Because Vaginal Davis has late onset type one diabetes it has caused some difficulties with the periodontal work that she needs. So after an intense surgery she was in the depths of throbbing pain and more pain. In Germany the strongest medication that one can get is over the counter tylenol. Whats a lady to do when she needs to attend some Art Weekend events. Well she kindly relies on art world gurus who came to her delicious rescue providing some Paracetamol with the magic of codeine. I won´t name any names because its so under the table and I don´t want anyone getting convicted for being a pusher of hard narcotics. But your tasty heroine Vaginal Davis, Herzogin von Omnium und Gatherum was able to to attend the opening exhibition I´m Not Coming Back Here of the gorgeous and magical Diamond Stingily at Galerie Isabella Bortolozzi. Ms. Stingily is an ethereal creature of the highest order. She is so stately and imposing, one of the most royal and talented of art beauties. In other words she is SUPREME and SUBLIME. Her work opens up many zesty mythic portals and after viewing it you will know why the caged bird sings and will come in direct conflict with the mirror and its two faces. The exhibition runs from April 29th till July 1st. You owe yourself the pleasure of a visit.

Besides the Art Weekend hordes spotted at the Shöneberger Ufer galerie was novelist Travis Jeppeson looking rock schtar chic with entourage that included some dazzling visiting Canadian dignitaries.Mr. Jeppeson is back in Berlin after teaching for many years in China. Also on hand the glamorous German philosopher Juliane Rebentisch, critic Diedrich Diederichsen looking dapper with his stylish acolytes on hand, and Prada´s Raf Simons.

After the opening the artist dinner took place in a West Berlin flower shop where home cooked Vietnamese cuisine was served in one of the most stylish and idyllic atmospheres in Christendom. Leave it to Isabella Bortolozzi to turn supper time into an art installation of joy and generosity. You couldn´t get more Spring Awakening or Some Other Spring than being surrounded in cascading posies. What better place for fervent socialising and magnificent company, not to mention scintilating food.

The Herzogin was seated across from the guest of honor Ms. Stingily who sat next to her BFF the lovely and vivacious Olamiju Fajemisin who is quite the admirer of the writings of the late great Jose Muñoz. Ms. Stingily and Ms. Fajemisin were taking turns holding little baby Francis Farmer, the six week old precious bundle of artists Leila Hekmat and Roman Ole who sat across from sleek David Velasco, the editor-in-chief of Art Forum with his delightful companion Bennet Bergman. Next to them was musician and artist from Portland Oregon now living in Berlin Colin Self, with his fetching comrade Christian Oldham who is a Berlin "It Boy" originally from Woodland Hills, California. Ms. Stingily´s other compadre Hamishi Farah provided Ms. Davis with juicy eyecandy and someone she could shamelessly flirt with. Lady D also found the two Vietnamese boy hosts utterly lovesexy and charming along with their blondine buddy who was floating about all evening. The Bortolozzi Famiglia of Philip, Luzie Kamilla and Cuno are always pure delights along with Maurin Dietrich, Rüdiger Maaß, Philomena Schurer Merckoll, Dan de Norch, Martin McGeown, Monika Senz and Stephen G. Rhodes.

The artist dinner reminded our Dowager Lady D of the dinners she would provide for her artists in the 1980s with her HAG Gallery-small, contemporary, haggard. Those dinner parties were always held in the Russian Quartier flat of Iris Parker of the progressive R&B group Madame X. Iris´s roommate was a Somali immigrant named Lydia who turned their apartment into an early version of a pop up restaurant. The artists and guests enjoyed the African atmosphere and home cooked Somali meals.

When Professor Dr. Davis had her gigante Koreatown compound in Los Angeles she hosted a series of formal dinner parties for one of her friends who was a chef trying to get investors to help him open up a restaurant. Ms. Davis followed in the adage of legendary party planner and dinner hostess Elsa Maxwell in never allowing couples to sit next to each other.