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Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Someone just asked me if i had seen the Wachowski´s film Cloud Atlas. I saw it at a screening ages ago but I forgot to write my comments about it. As most of you know I have a history with Ms. Lana Wachowski who use to be Larry Wachowski when she was a man. Larry was a top client of my dominatrix alter ego Mistress Veronika V’Interest way back in the 1990s. I use to work for the West Coast House of Domination run by the highly skilled and talented German Dom Mistress Ilsa Strix. To make a long story short Mistress Ilsa divorced her F2M husband Jake, who is now known as Buck Angel, the legendary pornkingpin and “Man with a Pussy” and took up with film director Larry Wachowski helping Mr. Wachowski discover that he was a lesbian woman trapped in the body of a nerdy film director.

Cloud Atlas is a very ambitious undertaking and sometimes works quite well in its humorous section involving Jim Broadbent and some other elderly thespians. I am not a fan of Tom Hanks and no matter the amount of prosthetic make-up applied he always looks like Tom Hanks. Having caucasion actors made up to look Asian was a huge mistake and is very distracting. In all the futuristic scenes were the least convincing, but I must say I liked this version of the future better then anything behind the dorky universe of The Matrix franchise.

Went to the birthday celebration of Uli Ziemons of Forum Expanded at a cute little bar in Kreuzberg called Trödler at 123 Dresdener Strasse. Very cute cozy evening with the ultra handsome Mr. Ziemons who is known as one of the best looking men in all of Europa. Uli was in fine form with his lovely girlfriend Juliana, junior curator Miss Nadja Talmi of Haus of World Cultures who just came back from a 2 month holiday in Indonesia with her beau. Canadian Mark Pennock was also on hand having just come back to Berlin from his Canuckian homelands. I had an early morning meeting so I had to leave the festivities before things got crowded and the room full of cigarette smoke.


For those of you feeling in a generous mode please click on the link below and make a tax deductible donation to Participan Inc. Gallery in New York on the Lower East Side. It’s a not-for-profit gallery that needs your help to keep bringing to Manhattan the kind of crazy art that the commercial galleries won´t touch. Participant is where I had my first major solo show in November that almost didn’t happen because of Hurricane Sandy and also Kembra of Voluptuous Horror of Karen Black did her solo show Fuck Island and lots of other outsider artists that Lia and Participant Inc support. So please be kind those of you of much means and deep pockets, you will reap many spiritual and sexual rewards when you are all dried up and nobody wants you.

Our first decade of distinctive, in-depth collaborations with artists would not have been possible without you. THANK YOU.
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Jeffrey Gibson receives 2012 Harpo grant:

"One way to sample a derangement of ordinary consciousness would be to subject yourself to Rose Kallal’s Start Begin Feel Again.” --New York Times

Kembra Pfahler, Fuck Island: "a cri de coeur against all things polite, conformist, and safe." --The New Yorker

HAG–small, contemporary, haggard: "a fun-house tableau full of dizzying, pervy revelations--just like Vaginal Davis herself."

--Artforum Critic's Pick

andy kaurman's 99 cent tour

February 12-24, 2013