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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Got together Monday with EJ of the Suburban Lawns and his goth boyfriend at my studio in MacArthur Park. They brought me a copy of a video EJ shot of me performing at Bricktops. EJ is an amazing videographer, though some of the angles weren't exactly flattering to my ego, the images were crisp and sharp and had a nice flow.
Tuesday was taken to dindin at Netty's by Mark Harvey and Frank Rodriguez of Famous Designs. Haven't eaten at that Silverlake haunt in ages. The place is a little bit fancier, but not that much where its icky. Had a fantastic meal and Mark and Frank were just perfect gentlemen making me feel ever so the special diva lady that i am. Later the same evening i went to Cha Cha Tuesdays at Circus. Why i don't know. I just felt like smelling some salsa i guess. The floor show was very Mexican Independence day, one of the trannys even had two muscle back-up dancers. One was a little mariqeeta but the shaved head one was all barone!!!! I sure wanted him. Saw my favorite gogo boy Obregon dancing with some big studkin jubilee. Only a jubas could take care of a hot mangina like the great O's. I was yealous jealous.
Wednesday afternoon, finally saw Party Monster, the World of Wonder flick about Michael Alig. It wasn't as bad as everyone else seems to think. That doesn't mean it was good either. The performances were actually very compelling especially Seth Green as James St. James. The real James St. James certainly isn't very interesting. And i think that MaCauley Culkin was actually incredible as Michael even with his mid atlantic tones. He also has quite a bubble booty. I wasn't expecting that. Other standouts were Wilmer Vanderama as Keoki and a knockoutsluggo Natasha Lyonne who was unrecognizeable. Chloe Sevigny didnt register and poor Wilson Cruz has turned into such a muscle Magdelene that i found it distracting. Oh and Marilyn Manson also was pretty hot and should have had more screen time.

Monday, September 15, 2003

unusual modeling assignment from Mark Harvey of Famous Design Studio. I became the gun toting hand of Jim Brown from the early 70s bloitation flick The Black Gun, which co-starred Mr. Brown and Brenda Sykes. How many of you remember Ms. Sykes getting down with Perry King in Mandingo and later with Leigh J. McClowsky in a CBS nightime soap opera. Whatever happened to her?
Mr. Harvey is quite the perfectionist when it comes to design. He's a sweet Virginia ginger head. Loved his Atwater Village cottage that is on a nice picturesque street. It was lovely just sitting eating cookies on his front porch. We're having dinner on Tuesday.
Got together this morning with Dr. Jennifer Doyle of UC Riverside. She is back from her 3 months sabbatical in the South of France. Got to see pictures of her conquests----all very yummy. Imagine having a village of young french men all at your disposal. Divine.

She also relayed to me how the hot hunky latin chef de cuisine at Campanile, Matt Molina has tweeked the lighting so that he can be seen better by the diners. I guess all that fawning i did over him last time we went for dinner got back to him, and he realizes now just what a beauty prize he is. Leave it to me, to boost the egos of men.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

Went to a screening in Burbank near NBC Studios of the new movie Bubba Ho Tep. The film stars the brilliant Ossie Davis and Bruce Campbell. Ossie plays a rest home denizen who believes he's President Jack Kennedy, and Campbell is Elvis Presley. I love the premise. Somehow an ancient Egyptian gets thrown in to the proceedings. Great low rent special affects. Movies need to return to the 50 cent approach as opposed to computer generated high tech. I'm not a huge fan of animation, and special affects films just seem like bad cartoons to me. Ossie Davis need to get an Oscar nom. He's that great of an actor, and this is a perfect vehicle for the old timer who shows that he can outdo the young whippersnappers in a heartsthrow. Remind me never to go to the Valley for a screening again. I had bad feeling about it and those were confirmed. Also I'm not exactly featuring that Margot from the American Cinemateque.

Rosina cooked a delicious healthy meal at Maxmillians on Thursday. Max's uncle Ernest who use to own the famed upscale hustler bar Numbers was back home in Switzerland so we had the run of his giant condo on Crescent Heights. It was nice having quiet time with Ms. Rosina, Max, Daddy Athey, the kids-Cryil & Karen and Crepe Suzette.

Bricktops Rudolph Valentino night went off without a hitch. Bill Van Rooy's boyfriend Logan decided to have a surprise birthday party for Bill. All his pals showed up and it was quite cute. Miss Shannon of the Montrose Hills did a sensational tap dance number, and my show was filmed by EJ who use to produce the band The Suburban Lawns featuring Sue Tissue. I always wondered what happened to her and EJ sez she lives in upstate New York. The Suburban Lawns got rat fucked by IRS records in the 80s. Because the label used all their money on promoting The GoGo's and did nothing for The Lawns. The group finally split up in 1986. EJ lives in San Bernadino with his death rock lover and i guess he does video and music projects. He wants to work on some music thing with me. Perhaps i can do a Bricktops CD with him. A night at Bricktops in the Russian Qtr. How does that grab you?
lots of strange celebs stopped by the club. don bolles of the Germs, with Nora Kaye of the Centimeters who is going to do the Halloween show. Dame Darcy, Gwen Kahn of the Pandoras fame who incidentally is the granddaughtr of 20s songwriter Gus Kahn and Bibbe Hansen and Sean Carrillo who brought along Al Hansen's brother and Bibbe's god son Giovanni Ribisi. Bibbe was the midwife who brought him and his sister in to this world. Gio came with his co-star Scarlette Johanson from that new Sophia Copolla film Lost in Translation. I danced for 30 minutes with actor Nick Stahl before i even recognized him. He's better looking in person then in any of his movies.