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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spent a few days in Berlina to begin recording the new Ruth Fischer album "Sexualethik des Kommunismus". We didn't get a chance to do much recording as my comrades in arms Ibadette and Mickey One were too busy with their main musical project The Super 700's, but it was wonderful spending time with them and the Cheap gang.
Tim Blue of Cheap moved into his new 100 euro a month apartment, and it is a delightful flat. Tim is such a design genius, his use of space is flawless. He gave me a copy of his new chapbook "Public Sex, I Love You" and its as brilliant as he is with sharp insightful writing that is right on the markus mark.
As a group Cheap invaded a Cazzo porno premiere at this new industrial bar Luxe, in Krutzberg. The flick starred eugo sensation Thom Barron. It was strange seeing a gay blue movie in a large crowd. No one knows the appropriate way to view porn in public these days as porn is only something that one rents and isn't seen in theatres, but Jurgen Bruning, Bruce La Bruce's fantastic producer is changing all that with his Porno Film Festival in October. I've been invited on the Jury Selection, and will also conduct a How to Have Sex, Like those Fuycking Blakxxx workshop.
On this last trip to Berlin it was great hanging with experimental film guru Wilhelm Hein and his art photog gal pal Annetta Frick, Judean beauty boy and bubble butt studkin Assof Hockman, Belgian designer Coen Claerhout, Gelitin juicy Ali Janka and his Babi Papi, and filmmaker Christian Asbach, whose footage from our Silvester Party was stunning. Christian also showed me some of his other experimental films and the video he shot for a Ruth Fischer ditty. Christian is a perky new talent to keep an eye on, and he's awfully cute and robust.
Leaving Berlin was difficult, i was having so much fun with Timothy, Marcu, Daniela and fearless leader Suzi. My connector flight was delayed big time and i wound up spending the night in a cute airport boutique hotel in ugly Frankfurt, courtesy of Luthansa Airlines. Returned to tired LA and in one day had to fly to Ohio University in Athens for a visiting artist gig. Had a blast with the cute young kidz at this school outside of Columbus Ohio. Ohio U is the #7 party school in the country according to Playboy Magazine, and they all showed up to party down at my lecture/performance which was packed to the rafters with cornfed, free range humpsters and sexy Hilljacks from the Appalachian mountains. Lovely reuniting with Professor Jenny Klein, who i spent gobs of time with two years ago at the National Review of Live Art in Glasgow, Scotland. Ms. Klein is adorable and filled with endless energy. My connector flight to Ohio was very late, so i almost missed the boat. Thank god for popular student performer Nikki who was my opening act and entertained everyone until i showed up. Nikki and her bevy of buxom lesbian girl gangmembers were my ninja bodyguards, keeping the frat boys from leaving pearl necklaces on my face(well almost), and escorting me back to the airport. Special thanks to Eliot and all the wonderful people at Ohio U, which i found out is a midwestern porn capital. One sublime Japanese/American boy i met with his super intellectual tight bodied pal,is an internet porn ingenue.