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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Dr. Jennifer Doyle picked me up at 11pm for a late night supper at the new LA hotspot Grown-- at Dining Room M -1263 West Temple Street in Historic Filipino Town. This underground eatery is the latest G-Love project of the divine Wu Tsang of Club Wildness at the Silver Platter. Wu and her stylish co-curator Ashland of the reformation hairycopter doo have been presenting this event since the spring, and its the talk of Los Ang and beyond.
Wu reigns as the installation chef with assist by sous Math Bass, and the festivities happen on the first Wednesday of the month starting at 10pm or so with no cover before 2am, but the juiceka certainly continues to flow way into the wee crows nest hours.
Wu spent three weeks editing in a cave until she perfected her minimalist comfort menu which consisted of
Pork sliders, with pickled green tomatoes, spicy fried green beans with black sesame mayo, Nikujaga Japanese Beef Stew with Sake, tarragon fingerlings, and the Texas Donut which is a hand crafted and rolled fresh corn dainty made with home lovesexy strawberry-sherry-basil ice cream on top. It was all delicious and didn't make me feel bloated which usually happens when i eat this late. The space is magical with a wrap-around sushi barlinga and peterkin plushy couches that were perfect for someone of settled age like me. The crowd was filled with cute Donny Darko-esque youthquakers, and i loved the DJane who was playing music before the floor show by Sonji Kimmons, a lounge pianist from Silverlake's The Other Side who sounds like a cross between Nancy Wilson and Carmen McCrea. The music after the performance was at too high decibel levels to comfortably hold conversation so i had to flee, but i love the rebellious spirit of the place.
Seen cavorting: handsome dagger art director and production designer Candy just back from a project in the Amazon with Daniela Sea of the L-Word & posse, My Barbarians cute couple Alex Segade & Malik Gaines with statuesque Euro staro Vincente Colomar of the Spanish version of The Office, soap opera idol Brandon Barash(General Hospital) Keir Gilchrist(Its Kind of a Funny Story) with beau Aaron Johnson(Nowhere Boy) fey ginger beauty boy Kevin McGarry and gorgeous eastside based art shtar Zachary Drucker.
Another sweet note from a longtime Angelino. Enjoy:

Ms Davis,

I just read your Oct 3rd entry. More memories from the names you speak of!
Loren Quintana, Marilyn Welch, and Moises Ruiz I remember fondly from years ago, they all worked here at MOCA. All three are sooo sweet. Marilyn and Moises had a lovely baby girl named Ava last time I saw them. Moises was also drummer for a band called Slorider at the time. And Loren! I am glad he's still out and about in the area. Wow. How NICE! What a small world. And I also read your mention of KXLU.

I attended Loyola Marymount University and graduated in 86. Honestly, my fondest memories of that place have to do with the radio station KXLU which is located on campus.

I am such not a Catholic school girl, hell I ain't even Catholic at all, so seeing nuns and priests as part of the teaching staff was really a cheerful amusement for me most times. KXLU used to sponsor all kinds of on campus live band shows all the time. In fact, one day a week, they earmarked a one hour time in the middle of the day when there were no classes scheduled by the teachers and there were no meetings of student groups either, just so they could schedule a different band to play during that time each week or so.

That was how I got to see the great Fibonaccis, The Minutemen, Hiroshima, and this other band I loooved at the time whose lead singer was called Limey Dave, and their big local hit was "Every Day's A Holiday". Alas I cant rember the bands name at all. Probably cause the day they played, this guy I had a major crush on was sitting right next to me at the show.

There was some brouhaha the day The Minutemen did their AWESOME show. Way behind across from the courtyard area where the bands played in daytime, there was a big church chapel, and some girl was getting married that day. You could see her standing way off back there standing in front of the church, with her hands on her hips all man. Damn The Minutemen were sooo good.

The Untouchables did a few shows in the evening in another building during those years too.
Unfortunately, the last semester I was there, LMU outlawed, at the decree of the big dean/priest dude in charge at the time, that there would be NO more noontime free music concerts. I was so bummed, and I'm so glad and lucky I got to enjoy them while I was there.

By the way, Lisa Mark here at MOCA said you are the nicest person ever ever, and she and her husband have known you for awhile. What a small world! Which is amazing in such a big city like Los Angeles.

Rock on, bow down, Great V Davis!!

Breathe In The Love, Breathe Out The Jive.


Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Monday evening taken to dinner at Little Dom's on Hillhurst in Los Feliz Village by Lisa Mark and Jeffrey Deitch of MoCa. Lisa's handsome husband Channing Hansen, the son of legendary Andy Warhol underground superstar Bibbe Hansen, and younger brother to Beck was our male escort and chauffeur. Lisa and i ordered the shaved fennel & Parmesan salad, the butternut squash risoto with grilled shrimp and a pound the pud cake with warm honey drizzle---sounds dirty to me. Joining us a little later as a special guest star was art star Ryan Trecartin who has a show up at MoCa's Blue Whale Gallery in WeHo. MoCa is interested in me curating a program as part of their Artist Museum exhibit. So who knows perhaps I will be coming back to Los Angeles in January. We had a nice time hooting & hollering with lots of scandalous art world gossip thrown in for good measure. I'll have to give you the full report later as i have limited time to write this blogina.
Tuesday i had lunch at Mama's Hot Tamale Cafe in Westlake(MacArthurPark) with my poor older sister Teresa Ray Williams. She works for Los Angeles Counties Section Eight Office on Wilshire Blvd near Alvarado in the Social Security Building. My sister is a hoarder. Her dingbat flat in Hollywood is cute with a kidney shaped pool, but its filled with junk. Hanging with my sister and hearing about my families woes put me in a depressive funk. Before lunch with Teresa I ran into Christine Pelisek, one of my colleguen from the LA Weekly. Christine now works for Tina Brown's The Daily Beast. She is hot on the trail to solve the Jon Benet Ramsey mystery, and also has an agent and book deal for a tome about the recent Grim Sleeper Murder Case that she broke for The Weekly. For those of you not in the know, The Daily Beast is owned by lavender mafiosa member Barry Diller, who is about to purchase Newsweek Magazine. WoWza!
Later in the evening i hung out with Bricktops Taxi Dancer Jason El Norte, who is now working in the business of fleish philanthropy. Sweet Jason took me to dinner at The Kitchen in Silverlake. I was hoping that one of the ladies who works there would be our waitress but we got the icky actor guy who i think is one of the owners. I don't care for this dude at all, but the food is so good at the kitchen, and thats what counts.
We then went to half price night at the Midtown Spa Sauna in skid row, and what a jolly hoot that place was. I was expecting to run into Surfer Mike, the humpy blondine drug dealer to the Silverlake 40 homophiles. Mike is a notorious dinge queen, but instead i saw some hot buttery latino and black thug papis and roughnecks---yummy! I couldn't get any of the thugzillas interested in me for sexalina, but one little Thai boy asked if he could give me a fullbody Thai message, and i said yes, and it was wonderful. Then Jason & I watched cable TV in the lounge area. Was fascinated by this documentary on a 13 year old paparazzi discovered by young actor Adrian Grenier. Jason wasn't interested in anyone at Midtowne Spa for sex, so we left and went to 99cent Special nite at Popeye's Fried Chicken in Hollywood. We got our order and ate it at the world famous Spotlight Pub on the Cahuenga Corridor at Selma, washing our meal down with vodka gimlets. My favorite Spotlight bartender Scottish Jerry wasn't there unfortunately. The bartender i can't stand that Jeffreyland Hilbert and i refer to as "the Screenwriter" was working the bar. He makes ok cocktails but is such a drip personality wise. I gather he hasn't cashed in on that multi million dollar screenplay he's been working on for years. Poor thing looks horrid, he hasn't aged well and the barkeep life is showing its wear and tear.
This morning Michael Lucid of The Pretty Things who works for World of Wonder took me to breakfast at Astro Family. We ran into Cesar Padilla, the dead stock clothiere. Michael Lucid is such a sweetie and very talented film editor and TV presenter. His Damiana Garcia persona is hysterical! I'm so happy he is prospering. What a great kid.
For lunch i reunited with one of my oldest, most talented pals Craig Roose aka: Billy Wisdom of Billy Wisdom and The HeShees aka Jacqueline Essex of the mod band Stupor aka: talk show hostess Summer Caprice. Craig took me to Little Tokyo for some Japanese food. Berlin doesn't have such great Japanese food establishments, so it felt so good to be someplace where i could pig out in high J-town style. Plus our Japanese waiter was cute, thick and humpy with a bubble butt and big rabbit feet.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Yes Vaginal Davis Jr. is a hydia creature. hydia as in hideous. Christopher Isherwood in the 1980s called me a fascinating monster. I met Mr. Isherwood and his lover the artist Don Bachardy through Michael Reynolds and his partner Walter who lived next door to them in Aunt Monica(Santa Monica). Mr. Reynolds was a fan of my group The Afro Sisters.
Mr. Bachardy even created a portrait of me, where he captures quite perfectly my hideous nature.
Last night at Taix French Restaurant in Echo Park i had drinks with Andrew Gould, my former partner with Bricktops at the Parlour Club. It was lovely seeing him after almost 5 1/2 years. He looks very handsome and is now age 33. I have always been an anglophile, so British boys naturally catch my fancy.
My friend Hector Martinez says that Andrew Gould was the only young man to warm the ice cold heart of Vaginal Davis. I guess Hector was right.
Last night i was giddy. The Taix bar was having some awful comedy show. There is nothing worse then bad comedy. Even good comedy can be dreadful. We left the bar and got a bite to eat up the street at a little Mexican restaurant, then had a night cap at another joint across from the Mexican place. It was very gracious of Andrew to want to see me after how spiteful I had been to him. There is nothing more dangerous in this world like a black woman who feels scorned. But time heals all wounds and one can be softened by great age. Andrew and I started reconnecting through a simple gesture on his part of sending me poems via email. He would send me something by e.e. cummings and i would reply with a poem by Wallace Stevens and thus it went until last night when we made contact in the fleshy flesh. I love and adore Mr. Andrew Gould.
Earlier in the afternoon Dr. Jennifer Doyle had a bruncheon in my honor that was beyond divine. The food and drinks never stopped flowing. Dr. Doyle is an amazing cook and hostess, and I am so fortunate to have her in my life. She is so devoted to the doll. The guests she invited included video artist and scholar Ming Ma, photographer and independent curator Dino Dinco, art historian Robert Summers with sexy young Argentine companion Jonathan Stofenmacher in tow, Miss Glen Meadmore, Stella of Stray Pop, beautiful Kimberly Kim of North Korea who is the head mixocologist at The Eagle Bar in Silverlake. Ms. Kim use to be the Parlour's lead imbibement specialist who created the holiday drink i named Nigg Nog. Gorgeous Cory Marie Podielski, enchanting Jean Spinosa of Wigout, hunky Catalon artist Adria' Julia' with his charming super model girlfriend Delali, intermedia opera star Julianna Snapper with her sweet companion Paula Court, Sundance Film Festival's Shari Frilot with her patrician Iranian girlfriend Roya, Hector Martinez and lover Ericla Pierce, Kateri Butler with entourage that included New York photog Tony Phillips and LA's high tech marketing maven Leslie Polloch, noted sculptress Ana Sew Hoy with hot hubby Giles Miller holding 8 week old Gerber Baby Lee, who is the most adorable infant i have seen in a coons age. Silverlake stalworts Paul Geller with Hedi el Kolti, My Barbarian's Malik & Alex, Jack Beraket the guitarist with the band All Time Low and model Rosie Huntington-Whitely.
This little emug came to me from the Love Camel of London England who is having a west coast holiday in the US, and is now in Portland, Oregon later to join me in Los Angeles at UCLA.

A Camel in America

Oh Doll,

flights were long, but there were plenty of eye candies, especially on
the Virgin flight, including a couple of ginger. The eyes of the camel
were blessed.

The hotel/motel where I am staying downtown is part of a complex that
also includes a cafe/restaurant and a famous live music venues, so
yesterday I went to see a gig even if I was knackered.

I've just had a glorious breakfast with a thick chocolate shake, great
coffee and wonderful banana and hazelnut pancakes topped with
blueberries syrup. Yummy! The stomach of the camel is blessed and now
I can go shopping in a good camel mood.

The Northwest people are how I imagined them, all with beards and
checked shirts. Because I am organized, I brought some checked shirts
so I can blend perfectly, like camels can do.

God bless pancakes.

God bless checked shirts.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Saturday evening attended Jeffreyland Hilbert of Kustom Creative's 25th birthday party in Echo Par-que. The Doll was accompanied by handsome Mexy Cesar Vega, Hector Martinez with lover Ericla Pierce and young actorly Hayes MacArthur who is new to LA from Chieta, Illinois and is a big Dr. Davis fanatic.
The incredibly handsome and hunky Mr. Hilbert was behind the Spinderella wheels of steel and his adorable baby bro Curt was performing superior mixocology at the super post modern tiki bar. When you add up the peni length of the Hilbert Bros you get more then 20 inches of staunch and perfect prime Idaho meaty meatage.
The guest list was endless celebutants: Sears heir Andrew Sears, Terence McFaddon & Co., Frank Rodriguez with his art star ginger lover Patrick Lee, the lovely Marilyn Welch with handsome Chicano husband Moises Ruiz, David of Paris, Loren Quintana, bubbly blondine Jim Hanson, black studkin and dinge queen delight Marvina Jones, Highways patriarch Marcus Keilland Nazario, Kim Ghee of Crepe de Chine, Palm Springs muscle dicque power couple Steve Hall & gorgeous Glen "25 Centimeters" Spiegelman. Steve is a top art director for films, and commercials and is responsible for Bruce La Bruce's most recent success with his new movie LA Zombie and also Bruce's art installations. I adore Steve & Glen and their goodtime Sally joie de vivre. Great seeing the legendary Jolie aka: Jeff Judd who i go back 30 years with, and Mrs. Tom Guzman, plus an assortment of up and coming male ingenues including: Ryan Bingham, Armie Hammer, Jayson Blair with director Matt Reeves(Let Me In) Alex Segade of My Barbarian, my darling performance art daughter who i love tenderly Miss Wu of Club Wildness who had as her escort Indio Downey, the young son of Robert Downey Jr.
I was having a fantastic time at the party but had to leave early as the great Mexican dinner that Hector Martinez made for me had my stomach rumbling and I was feeling fat and bloated. I love Hector's food so much that i always over eat, and one shouldn't pig out on homemade Mexacalli food staples of Carne Asade, & beans. Hector learned how to cook from his wonderful Mamacita who grew up in Watts with the negritos and can cook turkey with all the trimmings completely soul food style, which she did for me when i first came to LA a few weeks ago. I love Hector's mom, she can also throw down--not afraid to take off her earrings and get in a knock out sluggo fest if someone is dissing her. Thank you la Senora for being one hot homegirl and amazing cuisineste.
Friday i returned to Cedar Sinai to visit my sister Gracie Lee Taylor whose stage four breast cancer keeps her in lots of pain, but her positive outlook and fantasia deluze adaise keeps the awful disease from spreading to vital organs. My mother died of stomach cancer age 84, and my sister Gloria Jean Williams left this mortal coil at 58 in 2006 the same year i immigrated to Germany. My youngest sister is 59 and also has health issues and mental issues being that she is a horder. Her entire dingbat apartment in Hollywood is filled from floor to ceiling with needless junk.
Stella of the long running radio program Stray Pop KXLU 88.9 midnight to 3am every friday wanted me to be a guest on the program but i couldnt score a ride to the Loyola Marymount campus in Westchester at such a short notice. Maybe next time.
Thursday night my twin sister from different mothers, Emi Fontana of West of Rome invited Dr. Doyle and I over to her magical South Pasadena compound for an Italian feast fit for a princepessa. She made me feel just like Monica Vitti. It was all pure enchantment, a special evening hosted by Ms. Fontana and her pretty assistant Maria who use to work for Ann Magnusen.