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Monday, August 07, 2006

Showcased a mini presentation of my underground film ouvre---"One Man Ladies"with a Glennda Orgasm nee Belverio "That Fertile Feeling","The Three Faces of Women" trilogy section "Dr Chris Teen" with Chris "Teen"Martin and Bruce LaBruce, wowing the youthful crowd, many who've only read of my exploits via their academic studies. Hosted the rock portion of Homo-A-Go-Go ala Club Sucker days of wine and gnosis. Nicely attended events, and a diverse popu of kiddies make Homo-A-Go-Go a utopian paradisio in the lovely town of Olympia Washington. Held at the gorgeou Capital Theatre, and well organized by an all-volunteer canibi staff of juicebods and thrombones----delicious each and every one of them.
John Cameron Manheim Steamroller Patrik Swayze Mitchell of Hedvig and the Angry Inch fame, previewed his new Canne Film Festival hit, "Shortbus" which is a lovely exploration of the polymorphously perverse denizens of a hallowed sexxx salon hosted by the geniustrata Justin Bond, who makes for a swelleganza screen presencia. Very attractive cast abounding in the glow of coitek carnel knowledging. Standouts being a nicely peniled young man with longish hair and milky white thrush body, his real life beau, who looks like a young version of Homocore Chicago's Mark "Ears" Freitas and a hard faced Soon Yi Previn look-a-like. A great score included a song by Canada's Hidden Cammeras.
Rode from the aeroport to my comfy Phoenix Inn digs with Mr. Mitchell, who was a pleasant and congenial companion. We're both of the same generation, and Madame Mitchell also DJ'd between band sets, and was an overall charming sprite. One of these days I'd love to take him up on the offer of a visit to his Puerto Rican retreat that he had built from scratch on the island of large uncut endowmentas.
Friday performance highlights included the Czarina of burlesque and intermedia choreography, NYC's Julie Atlas Muz, who never fails to cause gasps of delight, the expert musicianship of Englands King Cheetah, the boyganza of Mikeala's Fiend, chrystaline intity Assacre, the first lady of hip-hip Jenro, the bullet nipples and flat scratch stomachs of The Dead Betties, and the saviours of rock n roll, The Gossip featuring the divine and sexyline Beth of Hollers End. The Gossip should have the acclaim that is bestowed upon the overrated White Stripes. As a band The Gossip are explosive channelers of the best blues traditions, lurking from the muddy swamp waters. The Lady Miss Beth's voice is enchanting, with a berry tone that pays tribute to legendinas Ma Rainey and Bessie Smith, and a stage presence that brings to mind the young Alice Bag. Now I'm believing in rock n roll again.
The last night of the festival featured standout performances by poet Michelle Tea who gave me a copy of her new book, Rose of No Man's Land, which i can't wait to read, sweet country songstress Jessica Rose, Montreal's dazzling Lesbians on X who cleverly take the music of womyn's muzek pioneers Holly Near, Chris Williamson and Trent Furor and give it a modern electro flourish, Will Schwartz of Imperial Teen fame and his new dance music project Hey Willpower that caused a major sensation. Will is looking very teen spirit with his new lusty, muscular, bubblebutt power bitch body, humpy blatino rap star Dead Lee forced fed me his giant willis from the stage, and i eagerly serviced him. who could resist all that fine speciman of a man? Legend Bob Mould also performed and DJ-d the closing party which ended early due to so many after soirees, the biggest one being the train tracks Rim Party that siphon off much of the crowd. In fact my morning ride to the airport flaked on me, i guess after a night of non-stop analingus, one can't be expected to chauffer loud unruly diva queens. After waiting for 30 minutes i just called a taxi and had a surreal moment with the driver and his buddy, two of the fugliest middle aged men i've ever seen in my life. They were spiraling tweekers who talked non-stop, but couldn't drive very fast, and i almost missed my flight because of them. Oh welpsis. I still had a glorious time hanging out with so many wonderous people including major talent and hotticle Donna Dresch of Team Dresch who i love dearly, and i want to give thanks, love and kissy kisses to Miss Tara of Sex Workers, Ed and all the wonderful children of Homo A-Go-Go Directive, who attended to all my lady needs and desires.