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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Nach dem Applaus

The Vagimule woman child returned to Hannover's Kunstverein for a public conversation with the museums wonderful young artistic director Kathleen Rahm. Back in June I gave an artist talk during their celebrated Tanz Congress to a huge audience of spirited internationalists.
The Koerper und Buehnen exhibition that features my Memory Island installation complete with iconic make-up paintings and ephemera will close August 28th so be sure to take a day trip to Hannover to see it before then, you won't regret it.
Was picked up at the Hannover Hauptbahnoff  by Kunstverein's gorgeous 19 year old lovesexy intern Ali Siranetzi- Chalil and taken to a breakfast feast at Pado Patisserie Cafe Lounge in the Hannover Turkish Quartier. Sweet Ali escorted me to the City Hotel am Thielenplatz where I was able to rest up for the evening program. My boutique hotel room was very sampatico and comfy.
Frau Rahm picked me up at the hotel around 3pm and treated me to a nice aperitif, then walked me to the Kunstverein so I could start beating on a proper face. An attractive intergenerational audience came to hear us klatch. It was all quite lovely and intimate—just a coupla pretty chicks sitting around and talking. Things were so smooth and relaxed that I forgot to show some clips I had prepared. After a congenial Q&A with no showboating from the audience the gathering adjourned for cafe und kuchen.
Later in the evening the stately Landgraf Ulrich Klessmann who is on the museums advisory board of directors cooked and hosted a banquet in my honor at his townhouse compound in the heart of the cities empire district. I was starving, having not eaten a thing since breakfast.The mood during cocktail hour was teutonic festive and genteel. Herr Klessmann's grand drawing room was magical. The muscular manservants and maids galore flitted and floated about the room while we sipped some very strong Compari Sin-sations as the main apero. There's nothing I love more then a mega stocked exotica bar.
The Landgraf' studied theatre science in the US so he speaks perfect American style English and now works for the Enercity Group in PR and advertisement.  His palatial home is furnished with beauteous antiques and paintings that must be from the archive of his ancestral estate. Of course the food was exquisite with Vogerlsalat / Kuerbiskernoel, Tafelspitz,Gruener Veltliner white vino, three stately Dessert Patisserie made by dinner guest Bodil the enchanting wife of photographer JankoWoltersmann( Landgraf had a copy of the photogs book which features incredible textural poloroid fotos of my hometown of Los Angeles that brought out that ribald quality of the city. The pics reminded me of my youth in the late 70s and early 1980s though they were taken between 2009 and 2011. The others at table included art shtar Sasha Hahn, attractive power art couple Caro Jap Lim and Peter Jap Lim who came to Hannover visiting from Berlin,handsome, tall and boyishly charming solicitor Dr. Benjamin Lueders who is a board member and fervent art lover and supporter,Kunstverein director Kathleen Rahm and the world renown Haniels from Duesseldorf.
I love that Ulrich Klessmann the ultimate party host doesn't allow anyone under the age of 14 at his soirees.
The next day Kathleen Rahm gave me a VIP pass so I could explore the Sprengel Contemporary Art Museum Hannover. I parked myself in front of a Francis Bacon for over 30 minutes to absorb his sick tasty world plus a plethora of Neue Sachlichkeit gems and some die abstrakten morsels. I was so engulfed with the Max Beckmann, Paul Klee, Fernand Le'ger and Max Ernst that I almost missed my train back to Berlin. Thank Junifer that my train was delayed by 30 minutes. Shout out and thanx to intern Ali, Kathleen&Sasha, Herr Klessmann,Peter Jap Lim for being my astute museum companion, Kunstverein staff members Harry, Sven, Sexy Silvia and Monika.  You all  made my time in Hannover  a mercurial delight.

Fearless Leader of CHEAP Susanne Sachsse hosted a sumpteous dinner party for visiting filmmaking royale Bruce “Judy” LaBruce who is in town to work on editing his new feature film The Misandrists that stars the beautiful La Sachsse, Kembra Pfahler and Viva Ruiz. Earlier in the week handsome Judy LaBruce had a book release party for his new tome Porn Diaries or How to Succeed in Hardcore Without Really Trying. Judy signed a copy of the book for me and I can't wait to dig in as it is the perfect summer read.
Was so much fun to laugh and gossip about a millions different topics like the recent debacle of the Berlin Biennale to Austrian philosopher Armen Avanassian and his Accelerationism movement. When it comes to philosophical movements I prefer Audrey Hepburn's Empathicalism from Stanley Donen's Funny Face movie. With Susanane Sachsse, Judyline LaBruce, Marcuse Siegelstein and Muzlim jihadist Daniel Hendrickson you can't go wrong in headstrong conversing. Speakaing of the power top Muzlim, who is my partner in grime with Rising Stars, Falling Stars-Sweet 16 Millimeter. RSFS is going on 9 years as a Berlin institutional event. We have moved from the Arsenal where we did our performative screenings every month to silent green Kulture Quartier in Wedding and will now present quarterly. Mark September 4th on your calendaria as we will screen the rarely seen 1976 Martha Coolidge film Not a Pretty Picture about the filmmakers own date rape when she was a teenager. The movie is a brave piece of documentary/fiction blend that has lost none of its power as we still live in a culture of sexual violence towards women. While digging through the archive with Muzlim Daniel I noticed Martha Coolidge's name in the database, as she directed the curiously engaging low budget film from 1983 Valley Girl that features an early performance by Nicholas Cage when he was young and cute, and the award winning Rambling Rose, 1991 starring Laura Dern and her mother Diane Ladd.
I had never heard of Not a Pretty Picture but after watching the movie on the Steinbeck I couldn't get it out of my mind, so Muzlim and I after talking with Empress Stefanie and some other women about the movie decided we needed to show it. So please tell everyone you know to come to silent green 8pm Sept 4th to see this very important film.