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Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Der Gelb-Fieber-Schrank

The unpleasant middle aged developmentally disabled man who lives on the ground floor of Ms. Davis’ flat listens non stop to hard core techno music. The man must have a job of some kind these days as one never sees him that much, but when he is home he seems to be soothed by his techno fix when he is not playing video games until the wee hours. Before this man moved in there was a young college student named Jonathan who was a dreamboat with a nice singing voice, who had a lot of adoreable young friends. Across the hall from the doll is a deaf girl, who use to have the most beautiful boyfriend with a rack on him that couldn’t be contained by a sports bra. This young juicy also had the bubble of all bubble butts and major ms. gorgeous face that was a cross between a young Richard “John Boy” Thomas and Keanu Reeves in Bill &Ted’s Excellent Adventure. The deaf girl chucked the beauty for some bald headed older dude who is very salty dog. She took the flat after a gay deaf boy moved out so he must have recommended her to the apartment manager Herr Koch. Two apartments that use to be used solely as work spaces were refurbished cheaply and quickly and are miniscule. An Irish gay couple use to own the building but they have just sold it so lets hope that doesn´t lead to some gentrification pains.

The Vagimule Doll went to the Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart Art Book Fair to see an intriguing filmic performance by Discoteca Flaming Star. The performance was called Ingrid (2003-So Far) and is a non linear tela novella freaky styly salute to the deceased B-movie actress Ingrid Rabel(Maria Teresa Gomez Gutierrez, 1945-2002. I am all wrapped up in the house of Ingrid, whether its Bush Hogs in Love, Zombie Closet or Zombie Catwalk and Birth I feel that Ingrid will be on everyones lips as this year ends and moves into the next decade.

Congrats to lovesexy Cristina Gomez Barrio and Wolfgang Mayer of Discoteca Flaming Star & their fab co-horts. Also special kudos for their stylish and highly inspiring Ingrid zine with biographical notes and a poetic diary entries.

Jewish Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson hosted a sweet little cocktail soiree for new Berliner Monilola Ilupeju who moved to Berlin from New York City and was one of artist Jonathan Berger’s number one students at New York University. Monilola works for SAVVY Contemporary at the silent green Kulturquartier and is just a lovely and enchanting young artiste.

My former student at Malmö Art Akademy in Sweden is the brilliant genius feminist artist C. Maria Norrman, and she has a new performance called The Goddess that will take place on October 27, 6pm. The work will be visible as an installation from October 19-November 11, 2018. If you will be in Scandanavia you owe it to yourself to see her fabu work Weekly Mass at Skanes Konstförening Malmö. For more info go to