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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Been filming the short "Beyond Lovely" with Gwen Turner starring. That Gwen is such a pro. She is really a hot sexy starina of starinas. I love watching her work. Katrina the mack daddy sistah mama is quite a vixen as well. Lots of saaphic sisters on this production. Cynthia is the art director and Mean Mommy is the Jill of all trades. I've actually been having quite a nice time, with all my gal pals. The first day of filming was grueling though, and i do tend to lose energy if i have to do things over and over. I wasn't cut out to be a mainstream movie star. I prefer working on my non-linear, non narrative films.

There is a bit of eye candy with the behind the scenes crew. Cute hunky yet dimunitive Brandon and another tall guy with glasses. John the sound guy is also kinda sexy in a quite way that i like. Today there was a young skinny boy working on the production as an extra. He was adorable. The first set up was this gorgeous house in Echo Park. The filming went very quickly, the remainder of the day will most likely take quite a while, o welp its my last full day of shooting then i'm free.

My Chicano lover Cesar is producing the movie. He is really one organized, gung ho take charge kind of guy and i find that VERY appealing in a man. Ceasar even shaved my head, giving me a nice massage and fixed my errant bed from turning into a sink hole. Ceasar is the best!!!!

Last nite i wanted to get a good sound sleep so i'd photography well on camera, but when i went for a stroll to get a bite to east around 8:30 i ran into a horndoggy young Mexican boy who was a voracious bottom. I went to the kids apartment and wound up plowing him until 12 midnight. Boy was his little cauliflower tight and chewy. He had a vaccuum suction cupped sphincter. This giant little lady sure got her proverbial gnut, and let me tell you something. I needed it.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Last Thursday Hector of Troy took me to the nude beach at San Onofre between the nuclear power plant and the military base in Oceanside. Too bad it was fathers of trolls day on the beach. I've never seen so many doughy, melting folds of flesh in various shades of heliotrope.
By 4pm the marine layer came and cooled things down and i took a ho stroll. It felt good letting my clit bounce in the breeze. In a secret alcove i spotted two young surfers going to town on each other with ribald abandon. I'm the ultimate voyeur so it was marvy watching sculpted shafts stretching out chic boy channels into cratery man holes. After 20 minutes of gawking the boy beauties motioned me closer. I thought i was out of sight, but they apparently were putting on a show just for my benefit. I approached with trepidation as i didn't want to be the Cornelius that scared them away.
But to my utter chagrin the dark blondine locked his lips on my left breastage and the light blondine commensed to vacuum the foreskin on my spicy labia drapes. At one point both boys started fighting over my angry cheesy 3 inches. Ah sex in the great outdoors. It was Krakatoa east of Java time as both boys took nip to bottle for the ooze out.
Hector could tell when i walked up to our blanky that i had just been freshly fornicated.


Anna May Wong nite at Bricktops was very limehouse blues thanx to that cute french Canadian boy Christopher of Par Avion and his juicy pal Danny Wong, the great grandson of Anna. They performed as Shanghai Concession, and had the audience in the palmpilot of their hands. The boys even decorated the joint with some saucy Hong Kong pin-ups and red opium laterns creating some rich atmosphere.

Lots of tasty celebs in the form of Scandanavian rock gods the Hives, i even made out with the bands leader, a sexually adventurous lad named Pelle Almquist. His date, heiress Lydia Hearst, didn't seem to mind, she was busy trying to seduce dancer Jean Spinosa and east side artist Vinzula. Urban pioneer Albert Cueller looked dapper as usual and i even managed to bite the butt cheek of director Joshua Marston (Maria Full of Grace)

Sunday i rehearsed for the short film "Beyond Lovely" with Cesar Vega and the movies writer/director Hilary Goldberg. Cesar took me for a quickie snack at the legendary Santa Monica Blvd Hamburger Hobit eatery. The place looks almost exactly the same as it did back in the late 70s. Ended the evening at the New Beverly Cinema in those uncomfortable seats watching the original Manchurian Candidate with Frank Sinatra and a tight white bodies Lawrence Harvey. The remake with Denzel has got to be lousy. Liev Shreiber aint no Harvey and Miss Streep certainly isn't Angela Lansbury.
I can't get over how way ahead of its time The Manchurian Candidate is.

Monday morning taken to a power brunch at Pacific Dining Car with Greg and Jenna of the Silverlake Film Festival. They want to do a Yes Ms. Davis Farewell Retrospective. Jenna and Greg are a lot of fun, we had a blast.

Gossip----seems that Carol the owner of the Hollywood Hills Cafe is getting divorced from her gay husband. I knew the restaurant wasn't doing very well and that she was selling the apartment building that i rent a bachlorette pad from. I hope it all doesn't fall apartment until i'm ready to move to Berlin. I still need a decent cheap abode.

Went to Laemmle Grand and saw humpy Matt Damon in the Bourne Supremacy. Very suspenseful, Matt could have taken off his shirt and given me a bit of a thrill