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Wednesday, July 16, 2014


Was listening to the public radio broadast NPR Berlin and caught the end of a segment on Deep Springs College where I was a guest teacher ages ago.  Deep Springs is a small 2 year institution that is quite unique in that it is an all male college where the boys are between the ages of 18-20.  Deep Springs has a non-traditional curriculum with a core structure of composition,  public speaking, labour and self governance.  When the students graduate they can get into almost any Ivy League University of their choice. The reputation of Deep Springs is that outstanding.  I was very surprised when the students invited me as a guest teacher.  Probably they had been prompted by my friend the brilliant novelist Bruce Benderson who had taught there before me.  I’m a glamour girl not a nature girl, so getting use to their regimen  in the California high desert was a bit taxing, but I loved how non hierarchical the boys were and that their male bonding and cameraderie is very homo positive which is strange for young men of that age group.  The school which has been around for little over 100 years seems to encourage breaking the norms of North American cult of masculinity.  In fact according to the radio report the students have voted to allow women to join the school  as students which some alumni are fighting.  One thing I can say about Deep Springs College is that the lads who go to the school are extremely beautiful,  and fit.  Boys will be boys and sometimes they get into the habit of going days if not weeks without showering, but whats a little funk amongst such youth and vigour.

Just received a sweet and lovesexy emug from my former student Marc Arthur who just got accepted to the PhD program at NYU.  Congrats Marc I love you!

Dear Ms. Davis, 
Firstly, I have to explain why it's taken me so long to write you.  Right after Christoph left, I was on a train to Canada.  I was going to this 10 day meditation retreat in the middle of nowhere.  This year has been the most crazy and intense of my life with work and school so, after several people I knew and trusted recommended this retreat, I decided to go because I thought it would be a nice way to decompress and get some me time.  It was free and in nature so what could go wrong right?  Well, the first day I got there I learned that a gong would be stuck at 4am to wake you up followed by gongs almost every hour for the entire day which you are expected to follow this crazy structure of sitting silently, walking in the restricted area of nature or eating the very bland food.  I was freaked out.  I had walked right into a cult that worked by starvation and brainwashing.  I was in a prison with 100 other people.  The main guru had died so we were left to watch lengthy and boring videos of him talking about enlightenment rather than any real guidance.  Worst (or best) of all though is that part of this cult was that the men and the women had to be completely separated the whole time so as to avoid any "temptations".  Apparently the guru didn't account for gay people in his master plan, and so rather then being able to focus I was incredibly distracted by what could have easily been a cast for a really hot Canadian gay porn.  There were about 30 men total and there were only a few that I wouldn't have considered exchanging blow jobs with.  Hotties with names like Cedric, Sebastian, Jacques and Luka donned the skimpiest and most revealing yoga chic, allowing their giant french Canadian genitalia to swing and bob around freely.  I remember one day while I was trying to meditate, Cedric's ball sac was basically falling out of his shorts.  This made meditation impossible.  While the guru repeatedly told us to focus on our breath, all I could think about was him in downward dog with my dick in his ass.  I think because one of the tenants of being there was to remain celibate, the sexual energy was so thick you could basically smell it.  And on top of that, because no one could speak, it felt like I was in a big gay cruising park of men boys.  The boys were twinky hairless puppies looking for meaning in their lives right after high school or during college. The men were hairy toned and their feet were big and smelly, not a lot of showering was going on. The men would pass and their pheromones would immediately give me a boner.  Cedric was a twink and started sitting next to me everyday in the dining hall, I didn't mind.  And every time he passed me he would give me a hard and clear "I want you to fuck me" glance. One day while sitting next to me I noticed his giant penis boner making a tent in his linen yoga pants.  I could almost make out the details of his cock because the fabric was so thin.

So while the whole cult/prison aspect of the experience was making me crazy and on the verge of escaping, I figured I had to stay out at least a few days more to see if I might find another more sexual enlightenment.  At the meditation hall where we were expected to sit for hours in silence focusing on our breath, I found myself imagining elaborate fantasies of orgies and sex with the other men there.  My dreams finally came true.  On the second day, while strolling in the forest area, the young twink Luka seemed to be following me.  I wondered into a secluded area and turned around and he just stopped.  His boner was very clearly popping up his pants and then he just pulled it out and showed it to me, like an animal in the wild that was either about to fuck or kill me.  With out thinking I immediately went up to him and started stroking.  he took out my cock and before long he was drooling all over my cock and rubbing it with his hands.  I shot my load right as the gong was being struck all over his face.  

This became our meeting spot and for the next few days we would go there for enlightenment. But it didn't take long for the other men to catch on. I honestly didn't care that we were breaking the rules, getting kicked out would have been great.  At first just a few people would pass and ignore us but by the third or fourth day there were a couple men who were watching us and stroking themselves behind trees or bushes.  It was when Cedric joined us with his soft supple lips and enormous French Canadian meat that the action really got started.  The day he found us he immediately got to his knees and tried to fit mine and Luka's cock into his mouth at once.  This served as an invitation for the others who had been watching us to come closer.  Eventually there were about 7 or 8 of us having circle jerks several times a day in the woods.  While I didn't find the peace and serenity I went there looking for, I was happily surprised to find enormous penises rife with sex from being in this crazy environment.  
So now that I'm back I'm thrilled to tell you all about Christophe who was so lovely and charming and smart.  You're going to have a fabulous time with him in Giessen.  The first night we met I invited him to an opening at the Kitchen that some of my friends were in.  He came with his boyfriend JP who was also in town.  JP is a handsome German boy who is studying theater directing in Switzerland.  After the opening we wanted to go for a drink and given that we were so far west in Chelsea I figured we could go to the Eagle, that megolith for leather trolls and fanatics on West 30th.  Have you been there?  The last time I went it was packed and fun.  We arrived at 10pm and the chicken hawk doorman was drooling over us.    

Thank god there was a big open rooftop and it was the perfect summer night.  We had beers and observed what I had thought to be an extinct practice of real live cruising in New York.  The 5 or 6 men at the club with us were not on Grindr, probably because they knew they couldn't get any sex online unless they photoshopped their pictures.  So instead they were parading around relying on cruising rituals of yesteryore.  The saddest sight was some guy who had clearly been tweeking for the past 48 hours lurking in the corner and rubbing his groin and chest.  The only hot one was a muscular black man wearing only a jock strap, which we would later learn was the theme for the evening. Because Christophe and JP were strangers I was a little embarrassed to have taken them to such a sad sight.  But they were both really into it.  Turns out that Christophe's thesis is about red light districts and practices of cruising and what not.  So it ended up being kind of research for him.  They were both so sweet, only having been together for about 6 months.

Our next rendezvous was on Saturday, it was gay pride and I was having a dinner party that I invited them both to.  JP had to leave early to meet a friend at the airport but Christophe stayed the whole time and ended up going out with my boyfriend and I afterwards.  I think I've told you about Devin before.  Pride weekend in New York is really awful.  So many tourists acting out and people celebrating for all of the wrong reasons.  Everyone trying to go to the right party or get laid as many times as possible. The parties that I thought would be fun all literally had multiple hour wait lines. We gave up and ended up at a straight bar in Williamsburg which seemed fitting.  The three of us were having a nice time. Just then JP came and met up with us after putting his friend to bed.  We were pretty drunk at this point and somehow ended up back at my apartment smoking weed while watching The Wizard of Oz and listening to my record of Dark Side of the Moon.  
Thanks so much for the introduction.


The 1933 film Heroes for Sale by William Wellman is certainly timely in its themes.  The movie stars a long on the tooth looking Richard Barthelmess not successfully playing a man of 25, a ravishing 19 year old Loretta Young and Aline MacMahon who is sensational as the frump with a heart of gold.
Just read in the Berlin Local which is an English language online newsmagazine about Michael Hartmann the German MP with the SPD caught up in a crystal meth scandal.  Crystal Meth has reared its fugly head here in Berlin and let me tell you its all cry havoc. An allnight party city like Berlin doesn’t need a drug like Miss Crystal Carrington! It seems like the ones who get fargone  the most on the drug are mainly gay men over 40 going through a midlife crisis trying to stay young and current which is a grand recipe for disaster. Herr Hartmann had to resign as parliamentary spokesman and from being part of the parliamentary committee that overseas security services.  According to Berlin Local he was just using the drug to be more alert and focused during government business meetings as crystal is a stimulant like coffee or Club Matte.
La Fearless Leader of CHEAP the great Susi and her companion Marcuse Siegel gave me a scrumptious farewell dindin at their spacious compound in East Berlina.  Susi is a first rate gourmound. The delicious food and drink never stopped flowing, and the company was delightful in the form of lovegod and Scandinavian Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson and the Twins Salome & Richard.  Susi also gave me a beautiful Berkin Bag and some stylish bedding from her hometown of Jena.  So excited about my summer teaching gig in Giessen with Love Camel with able assist from Giessen student Christoph Bovermann and my Goethe Universitaet literary scientist student Julian Scherer.  Antonia Baehr taught at Giessen recently and she said she loved being out in the wild forest. 
I'M NOT ONE TO GOSSIP SO YOU DIDN'T HEAR IT FROM ME DEPT- The new administration at the Hebbel Theatre seems to showcase either ex Giessen students or theatre groups from Belgium or The Netherlands.  The gossip I have heard is that the HAU now is becoming very much like a Stadt Theatre in its predictability.

Also I’ve heard rumbles that the cultural funding bodies are not too keen on the direction that HAU has taken, so a shakeup is imminent.  More reportage on that later via my well placed Stassi spies . . .

Monday, July 14, 2014


Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music last night was scintillating. Didn’t think anyone would show up as it was the final performance of the Goldenen World Cupeth football match and Germany was playing against Argentina. I billed the evening as a FOOTBALL FREE ZONE and it worked! All the people who hate sports showed up relishing going someplace that wasn’t all gungho and nationalistic. I’m happy Germany won because now perhaps the dour Berliners will be friendlier, more gracious and act a bit sexier. One can only hope eh?

My lovely boss Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was her usual radiant self. Miss Stefanie and Scandinavian Muslim Warrior Daniel Hendrickson had both taken an intensive language course of Egyptian style Arabic and I got to hear all the gossip from their exploits as I was putting on my makeup in the Arsenal Experimental offices on the 6th floor of the Sony Center. Later downstairs in Kino 2 a nice gaggle of celebutants came to our screening of the George Cukor film The Marrying Kind (1952) starring Judy Holiday and manlische humpy blondine super studkin Aldo Ray. Wonderful seeing in the audience and during the after screening wine reception art shtars Pauline Boudry, Ginger Brooks Takahashi(LTTR/MEN), Antonia Baehr aka: Werner Hirsch,the American philosopher Richard Rorty, Anna Muelter formerly of the HAU now the dance curator at Sophiensaler Berlin, stunningly beautiful young British actor Nicholas Hoult with Justin Peck of the New York City Ballet---are they gay paramours? Couldn’t tell.

I loved how the late director George Cukor lets everyone know through the course of the film The Marrying Kind which is a rom/com that turns dark mid way that he and he alone gets to fellate his male lead and also is the proud recipient of the blunt instrument brandished by Mr. Aldo Ray and that no one is going to be taking that prize out of his mouth or rectum. I’ve received two emails asking me to post my introduction to the Marrying Kind and I promise to do that as soon as heavenly possible. I’m a bit pressed for time because I leave this week for Giessen where I will be teaching my summer version of the block seminar Framing the Freakazoid. Over 42 students have signed up for my coursework and I’m really stoked! I am bringing as my special guest the famed Love Camel aka: Andrea Novarin. I think the students in Giessen will get a lot out of having the Camel as a fruitive resource. Camel is one bright cookie having been a programmer and independent curator with several Italian film festivals and retrospectives such as The Torino Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Riminicinema, Blowing Bubbles Festival Bologna, TheArcipelago Rome, Incredible Strange Film Festiva Ferrara plus having worked for years at the British Film Institute and recently for Internet Movie Database. If that isn’t enough the Camel is an award winning film reviewer and critic for several Italian genre film magazines and an expertin on schlock cinema and underground music especially punk and post punk. Love Camel has written several books that you might want to check out: Schermi (H)ardenti - Pornocinema italiano e dintorni, Profondo Rosso Press, Rome, 2012

Dizionario del Cinema Italiano – I Film vol. 4 1970/1979, Gremese Press, Rome, 1996

Russ Meyer - Un Erotomane Abbondante, Granata Press, Bologna, 1993

On a sad note Tommy Ramone of  the heralded punk rock band The Ramones died of cancer age 65.  Tommy was born in Hungary from Jewish parents who survived the Holocaust.  His family immigrated to the US when he was four years old.  Tommy played drums for the Ramones, produced some of their albums and handled managing chores.  He also produced albums for the bands The Replacements and Redd Kross.  On a personal note I will always remember Tommy Ramone when the Ramones came to Los Angeles for the first time.  I was partying with them and other Hollywood punkers at the infamous Tropicana Motel(now a boring Ramada Inn) in West Hollywood, and I almost got thrown in the pool but was rescued by Tommy who knew I couldn’t swim so I will forever be grateful to him.   Later I took the Ramones to this little homo cruisey laundrymat in the Safeway shopping center on Santa Monica Blvd.  I think that tiny shopping plaza is still in WeHo but now is called the more gentrified Pavillions.  The Ramones also went into the gay habadashary called AH Men that specialized in sexy lingerie for men that was on the corner of San Vicente Blvd.  We were all too disruptive for the gays and subsequently got kicked out of the store.