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Friday, November 13, 2009

Studio visits with the grad students at the Art & Arts Professions Department of NYU's Steinhardt School was wonderful. I love meeting and encouraging young talent and what a great bunch of gifted artists who have developed quite a strong voice. My individual studio visits were with handsome and patrician Carlos Reyes, sweet and gentile Jo-ey Tang, fiery Cubana Jessica Gispert and adorable Serbian cutie pie Alex Jovanovich. Ms. Vaginal Davis is the ultimate muse so the art world better take notice of these youthful talentas. Look what i did for designer Rick Owens.
Kenyan kutie Professor Tavia Nyongo and his beau took me to a scrumpteous din din at this great Mexican restaurant in SoHo. I don't remember the name of the place but the Margaritas had us all appropriately orbiting the left side of Uranus prime. The next morn Ricardo Montez, who teaches at Princeton treated the doll to breaky at Robert DeNiros Greenwich Hotel restaurant in Tribeca, Locanda Verde, where we got to gaze at the beauty of actor Jake Gyllenhaul and his prissy faggot assistant. Later one of my pretty NYU students Leon Hilton came by the flat to visit and drink tea and dainties. Then i went to a fabu dinner party hosted by Uzi Parnes and his handsome hubby Scott who works for Saturday Nite Live, the food and drink were unending with famous company that included the youngest of the Warhol stars and Beck's mom Bibbe Hansen with husband Sean Carrillo and the legendary Ela Troyano. Uzi's husband gifted the doll with a perfect pair of patent leather red ankle strap pumps that i will have to wear Monday for the show. Then i went over to graphic artist Scott Ewalt's to meet with Kembra of VHKB, Lia G of Participant inc., Jonathan Berger and Michael Kleets who i didnt know has been living in New York for over ten years. Scott's little salon is major Ms. Gorgeous on the Bowery across the street from what use to be CBGB's filled to the brim with all his great art work and memorabillia.

Monday, November 09, 2009

o glorious manhattan, land of enchantment. Can't believe it is indian summer weather, glorious blue skies and warm temperatures. People are in shorts, sandles and looking very good. The boy eye candy is delirious. So glad to not be in cold, damp, bleak Berlin at the moment. I didn't realize that doing Live Film!Jack Smith! and then going right into The Bad Breast project with no rest would debilitate me so.
Of course this trip to New Yorika isn't exactly a vacation. Upon landing I was whisked by taxi straight to the Participant Inc. Gallery on Houston Street to help with installing my section of the Nothing Up My Sleeve exhibit curated by dazzling young artist Jonathan Berger. Its such an ambitious exhibition with objects from the late comedian Andy Kaufman and the great magician/mystic Harry Houdini plus some of the famed collaborative potpouris from Nancy Barton and the amazing legend that is Mrs. Michael Glass, who recently had a stroke and has been recuperating in a halfway house in Watts, CA. Mrs. Glass is the genius behind AMOK Books and their dispatches that ruled apocalypse culture in the late 80s and early 90s. Most of the things considered cool today were first written about by Mrs. Glass, who like me came out of the Watts and South Central Los Angeles areas. Mrs. Glass later went to Cal Arts in Valencia, CA and received her MFA. Her photography installations are very Kenneth Anger inspired and just plain brilliant.
The opening at Participant was packed to the rafters SRO! So many celebutants in attendance like Billy Miller of STH, Glenn Belverio and his yummy super famous date Carol Pope, Chloe aka: Carolina Vagina, Joanna Coppi and Aussi beau Axel, Justin Bond, Kenny Mellman, Nao Bustamante, Ela Troyano, Carmelita Tropicana, Dr. Jose Munoz, Zanzibar legend Jackie Reynal,with Berenice Reynaud the film curator for LA's RedCat Disney Hall, Ina Meibach Patti Smith's mgr from the Horses era, art star Piere Huyge, Laurie Anderson & Lou Reed, Klaus Biesenbach senior curator at Moma PS1 plus Bibbe Hansen in black fag Cleofus drag and her hubby Sean Carrillo, Uli Lange of Anvers who do experimental fragrances and made the Tony Clifton perfume and the members of the House of Drom, the number one perfumery in the tri-state area, Scott Ewalt, Doug McClemont who use to be the mortician to the stars but now works for the Saatchi Gallery in the UK, Mila Geisler and pals,artist Inka Essenheissen, 7 foot tall artist Adam Putnam, Uzi Parnes and his hot lover, Penny Arcade, Marc Arthur, Bearded Lady Jennifer Miller who will co-star with me in Orifice Descending at PS122 in the spring, rock n roll designer Michael Schmidt, actor Jason Schwartzman who complemented me on my Rick Owens gown and matching gloves. I complemented the young star, and added that i adore his mother actress Talia Shire. Of course looking radiant was Participant's lovesexy gallerist Ms. Lia Gangitano. I know i am forgetting some people, but i will have to add their names later when i get the full list.
I also promised to give more of a rundown on Live Film!Jack Smith, as i didn't get to finish writing about that event. Fortunately I am being hosted here at the NYU visiting artist commpound which is a lovely spacious apartment with glorious views of the Greenwich Village. Thank god i have cable TV and a flat screen computer terminal at my disposal, and a giant bed to bring tricks home to fornicate with. Wish me luck on that department. I have to get ready to go to a series of artist lectures, now i will close by re-printing a wonderful email sent to me by the brilliant Berlin art photographer Annette Frick with her comments on Live Film!Jack Smith! which is still being talked about by people all over the world.

Dear Vaginal
I am looking forward to your remarks on Penny Arcade. How I enjoy you
seem to be near a flatrated laptop at the moment. Isn’t there anybody in
your big audience who can replace your broken Computer and give you a
new or even second hand new Laptop and pay you a flatrate. This is just
peanuts for the informationtechnologues, as I know you would always
prefer eyelashes and Make up when you have a bit of money in your pocket
then computerstuff. But would you really refuse a laptop as a gift?
There must be lots of abandoned laptops in these offices and someone
must know about.
PLEASE don’t forget to mention the Performance of Madame 100 000 Volt
and how she managed to play one stage for two audiences at the same
time. Even this unexpected decision could not kill her show as did not
the really bad programming during the same time with Toni Conrad and
star DJ Erics performance. It did not prevent the crowd from storming
into her show.And except 3 or 5 people they stayed the whole 2
hours,listening to her fulminant performance, even though it was in
english. So this programming strategy was a big fault but not for her.
Why I really ask you to mention her fabulous, hot show is because you
may be one of the rare personalties which is able to respect her effort
without jealousy .Quality speaks for his own one might think, but there
are many possibilities to prevent it from ever been remarked,
ecspecially when you are a no-where-fitting-in woman artist, which does
not shut the mouth when normal people do it, but prefers the truth,as
Penny does and I know about as I did experience the same and I am sure
you too. It is harming to see how Penny was treated since she arrived.
Not as a powerful outragious artist but as a störenfried. What a crazy
misunderstanding:there is this person who has really to tell something
about Jack Smith, the art world, and social reality and they think she
is playing a role, though she was on stage just for 2 hours as Marc did
on the Skype with Ken Jakobs. Which was really very intense and
informative and changed my opinion on Ken Jakobs work. Thanks to Marc
for realising this but without Pennys comment it would have missed a
lot .
SAVE THE STUFF OF JACK SMITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It seemed that she is infected by him, the only legal child of his
spirit and that’s a lot.As you must know from your own experience,
outragious efforts were taken for normal and mainstream bullshit is
handeld as sensation in our postmodern culturel society look into the
newspapers.And it becomes worse,when reality enters the theater.They
think they are playin as if and when they realize it is about truth,
everyone becomes mad, especially the organisers. Even though they call
their projects life film or life performance or life whatever……………..And
now lets talk about the little difference. The difference of showing
breasts and showing breasts. When I entered the Tony Conrad room after
having left the Hau1, after Penny got thundering applaus, after her
show, after showing her naked breasts, (which she decided to do
spontaniously in an act of liberty) and after showing her 2 dog films
which was about academic customs and scolas. I thought I entered a
kindergarten. The whole thing a Jack Smith fake playing chilling out,
but there was just place for a dozen of people to play beeing in an Jack
Smith environment There where coloured lights imitating arabic
candleholder,(what happened when Bruce la Bruce lit a cigarette the day
befor, in the wonderful Tavel homage inscenating the Juanita Castro play
we remember.The reality entered the play in form of a real firemen who
stopped him smoking) there was a fogmachine imitating real smoke and
there was even a topeless kind of bellie dancing women with real naked
breasts.(The blow job scene I missed) But this faked liberty was without
any energy or power. Saft und kraftlos in german, though Toni Conrad is
a great musican and I ador his musik and films but in this room, there
was nothing but the boredom of a bad fake. Even too bad for a tourist
animation at ballerman island. That is strange because Tonis
minimalistic performances I saw before were the contrary and build up
energy on a high level, which for me was an interesting discovery.
I just realize the organisers get just bad critic, which is dooing no
right to them and the work they did put into the whole project.Give a
big Applaus for Stefanie,Marc and Susanne which I liked a lot in Juanita
Castro,even without acting much,and complete clothed she was a real
attraction even beside the devine and great actor Mario Montez and the
vulcano Bibbe Hansen They made the whole event possible as Anna and
Nadja did,and I am really gratiful for that.
In any case the whole event can be seen as a big success. It opend up
the vakuum which rules the theater and art scene. I prefer hot
discussions then diskurses where everybody is just showing his knowledge
but no one has the courage to tell the truth.The truth is that I liked
your sweating (schwitzende)hot performance and your film, bringing
together Jack Smith and Murnau in a modern way, with grateful actors and
you performing a grateful bride looking for a husband.I take that for
real and wish you finding this beautiful guy you are looking
for,darling..Memory island I will always remember it was full of the
spirit of your Rote Insel but this most of the audience cannot know.
Much Love Annette
:PS: when do you leave for New York????
:PS:PS yesterday you missed the unbelievable filminstallation of Wieland
Speck at Exile.I cannot believe that this film was never shown bevor,it
is uncredible.It’s a rare juwel, you would have liked it .Just a short
description.: 1978 at the Berlinwall ,Wollinerstr/Corner Bernaustr.: a
beautiful jung boy climbing up the wall from the westside with his
harp.sitting there on the top of the wall may be half an hour, playing
this harp until the police (western)stopps it.To the police he said :I
cannot see it anymore nobody is dooing something against this wall,if
you are not able, I must do something (in my words,not exact) It was not
theater or film but for real. Even though the video is of bad quality
this film is so great that you forget it,this beautiful image of this
jung boy, playing this harp and the people gathering in east and in west
,following this unexpected concert, succedded in remembering the whole
situation .My feelings were so intense that I nearly smelled the bad air
of the autobuses and feeled the trevira 2000 clothes. And it becomes
complete crazy when you read the notes the stasi did on this event
observing Wieland for a long time then,which were also exhibited at the
galerie . I don’t know if for others it is as intense as for me. But it
brought me back to this time where stereotype Spießers ruled and had
more power in everydaylife as you can imagine. It brouht me back to the
time when it was a big effort just visiting my grandparents,aunts and
cousins ,and the feeling I had having the privilidge to pass the wall
which they did not have. I loved visiting them and became complete aware
about the big lies which were produced about the East as the West, just
for political reasons. But this film is a great piece of art, you will
not be able to find such at „20 Jahre Mauerfall“ bullshit as on most
PS:PS:PS: we do not want just 5 flaming days we want 365 each year and
for real.