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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Our second annual Django Reinhardt celebratata came together quite nicely. The parisian musical duo, Cabinet of Curiosities put on a splendid and sophisticated show. Early in the evening there was this big event at the bar with all these unattractive westsiders. You know the Venice/S' Aunt Monica contingentcy. Luckily the 20s music scared most of them away. Someone did request hip-hop, but seemed satisfied when i put on a Joplin rag. It was hard to completely catagorize that early event crowd,so i shouldn't be so mean. So many people who work on the periphery of the entertainment industry complex are so bland and featureless. I certainly don't mind some cute straight boys hanging around for my party,as an all gay audience isn't very interesting or cutting edge anymore.

Being that i am an unrepentant snob, my only requirement is that people be visually stunning----extra gorgeous or extra ugly, doesn't matter just don't be common. And it helps to have an opinion about something . . . ANYTHING.

Photographer Dino Dinco and a cute French pal of his came by to visit. Abby Travis also brought one of her rock star lady friends whose name escapes me at the moment. Regulars Jean Spinosa, Shirtless John Quayle, designer Shauna Leone, Melissa Sexchester, and Don & Augusta were their usual vivacious selves. Mr. Uncertain even stopped by. He's back from his Camel Cigerette tour. I guess he got laid off early.

Later in the evening after 1am Alexis Arquette of the famous Arquette movie star dynasty, and Jackie Beat popped in.

O and Taxi Dancer Summer Peaches brought along a special visiting burlesque queen from Japan named Erotika Bamboo who enchanted everyone with her scintilating personality, and Realm of Senses moves.

Bricktops continues to be the place where love connections are made on a regular basis. Of course everyone has been finding bunkmates but the hostessa, though i have had some sweet little flirtations, including fellatio performed in the DJ booth, so i can't say i've been completely left high and dry.


My little Papa Frank Rodriguez took me to dinner at the Thai eatery on Hollywood Blvd called "Hi" that is right next to The Stone(formerly Mugi's) the only 24/17 rice bar in town, where elderly white gentlemen can go and find young Asian boys who are willing to become their subserviant broken blossom concubine.

Frank's hot and sexy boyfriend "P" was of course turning all heads on the street before we entered the restaurant. It felt good being with Frank and "P" as they represent such unabashed and sizzling masculinity. Frank gets more handsome as he ages, and "P" is one of those Irish gingers with perfect porceline skin and a rugged vulnerability that makes you want to get down on your knees and service his every whim. Hanging with them was a blast!!!