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Monday, October 15, 2007

Invited to Travis and Mario`s for din din where sweet 14 year old Mario cooked a delicious feast of the ages. The boy is beautiful and is a gourmand. Wowza!!!!
I showed them some footage of Cheap projects and other Vaginalic ephemera.
Went on a super promotional day all over Berlina leaving fliers for my big program at the Arsenal. Met two very sweet ladies who own gorgeous vintage clothing stores. One around the corner from me and the other in Prenzlauber, and the lovely lady proprietess of that boutique is a 1920s fanatic, and is good friends with Ibadette and Mickey One of the Super 700. How`s that for surendipity? Her Shoanhauser Allee boutique is bright, airy and downright beautiful, this is a woman with great taste, and i had a delightful time hanging with her and plan on coming back soon. Also spent some time with Baby Diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras and his cute lesbianic friend from Canuck.
Spent what seemed like a million hours promoting on the Art School and Technical University campus. So many hot young boys, made my tongue wag to the ground. I think i discovered a new hangout. Yummy.
Met Koen Claerhoot at Rosa`s for drinks. Koen was the production assistant for Cheap`s It Happened To Me, in 2005, and is now working back in his native Brussels putting together their first art Biennale. Koen is a talented lad, and is going to go places. Far pavillion places, if you know what i mean.