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Thursday, May 08, 2014


The wonderfully talented Canadian born artist Ms. Karen Lofgren aka: Kara Hunger who has been living in Los Angeles for many years and was once part of the CLevel art collective has a new book out which I advice you all to check out.Trajectory Object c. 2000-2050 Artist: Karen Lofgren, Designer: Willem Henri Lucas, Writer: Ben Ehrenreich. Printing by Typecraft, Wood, & Jones, Los Angeles.Trajectory Object c. 2000-2050 was printed in conjunction with a solo project of the same title organized and presented by High Desert Test Sites. Installation shown in detail at: and of 500 hand signed and numbered copies, self-published with support from The Ranch Projects; West of Rome Public Art; Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts; and Royale Projects Contemporary Art.

For those of you living in Berlin and want to be involved in some very interesting independent coursework please check out the happenings surrounding one of my former Weissensee students Annette Knol and her Kotti-Shop in Kreuzberg.

C o p y r o b o t e r Z i n e W o r k s h o p
Dieser Workshop ist eine Einführung in Zine Produktion und Risografie Druck mit Annette Knol im Kotti-Shop. In dieser 1-Tägige Analoge Druck-Workshop macht jede Teilnehmer_in ihre eigene Auflage von ein Zine/Heft/Büchlein (z. B. 16 Seiten/ A5 Format)
Kosten: 40,- (inkl. Alle Materialien)
Max. Teilnehmer_innen pro Tag: 5
Sprache: Deutsch & English
Nur mit Anmeldung auf: copyroboter(at)
Samstag 7. Juni - 12-18:00
& Sonntag 8. Juni - 12-18:00
C o p y r o b o t e r Z i n e W o r k s h o p
This workshop is an introduction to zine production and Risograph print with Annette Knol.
In this 1-day workshop (pick your day) each partcipant will make their own edition of a zine/book/booklet (for example 16 pages in A5 format)
Cots: 40,- (incl. all materials)
Max. participants per day: 5
Language: German & English
Only with registration at: copyroboter(at)
Saturday 7th of June - 12-18:00
& Sunday 8th of June - 12-18:00
Neues Kreuzberger Zentrum
Adalbertstr. 4
10999 Berlin
W e i t e r e s im K o t t i - S h o p
°Samstag 24. Mai - Neues Kreuzberger Zentrums 40. Geburtstag ! mit Ausstellung & Workshop.
°Writing Workshop mit Amelia Bande (im Juni & Juli, wochentliche Workshops am Dienstag & Mitwoch)
°Neue Publishing Puppies Veröffentlichungen.
°Samstag 28. - Sonntag 29. Juni ---> Die 1. Publishing Puppies Workshop M U S T E R I N G .
Wir schicken die weitere Infos bald rum!

Monday, May 05, 2014


One of my very beautifull young students Nick Pittadides who collaborated with me on the performance piece DEJECTA at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles (MoCa) back in 2011 came through Berlin on a short visit from his homebase in London. After graduating from USC Nick worked as an assistant with the art kollective My Barbarian and lived in New York City for six months assisting another one of my high art children Marc Arthur of Performa. Was so glad I was able to hang out with Nick for a bit and catch up on every little thing. He is absolutely adoreable and I love him.

After my time with Little Nicky I was invited to a spargle dinner at the compound of Piero Bellomo at LutzoPlatz. I love Asparagus season and the food of course was divine(fertility salad, rosoto) along with hallowed company in the form of Scandinavian Muzlim Daniel Hendrickson who makes killer homemade date muffins and helped Piero with the cooking. Visiting dance world dignitary Tom Fletcher who now lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida after years in Berlin and Paris as a world renown choreographer and dance teacher extroidinaire regaled everyone at table with stories from his illustrious career in the arts. Tom gave me a belated birthday gift of a huge coffeetable book about the Musical Film which I will of course treasure and can’t seem to put down with giant photos of some of the most beloved Hollywood Musicals from the late 1920s and the advent of sound all the way to the early 1980s.
Carla Bozulich one of my extremely talented gal pals from Los Angeles is coming to Berlin to perform. Carla is known mostly as the lead singer and creative force behind the punk country outfit The Geraldine Fibbers who were one of my all-time favourite bands. She also was in Ethyl Meatplow which was a music group that was pivotal to the burgeoning Modern Prim scene of the early 1990’s that formed around the underground nite spot in Silverlake Club Fuck and the notorious personalities known as The First Family of Fuck.

Bei Ruth in exile and La Moustache present:
Friday May 9 @ West Germany

Skalitzer Straße 133, U Kottbusser Tor, 9pm

Carla Bozulich is an art-punk heroine. Time and again she has headed up bands that sound like nothing else and arguably stake out genres unto themselves: the bent agit-prop of Ethyl Meatplow; the ferocious roots-tinged epic rock of The Geraldine Fibbers; the vocal-driven sound-art of Scarnella and Evangelista, her first album for Constellation in 2006, followed by three more albums between 2008-2011. She has set aside Evangelista for now, to focus on the songs that form Boy, her third record under her own name.

Boy is a refreshing and much-needed reminder of what pop – as an oblique angle, influence, and intent – can do in the hands of a ferociously commanding singer/lyricist who has cut her teeth on genre-bending, genre–blending, and DIY aesthetics. Here is a batch of ten songs that clock in at 3-5 minutes each, mostly hewing to recognizable structures of verse, chorus and bridge, but full of destabilizing accents and strategies, and nothing that could read as winking irony, gloss or mere effect/affect. (...) Boy sharpens and focuses each song's intent and structure.

While Bozulich wrote most of it, played the majority of the instruments and made the album artwork, the album’s creation was aided, abetted and sometimes rescued by the input of John Eichenseer (aka JHNO). The Italian drummer Andrea Belfi joined with his impeccable rhythmic support.
I just watched a great little video film by art photographer Annette Frick that i Just love called Lenin or Lennon. Annette and her partner in art and life the legendary underground film maestro Wilhelm Hein have a wonderful little independent performance space and salon called Casabaubou which will be presenting a marvelous event for Mothers Day, so if you are visiting Berlin and want something unique to attend this is a MUST SEE:
Betreff: 11.5.2014 ab 17 Uhr im CASABAUBOU -zwei Sensationen
Liebe Freundinnen und Freunde

V E R G E S S T D I E K U R A T O R E N !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in Kürze zwei Sensationen

zurück in die Zukunft die neuen Künstler lassen sich nicht bevormunden

11.5.2014 ab 17 Uhr im CASABAUBOU



zum Muttertag

Malaktion von Andreea Oana Limban und Sogar Plum

außerdem : N E U E R S C H E I N U N G !!!!!!!!! conversations with bice - a cartography of desire

by bear boy 48 Seiten mit DVD nur am Muttertag im CasaBaubou 7,-Euro




JENSEITS DER TRAMPELPFADE HEFT 13,14, 15 z.T. mit DVD außerdem ein Film im Netz Lenin or Lennon©AnnetteFrick

Dein Video wurde unter veröffentlicht.
Now that its spring time i find myself in a very meloncholic mood. Its always sad when a relationship ends especially when its with someone that you consider a great love, but I find that its always best to be able to let people go as a way of really showing your love for them and help them find themselves in the process. If you were meant to be with this person somehow the two of you will find your way back to each other. Time heals all wounds as the saying goes so most likely after a well proportioned amount of time the forces of the cosmos will bring you back together. In 2005 I broke off a friendship with someone very dear to me, and it took six years for us to get back together again but we did and now the relationship is stronger because of the big break and time apart healing.