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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Had a delightful midnight supper with the great Josephine Baker as channeled through Reny Monk. Madame Jo has a cute apartment in the east egg of Weho that is furnished with lots of old timey black memorabilia and deco furniture. A scrumpteous feast was set before me, and I devoured it. Madame Josephine is getting close to presenting a big spectacular at the Alex Theatre in Glendale. If it all comes together it will premiere on New Year’s Eve.
Ran into Kim Jones earlier at the Farmer Market. I hadn’t been at the market in ages, but I started to crave my pupusas. Lots of hunky eye candied specimens were abounding and bursting out of tight shirts and pant. It was nice having a sweet old girlfriend from back in the day to oogle and aagle over the luxury of young men. Both Kim and I agreed that the new fashion accessory du jour at the Hollywood Farmers Market is a baby. Lots of hot men with a child strapped to them or pushing them in a souped up stroller. This is certainly one trend i can live without.
Did I forget to mention that author Judith Rossner of Looking For Mr. Goodbar fame died and also actress Barbara Bel Geddes who was so perfectly lesbiana in Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo and later on TV in Dallas as a butch granny bopper.
Monday night met with Eli, the incredible, young Brazilian artist who goes by the name Vivid Astro Focus and his pal Christophe at the world famous Spotlight Pub. Eli is doing a big show at MOCA, and wants me to perform as part of the opening night rituals along with My Barbarian. We had a fun time drinking, stinking and living it up. I turned the boys on to whiskey sours and they eat it up. Then I pointed them in the direction of The Study for their Blatino night. I wanted to join them, but I have so much to do before going back to Berlin.
Looking forward to my spa treatment gift courtesy of the divine Mary, Mary Pagone. Mary and I will be joined by the lovely and talented Cory Marie Saturday, for a nice post Bricktops girly, girly day of pampering.
On the ick front: Noticed an email sent to me in my spam folder from that pathetic little infidel Lenny Young, late of the Funeral Parlour. For once the spam filters did their job, so all I had to do was hit delete. The nerve of that dimunitive pariah, like I would be interested in anything he’d have to say.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Went with Daddy Athey to LA Weekly literary event at El Cid for John Albert's new book. Hot hunky big peniled John is married to the lovely Miss Ronna. All of the Hollywood punk rock olde guard was in attendance. Had a nice time chatting with legendary punk beauty Kim Jones, whose adorable son Max was floating about. I love it when my friends have nice children. There is nothing worse then a sullen brat. Kim and I go way back to the 80s. She and Donita Sparks of L7 use to be at every Afro Sisters show, and they were always the lifeblood of every hot party i use to attend. Kim is married to another great beauty, Monty Messex who at one time was the most desired boy of Melrose Avenue, when he worked at Flip. His Charles Dickens street urchin waif boy look was way ahead of the curve, mixed with porceline skin and doe eyes, he was something to behold. His girlfriend at the time was Valerie Vaughn who was also at this Weekly party. Valerie use to work some hot looks like Kim Novak lavender blonde hairdos and wearing beige ensembles. Can you imagine beige during the punk heydey. Only Valerie could get away with that. Also beautiful buxom Swee'P was also at the soiree. I don't go out very often, so i never see this many old pals from my youthful days of glory. Oh and i have to mention Hal Negro. He looks amazingly youthful, fit and trim. I love him. Mr. Uncertain was providing the musical entertainment. Word up to the Weekly on how to have a better party: Provide free drinks with the free food. We arrived so late, all the food was gone, so it would have been nice to have had a nice cocktail on a humid summer eve.
Got together for lunch with gorgeous Kimberly Kim of North Korea at the Soup Plantation. So nice being able to spend quality time with her outside of the Funeral Parlour. She is so wonderful, and we had a nice girlish time together.

Handsome and studly Brian Grillo invited me over for a country double dick fried chicken, and collards din din. Brian isn't just a talented singer/songwriter he's a forocious cook. Wow! i stuffed myself silly and later we watched Joan Crawford in Straightjacket and some other nuttyfilm from the early 60s that featured the Long Beach Pike and Angels Flight. I love Brian's apartment, its minimalist but very warm and giving. The building is from 1910 and his view cannot be beat. Brian is one of LA's treasures.