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Saturday, January 18, 2014


Post birthday breakfast for Muslim Daniel Hendrickson Sunday at Peri the piss eleganzaTurkish boite on Potsdamer Strasse with Daniela Haji’s handsome husband the Italio/German fashion designer and love god Piero Bellomo. We had the place mainly to ourselves since it was a Sunday morn 10am and no one is up that early except our little gaggle.

I believe in supporting local businesses so ever so often I catch a flicker at the corner kino Xenon that usually screens gay oriented fare. Went to see a little movie called The Happy Sad because I liked the male couple on the poster two pretty blatino looking boys. Too bad the movie wasn’t as charming as the two young actors who star in it. The film is set among the non problems of Brooklyn’s Milleniums a black on black pair of lovers and a caucasion seemingly hetero couple whose psycho sexual delimnas are pretty predictable. Yawnza! For those of you visiting Berlin below are two things happening that maybe of interest to you so check it out. Wish i could write more but I am in Frankfurt doing my performance art workshop Framing the Freakazoid at the Goethe Universitaet and i only have a few minutes before i have to prep the room for class.


Liebe, liebe Freundnnn,

Wir laden euch herzlich ein zu MANY LIVES ein Party im Kotti-Shop.
Diesem Samstag 18. Januar 2014 ab 20:00

MANY LIVES feiert Nai's Geburtstag, Kotti-Shop's 5 Jahren & das Tomi der Kater seinem Sturz vom 4. Stock ├╝berlebt hat!
Und das neue Jahr und das neue Leben und ...


Dear, dear friends,

You are cordially invited to MANY LIVES a party at Kotti-Shop.
This Saturday January 18th 2014 from 20:00 onwards

MANY LIVES celebrates Nai's Birthday, Kotti-Shop's 5 years & of course Tomichi Balaton the lil red cat's survival!
And the new years and the new life and ....

Come Let's Dance the old year away, it's the day for a new shiny collective skin!

An Action of Missing by Tim Greaves.
A song that screams a cat has fallen by Boris Azemar and Anne Kohl.
This Will Also Pass by Amelia Bande.

We will have amazing 5 euro feline products at the SupermerCAT!

2014 is starting off with a bang! I'm so excited that Politaoke will finally have its Berlin premiere. I hope that you can make it! This show will focus specifically on internet and privacy politics (Deutsch and English) and also include a selection of greatest hits from both the North American and Israel shows.

Politaoke will be at the Netzkultur Konferenz

taking place at the
Haus der Berliner Festspiele, January 18th at 9 PM

Tickets are available here. Bloggers/Twitters can email for a Blogger Ticket.

Politaoke is non-partisan political karaoke project in which participants can respeak real contemporary political speeches from local, national and international politicians. Founded in 2007, Politaoke is a project by Diana Arce.

Please feel free to forward, tweet, follow and all the things the kids are doing these days!

#MeineRede | #SeiKandidat | #YouForOffice

Diana Arce

Founder and Chairwoman

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