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Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was SRO and jam packed with so many celebutants anxious to get swept up in the beauty of Chantal Akerman’s musical Golden Eighties starring the luminous Delphine Seyrig and pop star Lio. Golden Eighties or Window Shopping which was its title in The States is beyond brilliantine and uses language in such an innovative manner. Heading the Belgium contingent at our screening the lovely Anne Quirynen the video artist and Professor at the University in Potsdam with her girlfriend Bettina Knaup the performance gender curator of React: Feminism, Koen Claerhout of Haus de Kulturen die Welt, the vivacious DJane Manuela Schinina aka: Bianka Kruk, Michaela Wünsch, film scholar and bbooks kollektiv diva extroidinaire, Nanna Heidenreich, Uli Ziemons and Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus all overworked and exhausted from their tireless efforts with the Berlinales Forum Expanded Section, Trixie Schoenherr, Yusuf Etiman the creative director of Berghain Niteclub with humpy SouthAfrican artist Adrian who is Rosemary’s Baby all grown up, Marcuse Siegelstein the Goethe Universitaet film historian, visiting NYU student Marina C. Roselli who is the intern of the fab Art Forum writer Alex Jovanovich, Rami Malek the super handsome Egyptian/American male ingénue and star of the Twilight films, The Master and Night at the Museum franchise with supermodel Yasmine LeBon daughter of Simon LeBon of Duran Duran, Stephen Ira the 21 year old trans son of Warren Beatty and Annette Benning with Salome Gersch and film editor Ruth Schoeneger, choreographer Assaf Hochman, USC music fagademic Sean Nye, film scholar Christian F. Weber and his super lovesexy intellectual posse of queer activist Rufus Sona, Karsten Schubert and her handsome pal Rasmus,wealthy art patron Harry dÁvigdor-Goldsmid,Stanford University visting scholars Sianne Ngai and her life partner Mark McGurl who are fellows at the Wissenschaftskolleg for the next school year with a Romanian film critic and his artist wife Eike Wittrock. All the bottoms in the audience were going stir crazy over my partner in grime the power top Daniel Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muzlim Mulatto who was so superlative on klavier and who curates the musical portion of my film event every month. There were so many famous people at RSFS that if I forgot to mention you please send my young student assistant Gleeson Brevard at a note and I will rectify the situation ASAP. I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off because I leave for the town of Oldenburg for the Perverse Gefuege Art Congress. Thank you for being patient with the Vagimule doll.