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Friday, August 01, 2008

Marc Arthur and i finally started editing the series of movies we shot featuring the new hot art sensation DeRohan Chabot. Marc put a teaser for the project on You Tube, so please check it out and tell me what you think. I will be showing a few of the work-in-progress rough cuts to an audience in London at Bistrotheque Tuesday night as part of my new piece "Vaginal Davis is Looking For the Perfect Ginger Concubine". My residency at Bistrotheque begins Saturday night at 9pm with the "Pink Mass" in conjunction with Stuart Comer of the Tate Modern, and then Sunday i host, DJ and perform at the Butt Magazine Salty Dog Party. Looking forward to being in Ms. Merry ole Englandy, as i do need a bit of a break from Berlin. I love Berlin, but no matter what city you live in its a must to get a new perspective on things.
Loved working with Marc Arthur on the DeRohan project. Marc is so smart, funny and talented. And he has a large penis---- hurray for him!
Danny Hendrickson, the Scandinavian Muslim invited me over for a delicious Mexicale feast with him and his super sizzling Italo/German boyfriend Piero Bellehomme. The two of them were making me laugh out loud as they filled me in on the latest Berlin gossip that is too scandalous to report in this here blogina. You know the gossip must be something else if i am refraining to report on it. Well, i can´t tell you everything.
Got a nice letter from the sexy brilliantly provacative art photog Mattias Herrmann, who is a fan of my blog, and sent me some lovely encouraging words. I am always surprised that anyone would want to read my insane ramblings on a regular basis. Most popular blogs have dozens of pics and are part of high tech websites. My presence in cyber land is purposely kept simple, and i guess thats why it stands out, it doesn´t look like anything else that is out there. I´m so granny auntiela old school, i´m new school in a way. Special thanks to Larry Bob and Marc Arthur who maintain the web page, i don´t know what i would do without their love and faithful support.
Threw an impromptu party at the Cheese Endique Trifecta to welcome Ms. Kim "Joyride"Jones and her husband Monty Messex to Berlin. They brought their gorgeous boys Bela, age 19 and Max age 15 with them. What a joyous hoot we all had, I´m sure my neighbors are cursing me because of all the screaming that went on past midnight. I got up at 6am yesterday to prepare for my London trip so that i could devote the evening to the Messex clan. Also on hand was delightful Marc Arthur and his hungthrob French lover Nicolai, and pretty Joana, one of my Weissensee students and her rock star boyfriend Axel, who is from Australia and had everyone rolling on the floor with his adorable Aussie gallows humour.
So great seeing Kim Jones, who i go way back with. Back before the floods. She and i use to write gossip for the old LA Weekly column LA Dee Da. She was Joyride, and i was Denning Taylor, which is actually my nephews name. His full name is Mark Denning Taylor. He was named after the actor Richard Denning who starred in "The Incredible Shrinking Man". Kim use to hang back then with Donita Sparks of L7 fame, and was in the pre-L7 band The Shrews. Kim and Donita wore some of the cutest outfits that were very late 60s/early 70s inspired with a whimsical punk twist. Those girls had the best fashion sense, and were always the pure life of any party or event. Especially the big Slash Records Christmas parties in the 80s. Kim & Donita were very pranksterish, and Kim could especially get away with murder because she was so darn cute and had southern charm. I believe she is from Tennessee originally. She also use to be the girlfriend of Anthony "The Swan" Kieidis of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. One of these days Kim and i should collaborate on a book about life in LA in the 1980s post punk scene. It would be a best seller to say the least. Kim´s husband Monty use to be the hottest punk boy on Melrose Avenue when he worked at Flip of Hollywood. Everyone wanted him, he was just perfection, and the nicest kid originally from the working class suburb of El Monte or West Covina, one of those bedroom communities south east of downtown LA. Back in the day his girlfriend was Valerie Vaughn who was the most stylish punkette. She and Ron Athey ruled the punk boutique Poseur, and Valerie was like a sex kittenish Jubileepunque Lana Turner in deconstructed sweatersets, all her outfits were far superior to anything worn by punk rocker girls at the time. Madonna even stole a few fashion ideas from Valeri, but of course Madge never had the wicked sense of humour and style sense that placed Ms. Vaughn way ahead of the bell hook curve, let me tell you.
Kim and Monty looked really good, and it was lovely to have a little inter-generational soiree. Everyone was gettting along like they had known each other for years, which is the proper way to mix it up at a houseparty. I hardly ever go to houseparties in Berlin as people tend to stay in cliques, and few German hosts ever provide formal social introductions. Its not part of the culture. I like to plan parties in the manner of the great continental hostess Elsa Maxwell, and she has never failed me.
Correction. Correction. Yes Vaginal Davis actually makes mistakes in this hear blog, and when i do they are always stupid. In a report on my Rising Stars event and Tangram Aktuel party is said that Angelika Ramlov is the gal pal of Nanna Heidenreich of Arsenal Experimental. In fact its Angie Baby who is Nanna´s significant other. Somehow i thought that Angelika Ramlov and Angie Baby were the same person, you know Angie short for Angelika. I am such a dunce! Sorry to all parties affected. Kissy

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Dora Lee Klaminsky aka: Peter Wheel is the richest white lady of Ventura County Line. Dora is from the infamous Homo House/Nardcore Kollective and for over 20 years she has also owned and operated the Wilde Planet punque rock gift boutique. I´ve known this sizzling temptress for over 25 years, since she was an innocent co-ed at Loyola Marymount College. Its been a pleasure hosting her at my humble Cheese Endique Trifecta here in Berlin. Dora is a true gentlewoman of California. We´ve been having a hoot of a girlish time, gossiping and catching up on the deaths and anal re-births of a multitude of people that we know worldwide.
While Dora was indulging in private time sightseeing, i met up with the beautiful Empress of the Kino Arsenal and Deutsch Cinematheque, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus. Miss Stefanie is the hardest working woman in Germany, and had been on a North American experimental film junkett, that included a workshop stint collaborating with a host of notable filmmakers including John Greyson. She also had an opportunity to scout the Pacific Northwest with Cheap´s Tim Blue who is on sabbatical back in his hometown of Portland Oregon for the summer. Don´t be surprised if you learn that a new Berlin/Gus Van Sant Land film emporia will be hatched within the coming year, its all part of the Ms. Schulte master plan for creative international endeavors.
Laughing and feasting at the Iskele Fish Restaurant Boat on the Canal was Oliver Husein, the cute and cuddly Jack Smith enfluenced video and performance artist, visiting from Ontario, lovesexyline Bubble Butt-girl Nanna Heidenreich(Arsenal Experimental) with gal pal Angie Baby aka: Olga Anderson. We were all having too good of a time, and were told to keep it down to a whisper. This is fast becoming the trend in Berlin. All these new people who haved moved here are so noise sensitive. If you live in an urban area, you have to expect urban actitivies and their accompanying sounds.
Saw Kaiser Karl Lagerfeld casually sitting outside of a Kreuzberg cafe one afternoon while on my bike coming from Deutsch Schule class. He looked good for him, and was with some young prissy queens eating al fresco.
Rising Stars, Falling Stars on Saturday was a super hit. A fast paced Hans Richter shorts program dazzled the crowd, and Kjohnny Blue´s musical accompaniment was all out sublime. I even participated in the music via singing a mini aria about smegma live. The stellar crowd included Astin Brooks, the great grandniece of silent film great Louise Brooks. Astin is following in the footsteps of her famous aunt and has been living in Berlin for 2 years after a stint in London. Also seen schmoozing at the after screening reception in the Rote Foyer: star opera tenor Rolando Villazon, 27 year old Ged√§chtnismeister Johannes Mallow, Larry Gottheim, one of the most important avant garde filmmakers of the 1970s, with juicy artist Maggie Schneider, downtown New York legend John Heys with polish filmmaker Marcin, vivacious British video artist Daria Neis who got a Germaine Duluc tattoo after one of our screenings a few months back, Hebbel Theatre´s "It Girl" Anna Muelter, The poet Ines, Daniel Hendrickson , the Scandanavian Muslim with the vision that is always Susanne Sachsse of Cheap, and Susanne´s gorgeous 15 year old daughter and Arsenal intern Salome Gershe, Uli of Forum Expanded with sweet girlfriend Magda, pretty New York artist Marc Arthur, art photog Christian Siekmieir, Brian Burton aka Danger Mouse from Gnarls Barkley fame, Piero Bellehomme of the Piero Collezione and handsome Turkish stud Senol Senturk. Assisting KJohnny Blue for the evening and breaking hearts in the process was young Greek Aktive cineste Nicolai who came with his own posse of striking Greek Goddesses.
My first party at the Cheese Endique Trifecta was called Tangram Aktuell in salute to finally taking German language classes, but it was really just an excuse for a housewarming, and also to introduce Dora to my German comrades. The weather wasnt cooperating with a heatwave, but luckily my old 18th Century flat stays very cool in the summer. I live in the famous leftest quarter of Berlin called Rote Insel, one of the few areas of the city not bombed out during WWII. Daniel Hendrickson provided the delicious menu, and thank god for him, as i don´t know how to cook for more then 5 people. The Sunday soiree was from 6-10pm, and i kicked everyone out promptly when it hit that magic marker as i am old and need to get lots of sleep. The guest list included Wolfgang Tilmans, in Berlin for seven weeks or so, Lydia Hamann with her ginger architect pal, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Nanna Heidenreich, Angie Baby, Academia Nicole, in Berlina for the summer from London, hunky Turkish delight Senol Senturk, Anna Muelter, Piero Bellehomme, Travis Jeppeson with boyfriend Mario and his big footed Slovakian pal Peter, Marc Arthur, Astin Brooks, Nicolai and his Greek goddess back-up singers, a sunkissed Kjohnny Blue with Nadine of Neu K√∂ln, Michel Pee Pee with his beautiful sister and her perky Indonesian actress friend, stunning Susanne Sachsse, Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras, Wilhelm Hein and art photog gal pal Annette Fricke.