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Thursday, October 17, 2013


Went to Theater An Der Parkaue with Skandinavian Muzlim warrior Daniel Hendrickson to see the great Susanne Sachsse´s fractured fairy tale of Hans Christian Andersen´s Die Schneekönigin. The children in the audience turned things into an interactive hootenanny as they shouted out loud to the antics of the characters on stage and were swept away by the resplendid visuals including a most beautiful vision of a green eyed wonder boy portraying the Snow Queen. The Sachsse elite power team of geniuses in the form of Nebojsa Tabacki´s brilliant stage design, the Leigh Boweryesque costumes of Angelika Wedde,Dragan Asler´s choreography and enchanting musical score of kJohnny Blue make this stage production a must see for the upcoming winter holiday season. The celebutants in the audience: Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of Arsenal Inst für film und videokunst just back from Egypt and the Middle East, Nanna Heidenreich with her fabulous sister Dodo and lovesexy mom, Hanna Hurtzig of Mobile Academy, Berlin casting agent suprema Constantine Akmed Berger, Elisabeth Heckel one of the M&M´s from Max n Moritz production from the 2007-8 season and the wonderous Theodora of bbooks kollective who contributed to the Snow Queen production with her lovely video projections.

Here is the CHEAP mailing list note about the Snow Queen from Marcu Siegel:
Liebe CHEAP Freunde,

CHEAPs eigene Susanne Sachsse ist eine multitalentierte Frau, die die meisten von Euch als Schauspielerin kennen. Allerdings agiert Sachsse seit einer Weile auch als Regisseurin, am Anfang im Kontext von CHEAP und danach alleine, und zwar im Theater und Film. Diese Woche gibt es die Möglichkeit Sachsses Regiearbeiten im Theater und Film zu sehen:

1. Heute, Mittwoch, 17. Okt, feiert ihre Inszenierung von der SCHNEEKÖNIGIN ihre Premiere am Theater an der Parkaue. Das Stück läuft im Repertoire im Theater, so es gibt viele Gelgenheiten die perverse neue Interpretation Sachsses anzuschauen. Sachsse arbeitete mit langjährigen Regie Partner Dragan Asler (original CHEAP member) sowohl an die neue homoerotisch-epische Fassung, als auch an die stylistische Inszenierung; mit Nebosja Tabacki (COMMUNIST BIGAMIST, STOFFEL FLIEGT ÜBERS MEER) an dem psychedelischen Bühnenbild; und mit John Blue (COMMUNIST BIGAMIST, CHEAP BLACKY) an die wechselhaft-innovative Musik. Neu zum Regieteam diesmal dazugekommen ist Angelika Wedde (Kostüm Assistant zu Mario Montez bei LIVE FILM), die für die brilliant-MacQueen/Boweryesque Kostüme verantwortlich ist. Theater an der Parkaue ist Deutschlands wichtigste Kindertheater und SCHNEEKÖNIGIN ist in diesen Kontext konzipiert; ein weiterer Beitrag–nach Sachsses STOFFEL, CHEAPs MAX UND MORITZ und CHEAPs DR. SEUSS'S ABC und Tim Blue/Stefan Faupels IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE?–zum von CHEAP inspirierten queeren Theater für Kinder und Jugendlichen, was natürlich bedeutet, spannendes Theater auch für Erwachsene, die sich an die gender-queeren Umwertung aller Werte interessiert sind. Mehr noch: die beeindruckende aussergewöhnliche Bilder, die der Regieteam von SCHNEEKÖNIGIN auf der Bühne bringen, sind schwer in jeglicher Art Theater heutezutage zu finden. 
Theater an der Parkaue
10367 BERLIN
Telefon (030) 55 77 52 -0
S-BAHN S41, S42, S8, S85 Frankfurter Allee
U-BAHN  U5 Frankfurter Allee
TRAM M13, M16 bis Haltestelle Rathaus Lichtenberg

2. Sonntag, 20 Oktober, in Halle als Teil der Werkleitz Biennale läuft Sachsses erste Videoarbeit als Regisseurin SERIOUS LADIES (2013) in einem spannenden Filmprogram, was Stefanie Schulte Strathaus kuratiert hat.

Be a SERIOUS LADY and stop by one of these two events!


Received a bunch of emugs from several people from around the globe concerning my text about Parker Tyler. I sometimes forget that I have millions of readers worldwide, until a particular post sparks a bunch of feedback. Got a nice emug from the legendary underground filmmaker and avant garde godhead Wilhelm Hein. Wilhelm Hein and his art photographer girlfriend Annette Frick have been traveling around Europa with the SRO magnum opus final event You Killed the Underground-the three screen version, which has been attracting hordes of young people who want to feast upon this legends incredible work. Here is what Wilhelm sent me:

I just read your diarie,speaking,and i have to give you a small history lesson: sorry you cant compare:parker tyler,whose work i know very well and also his value in the history of the avantgardefilm u.a.but vito russo was a person from a total different planet,he know definitively the books by parker tyler,but what he did was far ahead of his time.when i was living in new york from 81 to 82,i went to a lot of his monday late night screenings,which were always packed with great people(not like these little borgouis audience in the arsenal for example)he just started to write his famous book,which was a result of these screenings,in one night,i always will remember the silence in the packed room with glamourous peole: BE CAREFUL.A VIRUS IS GOING AROUND,PLEASE USE CONDOMS he was very serious and was talking about the new virus, AIDS was not a topic -nobody knew anything about it.people had to go into the hospital and were seperated like wild animals,who kille people than he becomes more and more involved in the political movement,he came to berlin,a very good friend of my friend manfred salzgeber,who invited him, and spread the information.
also in europe,wher nearly no information was avaluable both activists died very early,but their work is not only a footnote in the history of the art and filmworld or material for small talks


Thank you so much Wilhelm and thankx also to everyone else who sent me emugs directly or to my webmaster Larry Bob Roberts or assistants Glee Brevard and Andrea Novarin.

Monday, October 14, 2013


When I was at dinner at the Korean restaurant with film historian Marcu Siegel and Skandinavian Muslim Daniel Hendrickson besides some fervent gossiping the name of Parker Tyler came up.  Mr. Tyler  was an American surrealist, poet and film critic.  He was also a writer for the journal Film Culture and was film commentator for Amos Vogel´s historic film society Cinema 16.  I adore the titles of Parker Tyler´s tomes: The Young and Evil,  The Hollywood Hallucination, Magic and Myth of the Movies,  Dragtime and Drugtime, Sex Psyche Etc., and Screening the Sexes: Homosexuality in the Movies, 1972 which came out a decade before Vito Russo´s The Celluloid Closet. 
Those of you visiting Berlin in the Fall and looking for something to do that looks fun and oh so queer modaliteed:

Fame Over! and La Moustache present :

GRRRLPUNXBASH #5 - The Late Matinee!
++++VEGAN SOUP'N'CAKE Happening++++

Sunday October 20, 6pm
at Bei Ruth, Ziegrastraße 11-13, S Sonnenallee

with music by


mio is dead, but long (still) live sleazy inc.!



accoustic anarcha punk with some folky bits thrown in. With a steel string guitar and a painted ukulele, sings full power from the heart like a personal zine in the 4th dimension