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Friday, April 24, 2015

Vergessliches Ließchen


Went to a new bookstore called Topics at Weser Strasse 166 to see Travis Jeppesen read from All Fall which contains two novellas by the lovehexy power top suprema Mr. Jeppesen and is the sixth book in Publication Studio's Fellow Travelers Series.  Travis read from "Written in the Sky" a harrowing  plane crashing in slow motion tale. It was written on a red-eye flight from Beijing to Vienna in the fall of 2012.  I loved how young Travis created extra tension during his reading by expertly removing himself from the room to a far off secret garden of his own creation.  The boy has mad max alchemic writing skills but few knew of his teleportation abilities. Of course I was at the venue early forgetting that anything involving young people these days never starts on time.  The Topics bookstore has an odd vibe to it but that is probably more to my being a woman of a certain age and not usually in the company of this new Berlin ilk of men with unbecoming facial hair.  Adore Travis but next time I have to hear him read someplace with more comfortable seating.  
Earlier when I was riding around on by bicycleta looking for the bookstore I stopped at a tiny park to see a boy who looked no older then 12 macking with a girl who looked like she was ten.  The boy was being very aggressive with the girl who I was glad slapped him and retreated in a huff.  An elderly couple came by and also witnessed the scene and the older gentleman took the boy aside and gave him a highfive and told him to run after the girl sort of saying, “Squirrel climb up that tree and get your gnut!” Repugnant. 
Spring Aquakening is definitely in the air as I rode by the Skate Anlage Im Parkham Gleisdrieick to joyously oogle a quintet of immaculate shirtless skater rats and under the Ubahn bridge a gaggle of tight bodied male gymnasts attracting a lot of attention with the spectacle that comes with young muscular bodies.  Could barely tear myself away but remembered I was luncheoning with her royal highness Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of  Arsenal Institute fur filmundvideo Kunst at Osteria No. 1 on the Mehringdamn corridor.  Their backyard patio was under construction but its so huge there was still room to sit alfresco and enjoy the warm golden rays and delicious food in the form of lasagne, tortellini, funicello salad, tomata soup all washed down with the most perfect carafe of Rose’ vino.  Was wonderful hearing about La Schulte Strathaus’ travels throughout India with Marcuse Siegelstein and Susanne Sachsse presenting a fab experimental film program.  The other evening I was at the Tiergarten compound of Piero Bellomo the Italio/German husband of Scandinavian Muslim Daniel Hendrickson for an Enchilada Party.  Piero brought back some freshly made corn tortillas from South Florida so when life gives you corn tortillas you have to make enchiladas.  A few nights before the Mexican feast Fearless Leader of kollektiv CHEAP Susanne Sachsse hosted a Spargel Fruhlings dinner for the great scholar  and genius writer Douglas Crimp who is the most serene man on the planet also the best dressed.
Read in a local German newspaper that Frank Castorf the veteran Intendant(artistic director) at the Volksbuehne is getting the boot to be replaced by Belgian curator Chris Dercon from the Tate Modern.  This move seems to be orchestrated by the music laden culture politician Tim Renner, of course I could be mistaken as my reading skills in German are limited, but having an art curator head a theatre doesn’t seem like a particularly good idea to me and not for conservative reasons that I am sure the usual suspects are rattling on about as they tend to do in Berlin.