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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Art Historian Robert Summers came and picked up the Doll to continue our Los Ang Memory Lane tour. I showed him my old Finley Arms Flat in Los Feliz Village where I use to be neighbors with a teenage Leo DiCaprio before he was a shtar, and we also glanced at the apartment of writer Dennis Cooper which sits across the street from a Catholic school which was one of the locations where G.B.Jones’ The Lollipop Generation was filmed in the early 1990s. Now Dennis Cooper lives in Paris.
It was great going by La Mirada Avenue in Hollywood proper to take pics of my old Karnak Apartment Building. This is where I lived in the mid 1980s during the heydey of The Afro Sisters. The buildings façade is an Egyptian pylon. My Afro Sister “Pop That Cherry” Jefferson lived on the third floor of this building and I lived on the second floor. The bands The Nymphs, The Fiends, Lions & Ghosts and The Lazy Cowgirls were just a few of the many musicians that inhabited this fun party pad. We also went driving down Selma Avenue, the infamous ave of male prostitution before things moved further south to Santa Monica Blvd. We took pics of the famous First Baptist Church on Selma & Las Palmas where John Rechy use to hustle in front of back in the day, and also the hustler bar the Spotlight Pub.
On the far west section of Sunset we took a peek at the La Villa Rosa Apt where my Hag Gallery was situated. Drew Barrymore’s father John Drew Barrymore was my next door neighbor and he died at that apartment in a drug and alcohol deluze adaise. We had luncheon at In&Out Burger, which was divine. We got our meal to go and ate at this cute little park off of Fountain and Highland that use to be a big drug market and now is gentrified with a giant metal fence surrounding it.
Tuesday night Jeffreyland Hilbert of Kustom Creative Ad Agency made me a fab dinner at his new house in Echo Park on LeMoyne Avenue near the famed family residence of the Carbajals of Echo Park. Lonny Carbajal use to be one of Diana Ross’ best back-up dancers in the late 1970s.
I really love Jeffrey Hilberts new home. The house was built in 1908 and is utterly adorable. He has furnished it very simply and in great taste which is typical of Jeffrey in that he is incredibly brilliant, and is one of the most generous loving people I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with for years. In the early 1990s when I would perform at his club Trade I made some of the best money ever from working in the club scene. Most club promoters are stingy as hell, but not Jeffreyland. When he did clubs like Hai Karate, Hard and Sit & Spin he always paid me top dollar$ and kept me well fed by treating me to daily meals.
Monday I spent the day with Jan Klesse of the Glen Meadmore Kuntry Band. Jan is in Los Angeles for one month living with Glen Meadmore at his compound on Olive Street in Downtown LA. Jan is also in my new music/art project Tenderloin with Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras, Felix Knoke of Der Spiegel Online and this cute German kid that is in the indie band Ja Panik. Jan & I had breakfast at my old haunt The Pantry on Figueroa at 9th Street, we also did tea at The Biltmore Hotel and got a snack at the Grand Central Market. Then we met up with Hector Martinez and hung out with him at his Afleck Insurance office at the Library Tower the tallest building in the city, that has excellent views. Later Hector treated us to beers and snacks at Dublin’s Sports Bar at the 7th Street Metro Station Building.
One of my talented NYU students Jo-ey Tang is involved in a group exhibition at UCLA see info below:

The UCLA school of Arts and Architecture presents
Another Romance,
the 2010 New Wight Biennial Exhibition.
Opening Reception
September 23, 2010
5:00-8:00 pm
UCLA New Wight Gallery
1100 Broad Art Center
240 Charles E. Young Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90095
Including work by:
Giorgio Andreotta Calò
Jamie Chan
Tyler Coburn
Fiona Connor
Stephen Decker
Rebecca Digne
Lena Henke
Caitlin Keogh
Caitlin Keogh & Graham Anderson
Axel Linderholm
Alisa Margolis
Melodie Mousset
John Seal
Julia Tcharfas & Tim Ivison
Jo-ey Tang
Siobhan Tattan

Organized by Laeh Glenn, Rebecca Kolsrud and Sanya Kantarovsky
Without opposing any rational methodologies, our intention was to bring together a group of artists who produce work with a Romantic raison d’être: to suspend temporality, to transcend language, and to embrace the possibility for the sublime in a contemporary territory often marked by looping self-reflexivity and irony.

The work in this exhibition, which encompasses a wide range of approaches and media, is unified by a desire to translate authentic experience through affect and artistry. Rather than focusing on discrete gestures that rely on immediate art-historical or cultural context, the artists in “Another Romance” uncover a renewed interest in the universal.

Another Romance brings together the work of seventeen artists from Belgium, France, Ireland, Britain, Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands and the US, many of whom have never previously exhibited in Los Angeles. In effect, the gallery space comes to serve as a site for a trans-national convergence of ambitious works, ideas and conversations, offering new potential for the authentic, the affective, the beautiful and, for lack of a better word, the Romantic.
Gallery Hours:

Monday, September 20, 2010

Spent a wonderous afternoon with lovesexy Jeffrey Hilbert and Frank Rodriguez my former Club Sucker partner at their hot advertising agency Kustom Creative on Santa Monica Blvd at the Junction in Silverlake. Jeffrey& Frank use to work in marketing at Sony/Columbia Pictures, but started their own firm which has taken off in an explosive way creating a new, younger industry standard in creative, edgy marketing and promotions. These hot boys head a really exciting and invigorating office environment, with a host of juicy employees in a very stimulating work environment that brims with whimsy and talent. I got the chance to preview a trailor they designed for this documentary on the fashion world called Picture Me, directed by the model Sarah Ziff, who started her career when she was a teenager. The film opened in New York at the end of fashion week and is getting quite a buzz because of the Kustom Creative trailor. Kustom Creative has also designed the marketing for a new film called the Virgin Hit, which they describe as the Blair Witch Project of teen sex comedies. I’ve fallen in love with the humpy dork star of the movie who reminds me of a combination Steve Guttenberg when he was a male ingénue in the film The Chicken Chronicles and Jason Biggs in the first American Pie film.The movie is produced by actor/comedian Will Farrell, but the Kustom Creative advertising campaign consists of a new mode of viral marketing that is just pure genius. Kustom Creative has also designed the bottle and label for a new Napa Valley Winery called Thea’, so they don’t just work in the bubble of the entertainment industry.
Frank & Jeffrey are super attractive and hunky. Frank has a dark and swarthy Spanish background, and Jeffrey who is originally from Idaho is the ginger beauty of all ginger beauties. Jeffrey just turned 30, so send him lots of presents.
The other day the artist Douglas Gordon who is an old friend of mine, who many years ago showed his work at my Hag Gallery-small, contemporary, haggard on Sunset Blvd. Doug treated me to a wonderful luncheon at this great Cuban restaurant in Silverlake. We had a lovely time catching up on things with gossip, gossip and more gossip about the tired art world. Doug made me swear to not repeat in this blog the gossip he told me, so I will respect that and not tell you, but believe me I wish I hadn’t made that promise.
Saturday morn young scholar Robert Summers took me to breakfast at my favorite greasy spoon Astro Family Restaurant in the Edendale section of Silverlake. All the staff members remembered me, and showered the Doll with love and affection. Robert Summers teaches at Otis School of Design, but has written his Phd dissertation on old Vagimule Davis Jr. I adore Robert he is extremely bright. Robert gave a couple of performative lecturinas at Bricktops that have become legendary. After breakfast I had Robert drive me to my old neighborhood and showed him my elementary, middle and high school, so he could get a flavour of where I came from and what it was like growing up as a poor ghetto kid and not a product of white middleclassism. It really opened his eyes. We will get together again and go down Vaginal Davis’s Los Ang memory lane.
I love Feb/December relationships so I am thrilled that designer Calvin Klein at 67 years of age has found true love and romance with a sultry blondine spokesmodel named Nick Gruber, who hails from somewhere in Florida the male concubine capital of the US of A. I don’t know Mr. Gruber personally but my sources tell me he is an enchanting lad of 20 years in age. Before courting Mr. Klein he was involved in a longterm relationship with an even older, stately gentleman in his early 80s who owns a gay bathhouse chain that includes LA’s infamous Flex Compound. Isn’t it great that there are still young muscular boys out there who aren’t ageist or sexist, and see a person for their inner beauty and strength of conviction.
In photos I have seen of the happy couple, Mr Klein has never looked better or more content. A far cry from when he caused a minor scandal during a basketball game where in a dazed and confused state he ambeled onto the court grabbing at the mighty genitalia of some black jubas jubilee players.
I support granny bopping in all its many facets.
Sunday morning Michele “Meesh” Mills took me to breakfast at Cha Cha Cha’s on Melrose and Virgil. We had the place all to ourselves for hours. I remember when Cha Cha Cha use to be one of LA’s most trendiest eateries. I am sick of trendy places, so was happy that it was quiet and not filled with icky industry types. The food is still great with excellent service. The late Mario Tamayo would be proud!
Michele has become one of the top producers in the reality TV genre getting her start with Tyra Banks’ America’s Top Model. She has also worked on the Rupaul Drag University show for World of Wonder productions and is now shaping a series about a tough love matchmaker for millionaires. Meesh and I go way back to the days when we use to see each other at the old dive bar My House on the Cahuenga Corridor. My House had a postage stamp size disco dance floor that lit up just like the movie Saturday Night Fever with DJ Kenny Rox. Meesh has styled my wigs, and done make-up and costuming for my performances for many years and also helped edit and star in films that I directed. She is one multi-talented diva who I love and adore.
Later in the evening I was taken to dinner to Café Stella by one of my oldest friends from elementary school Marlou De Luna. I have known her since she came fresh off the boat from the Phillipines in 1971. We also went to Junior High School and UCLA together where she was a sorority girl. At UCLA she met her handsome Jewish husband Hal Moranis. They both are lawyers with Mar Lou working for the State Department of Corporations. They live in an exclusive area of the Montrose Hills.
MarLou and I didnt go to the same high school but always kept in touch. She went to Fairfax High School with Fertile La Toyah Jackson and was in the same graduating class as Flea and Anthony of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Tim Hutton, Michele Green from the old TV series LA Law and comedian, TV presenter Byron Allen who went by the name of Byron Foulkes back then. Café Stella is one of my favorite Sunset Junction boites. While dining I ran into some old pals including Sarah Dale who owns the boutique Pull My Daisy and who use to perform at Club Sucker and also Bricktops with Phranc, the Jewish Lesbian Folksinger and her Gertrude Stein project called Phranc n Stein. Ms. Dale is preggers and is about to pop that baby out any minute. She looked so cute and adorable. She also happens to be a neighborhood representative at large for the City of Los Angeles. Very official. Also approaching me at Stella’s was David Gardner a scholar who lives in France who is a good friend of David Pendleton of Harvard Film Archive and Daniel Hendrickson & Marc Siegel of CHEAP kollective. The last person to approach me was Mickey Petralia with a group of friends from the old LA club scene of the mid to late 1980s. Mickey was this cute charmer with a large penis who I had a major crush on. He was part of the group that did clubs like Impala, Power Tools and Enter the Dragon. So great seeing him after so many years. He still has a lean tight body and now works in some capacity with the music industry. I guess I have had an affect on people over the years. Well I am insane, and either people have appreciated that quality or they haven’t.
I couldn’t share with you some art world gossip I learned from Douglas Gordon, but I can give you this little tidbit from the political arena. It seems like our dinge President Barach Obama has been bitten by the President Bill Clinton Big Hands bug and has been a bit indiscreet with a Whitehouse extern, the Washington term for intern. I don’t know just how much of a Lewinsky its become, but the yellow press is scrambling to turn it into a major houpla. Oh give the man a break. There hasn’t been a president who didn’t try to get some knookie on the side. It’s a tough job, and so they need the extra release from a groupie or two. So what I say. Michele Obama is a foxy lady so I suggest she find herself a Nick Gruber---Yowza!