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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Swiss artist extroidinaire Rosina Kuhn took me to dinner at the Hillmont steak joint on Hollywood Blvd at Vermont. I've only been to the place once, but they have some seriously delicious meat. We both had steaks and Shrimp with garlic mash potats and asparagus and we shared a valicious bottle of French Champagne. Rosina is a delight. She came to LA to film a documentary with her experimental filmmaker son Cyril about Sunset Blvd. She has done a painting book that will be released soon and even won a prestigious award for the project back in Lusuane. One of the judges who awarded her was none other then Paloma Picasso. Rosina is very much like a young girl, very effervescent and personable who approaches life with a childlike wonder and awe. Too bad everyone can't be as whimsical as she is.
Hillmont wasn't very crowed---thank god. Some of the people there are just horrid. I'm becoming such the recluse in my old adage. Some of the restaurant staff sure was hunky. Yummy.
Met Rosina for cappacino and dainties at the Casbah Cafe in Silverlakey this morn. there wasn't the usual irregulars at the place. I love the food but the cafe society that hangs out at Casb are so icky that i don't like to go there on a regular basis. I really have to be in the mood for it, but fortunately the new ilk that has possessed the nbor wasn't around.
I showed Rosina my new flat and my studio and i also got to tour her a bit of old Hollywood. She loved seeing Paramount studios close up and at my studio she took lots of pictures from the roof. Even on an ugly smoggy day there was still beauty to be found.

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Went to see the Weather Underground Film and ran into little Julian Nitzberg at the flick. Haven't hung out with him in ages. He is girlfriendless again. His last one was a stunner. Funny how he is never in want of female companionship. Well he does have a cute, tight little jewish bubble butt on him. He gave me a lift to the Trader Joe's and i picked up a few foodstocks. I'm housesitting for Dr. Doyle at her Edgecliff Junction compound. I like her apt, its a cute San Berdoo style court, straight out of Nathaniel West. She has a bunch of new noisy yuppy nieghbors though, which is somewhat irritating. It seems like some of her N-bors have loud yappity doggy doodles, which isn't my favorite thing.
As i was preparing a little meal her closest n-bor dropped by. He's a well scrubbed blondine name Jason with the loveliest and fullest lips. A very dear young boy. I wound up feeding him, and we drank several bottles of wine. He didn't leave until almost 2 in the morning. Jason is starting graduate school at Cal Arts. If i get that Alpert Award he just may wind up in my class. Ha-har.
The weather is heating up again. Just dreadful. Penny Dreadful. I am not a fan of warm clime or humidity. Perfect weather for me is 72 degrees all year round. I am a little green flower.
My last day of working at the LA Weekly on a regular basis came to an end on Friday. It was very anti-climactic. I'll still be contributing as a freelancer, i just won't be in the office as part of the day-to-day editorial staff. I'm surprised i lasted as long as i did. What has it been? 6 years? I was just supposed to watch over the office for a month when Ron went on tour and how it turned into a steady gig, i'll never know. Of course i've been attached to the Weekly as a writer since i was a teenager. Michael Lassell first brought me aboard. He was an early Features editor, and a rolly polly gay man. At that time i also wrote for the LA Reader using the name Kayle Hilliard and Denning Taylor. My editor was Richard Gehr who is now living in New York and is one of the founding editors with Spin and several other mags. Isn't strange how the years just roll by, just like ole Man River.
Now that i'm not at the Weekly all the time, i'll be able to poor more energies into Bricktops which is very exciting. Our Josephine Baker nite was quite a success. Reny Monk was sensational and looks so much like the great La Baker. Its as if she came back from the dead. I think she dead.
The only damper was tired Brad Kay. What a hambone he is. How does Janet Klein manage to put up with him?
The throngs paying homage included Bibbe and Sean with cutie pie gay actor Jason London or was it his brother Jeremy. I can't tell them apart. One is gay and the other is straight. If you know the difference send me an emug. Also that hot Heath Ledger was oogling Madame Josephine. I wish he was desireous of my racehorse arse. Was also introduced tothis cute young boy named Anson Mount. With a name like that he has to be some kind of actor or rock star. One thing is for sure-----he is mighty pretty. I'd love to sniff out his hole. Yeah, his pie hole. Director Kevin Smith even came, he has the fattest leggs i've ever seen. The man should not be wearing shorts with legs like that. Also word to Kevin: Stop eating french fries in my club. He actually brought a bag of french fries to munch on---tres tacky.
Saturday i went with Daddy Athey to pick out a plant for Kateri Butler, Style Editor of the LA Weekly. It was her birthday, and the party would be later in the evening. I didn't think i was going to be in town, as i had a date with my Scandanavian to go up to Santa Barbara for the weekend, but he flaked out on me.
Wound up spending most of the day at Maxmillians condo enjoying airconditioned splendour. Got to see all these episodes of the HBO gay soap opera OZ. Wow. All the gangbangs and even one inmate defecating in another's mouth. How now brown cow!
We didn't get to Kateri's birthday party till late. All the old gang was there. I drank royally. Nice seeing Tra La La's son all grown up. He's 21 and goes to UC Santa Cruz. He's very conservative, which is typical of any child with a wild parent. He's turned into quite a handsome young man. The last time i saw him he was 5 years old and blond and was in a fashion show at Club Vertigo with me. My how these children grow. Now i'm really feeling like a maiden aunt.