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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Had a lovely visit at the Cheese EndiqueTrifecta with actress/photographer Margarita Broich the sweet and pretty companion of superstar German actor Martin Wuttke. We first met in 1999 at UCLA when she was part of the Berliner Ensemble with Martin, Susanne Sachsse, Constantine Berger and the great Volker Spengler. Margarita is getting lots of attention with her delicious photographic portraits of stage and screen personalities and wants to include “The Doll” in her portfolio which will be part of an upcoming exhibit. She showed me her latest book and the photos are quite expressive, and she certainly has a polished eye. We had a grand girlish time. Back in Los Angeles in 1999 I threw a party at The Monty Carlo 2 for the premiere of Judy LaBruce’s Skin Flick and my short The White To Be Angry. The Monty Carlo is a dive bar in Koreatown and the friendly Frau Broich made friends with a black lady in the bar who was sharing her pipe with her.Margarita thought she was smoking hashish, but it turned out to be crack cocaine and the poor thing had to be rushed to the hospital emergency room.
Two of my very talented NYU students Jo-ey Tang and Carlos Reyes are coming to Berlin.Joey had a fantastic show in Los Angeles recently. Here are a few links to check out some of Joey’s projects in New York:

Here's a 34-sec video loop I've made for my recent exhibition at NYU "Anti Horror Vacui"

Some documentation, which I consider part of the exhibition as well:



From NPR/Berlin I heard that Dino De Laurantiis died at the age of 91. He produced one of my favorite sexploitation films Mandingo plus Serpico,King Kong,BlueVelvet, Dune, Ragtime, Serpent’s Egg, Three Days of the Condor,Romeo&Juliet, War&Peace, La Strada & Nights of Cabiria directed by Fellini and Bitter Rice that starred his late wife the gorgeous Silvana Mangano
My interview with sweet radio presenter Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Multicult FM is up and running.Heres the direkt-link to the interview:
and below if it copies correctly is the interview embedded, but since I am not very technically proficient it may not work properly. We shall see

Rising Stars, Falling Stars - November 2010 - Vaginal Davis by filmanzeiger

Here is Manuels blog:

Manuel Schubert • filmanzeiger • filmhighlights • Schwule Filmnacht • Celluloid Against Aids
» "filmhighlights" auf multicultFM -
This just in from one of my LA pals who does a very special brand of charity work.

Dear Ms. Davis:

I thought I'd share with you an e-mail from one of my potential investors. I explained the color wheel to this prospective patron - if he wants the color brown then I need some green if my establishment is going to be serving a Pu Pu platter and a tossed salad with croutons for supper. My trip to San Francisco, the other city of Brotherly Love, has been the most fruitful, with the occasional gnut, but sans the flakes! My coffers floweths from my pledge drive for my own private charity, The Make a Fish Wish Foundation!

Shrugs and Pisses.

From his perspective patron:

- Peel Slowly and See!------- Dear Master, Thank you for speaking with me today during my lunch hour when i called you. i am going to try to arrange to get a morning free as it would be so degrading and humiliating for me to sniff, kiss, and lick your unshowered shithole right after your morning shit; the dirtier you farthole is, the better. maybe, if i'm real lucky, you'll fart in my face, laugh at me, and call me a fag. i am a weak worthless piece of shit but you are GOD and i thank you for the privilege and the honor to be your slave, your asswipe, and your footstool. please remember, when we are together, it's all about you; i'm just a warm wet mouth for you to use and abuse as you see fit. respectfully, your weak worthless piece of shit slave (i hope!)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Baby Diaper, Joel Gibb visited me at the Cheese Endique Trifecta in Rote Insel to tell me all about the behind the scene scandals of working on Peaches Does Herself at the HAU.Very amusing stufff that I am not at liberty to share with you my doting public.Sorry!
We were joined by sweet Manuel Schubert of the famous German musical family and also a radio presenter with the FM internet multicult radio program FilmHighlights.Mr. Schubert interviewed me about my Rising Stars Falling Stars tribute to the great lesbian auteur Dorothy Arzner.Later in the evening I went with Joel to Little India a cute little boite on the Haupstrasse with the most delicious food and adorable giggly waitress. We were later joined by Michael Stipe of REM and his hot French art photog lover Thomas Duzol, who are kind of making Berlin their home away from home. The boys were going out clubbing but the Vagimule doll just went home for much needed beauty sleep.
The next day I met with Christophe DeRohan Chabot my talented French art student from when I taught at Weissensee Art Academy.He was showing me some of the latest collages he has been working on which are quite intriguing and his little experimental film which I also loved.Christophe is one gifted, beautiful youthquaker.I then met Marcin Malaszczak one of my other genius students for luncheon at Barcomi in the Mehringdamn Corridor.Marcin just finished his first feature film which is under the working title of Sieniawka that is part fiction part documentary set at a famous Mental Institution on the Polish/German border. Marcin is a young filmmaker with something to say, and not someone who exists in a bubble. Last week I went to Marcin’s lovely mother for a dental check-up, as she is an award winning dentist who makes her patients very comfortable & relaxing and never inflicts any pain. It was one of my most pleasant experiences in the dental chair.
After luncheon had to rush back to the Trifecta to meet with Daniel Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim who is helping me with my special presentation at Kino Arsenal for our Dorothy Arzner Tribute which should be spectacular.
For those of you in town looking for someplace to go after Rising Stars, Falling Stars the vivacious Aussie spoken word star Lady Gaby is premiering a new performance venue in an old public toilet. Here is what she has to say:

Dear Friends,
would like to invite you to a very special party, FLUSH EVENT performance and live music inside an old German public toilet at Hallesches TOR.(noise complaints Free zone) Saturday, November 13 at 12:00pm - November 14 at 5:00am
in the Haus 1 Hallesches Tor (ex Klohaus)the only Haus on Waterloo Ufer. on the canal at U-bahn Hallesches Tor Berlin, Germany
free entry for anyone who IS a work of art
Lady Gaby presents a night of music, performance art and exhibitionism:
-the singsong acrobatics of MOSH MOSH (Wired Records)
-the gender assignment of MR AND MRS BROOKS (soon to be married)
-the bumping grinds of DJ BORUSIADE (Bucharest-Berlin)
-the scifi beats of DIN SYNC (London-Berlin)
plus plenty of Funts
and a host of exhibitionists performing themselves
the first in a series of events put on by USH:
and if it gets snowy, SLUSH
visit me at:
Just got an emug from Annie Oakley of Sex Workers Art Show and the manager of the hot band Gossip that they will be in town for the Bambi Awards. What the hell are the Bambi Awards? Are they given to the best looking deer in the forest? Wonders never cease---only in Berlin kids, only in Berlin.
Received another email from Heather Cassils the brilliant young artist who got to kiss LadyGaGa in the famous video featuring the pop star and Beyonce. Heather is planning a new piece and needs contributions from supporters so read below and do the right thing, it will make you feel a whole lot better.

Dear Ones: (Some of you are in the US- to the others this is just to let you know what I've been up to),As some of you might know that I am getting ready for a really crazy performance resulting in 2 new works: CUTS: A TRADITIONAL SCULPTURE and INSERTION/EXERTION. I am hoping you can help support the development and exhibition of these projects in which I continue my exploration of the body as social sculpture, and the conditions for the formation of the body as image and spectacle.
Using Antin’s “Carving a Traditional Sculpture” and Benglis’s “Advertisement” as a jumping off points, I plan to pack on pounds of muscle (rather than crash diet like Antin). Using nutrition, supplements and an insane training regime (mentored by a former Mr. America) I will GROW my body into its most confounding and abject incarnation possible. The piece will take place over three months and the transition will be documented with digital photos, which will then be turned into a downloadable artist application for the iPad/iPhone.
Once made, I will exhibit these new works at Los Angels Contemporary Exhibitions as part of LACE’s upcoming exhibition Los Angeles Goes Live: Exploring a Social History of Performance Art in Southern California (LAGA). I know, you might be thinking, “Bitch PLEASE, you have a show at LACE, you must have funding.” Glamorous as it sounds, this is not the case. LACE is a non-profit and although they have offered me a small artist fee, which will not begin to cover the costs.

I cannot possibly make this ambitious project without lining up the support. I am launching a KICKSTARTER campaign to try and raise the necessary funds so that I can bust into January 2011 in full effect, by starting this new project!
Choosing to help me out and donate to my KICKSTARTER fund is like saying, "YES I SUPPORT YOUR ART” with your dollar. Think about it: This is your chance to dabble in philanthropy. Donate NOW - kickstarter only works if I reach my goal, so the more people and donations, the better chance I have of succeeding. Even $5 makes a big difference. As well I am offering some very cool incentives.Here's how KICKSTARTER works: you can "pledge" any amount of money - and IF I reach my goal, then your pledge will go through to my fund. If I DON'T reach my goal, then nobody pays anything. So the more the merrier, please circulate widely!I am taking a big BREATH and crossing my fingers and toes. Please don't feel obligated to give a lot, but if you can give a little, it will count al lot!Thank you so much – I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER!If you like my project please forward widely on Face Book and via email!
Yours truly,

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Had my yearly girly day with the fearless leader of kollective CHEAP, the divine Susanne Sachsse at Schoenbrunn restaurant/bar in the Volkspark Friedrichshain. The autumn leaves fell outside as we chatted and giggled endlessly before La Sachsse had to run off to her singing lesson for the big opera production that she is starring in with Judy La Bruce directing that goes into production early next year.
This morning I woke up extra early, and the only other person up at such an ungodly hour in Berlin is Daniel Maria Josephus Duvall Hendrickson, the Scandanavian Muslim translator to the stars. You probably are wondering where Daniel received the name Duvall from. Well back in the mid 80s Daniel was introduced to actress Shelley Duvall of Popeye and The Shining fame by the late director Robert Altman who was directing Daniel and Shelley in a production of the Stravinsky opera The Rakes Progress in Lille France. Daniel started studying Kabuki with Ms. Duvall and in that tradition took on her last name adding it to his. So if you need anyone to teach you Kabuki walk don’t run to Neu Koelln and register with Mr. Hendrickson He took me to his favorite Turkish breakfast nook La Femme on Kot Busser Damn which turns into quite a mob scene if you don’t get there before 10am. So it pays to be an early bird and catch the Turkischer worm.
I love the naughty CHEAP mailing list dispatches that film historian Marc Siegel sends out on a regular basis. Here is his latest one:

Dear CHEAP friends,

(siehe unten für Deutsch)

Miss Vaginal Davis has to leave her apartment at the end of December.
We who love her, and we who despise her but find her amusing,
we all benefit from her presence in our midst, so now we have to give back to the dainty Doll and HELP MISS DAVIS FIND A NEW AFFORDABLE APARTMENT/STOREFRONT/FLAT IN BERLIN! Please join me in seeking out something as close to 250 euro/month warm as possible. Her ideal abode will not only be inexpensive, but also without coal oven, and with a bathroom and bathtub appropriate to the Diva. Location is flexible. If you have an idea, please contact Miss D directly at:

And don't forget to come to an exceptional Rising Stars, Falling Stars, the silent movie chitchat event that has everyone talking on Sunday Nov. 13,9:45pm! it will be a rare chance to see a sound film in the silent film series, but what a sound film it is: DANCE GIRL DANCE (1940) directed by the only woman (along with dear Ida Lupino) to direct films during the Hollywood Golden Age. Yes, I mean lesbian icon, Dorothy Arzner! This entertaining feminist classic features a stellar performance than none other than Lucille Ball (back when she was a glamor girl and before she because the I Love Lucy comedian who our fearless Leader Susanne loves so much).

To summarize:
1. Help us find Vaginal Davis a new apartment so that she doesn't go back
where she came from and have a tea party
2. Come to see Miss D present Dorothy Arzner's sound classic, DANCE GIRL
DANCE on Sunday, Nov. 13. At 9:45 pm

Auf Deutsch:

Miss Vaginal Davis die wir alle entweder lieben oder humorvoll ertragen
braucht unsere Hilfe! Sie braucht eine neue Wohnung bis ende des Jahres.
Bitte hilft uns was günstiges für Miss D zu finden. Ideal wäre es zwischen
250-350 Euro/monat, ohne Kohlenofen und mit einem schönen Diva Badezimmer.
Falls Du was findest, bitte gib Miss D Bescheid unter:

Und komm bitte zum Rising Stars Falling Stars am 13.Nov. Um 21:45 Uhr. Miss
D präsentiert einen super Tonfilm von Dorothy Arzner DANCE GIRL DANCE
(obwohl die Serie eigentlich nur um Stummfilme gehen soll¬aber egal, der
Film ist klasse).


November Temptations!

*HAU goes Vietnam: I put together a small film/video program of experimental
Viet-US works by Trinh T. Minh-ha, Tran T. Kim-Trang, and Nguyen Tan Hoang.
All artists will present their works in person!!! Trinh Minh-ha's first
Berlin appearance in over a decade!!! November 25 & 27, 2010, HAU/ Hebbel am
Ufer Theater