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Monday, January 20, 2014


Had a wonderful time in Frankfurt am Main teaching an intense workshop at the Goethe Universität. I was expecting no more then 15 students to sign up for my course but over 30 did and there was actually quite a heavy retention. Usually after the first day of class I lose quite a bit of students who realize my teaching methods are just too unorthodox for them, but that didn’t happen this time. Of the 35 or so who signed up I only lost two. Marcuse Siegel the Film Historian who teaches at Goethe invited me and we had a lovely time together. Marc took me to eat at some wonderful eateries including a nice quiet Italian boite and a Japanese restaurant called Sushi, Sushi at Grüneburgweg 78 where I stuffed myself silly.  I was put up at the cute and comfy boutique Hotel Bristol. My assistant with the workshop was a handsome strapping young man named Julian Scherer who was just a delight and we immediately fell madly in love with each other. I also had in my class the lovely beauties Miriam and Clare who were part of the tyro curating team working with MMK Museum and Goethe U who brought me to Frankfurt in the Fall for the Helio Oiticica intervention. Also wonderful Louise from VD is SFTD at Mounsouturm also made a guest appearance. I am completely exhausted from the activities so I will end the report here as I have to now start going into hyperdrive for my New York City appearances which will happen in less then a week. I don’t know how I got the energy to attend the special Clemens von Wedemeyer event at Arsenal Inst für Film und Video Kunst on Sunday. I promised Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus that I would be there and caught the end of the screening of Frau Unter Einflus with the brilliant Gena Rowlands and Peter Falk. I hadn´t seen the film since 1979 and had forgotten so much of it. It was nice sitting in the dark with handsome Markus Ruff the expert production coordinator at the Arsenal and also klatching with kasse girls Frieda and Nadja. Before I left Empress Stefanie and I sang a song to the Forum Expanded kids Uli, Nora and Nanna Heidenreich who have been working non stop with Stefanie preparing the catalogue. Stefanie and her crew are the hardest working filmprogrammers in the universe.