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Friday, November 29, 2013


Love getting emugs from my old knitting circle in Los Angeles. Here’s the latest from a hornpig elderly Chicano pal with an active imagination: 
My Sweet Nappy Head Cornelius, I am on Jury duty, it is dreadful. The holding room is like a morgue, we are all freezing. Not a single Hottie to oogle at while cooped up in the room. There is a tired old Queen I recognize from Golds gym, but that bitch is too full of her old self to be bothered. You should see the folks who work here, oh my are they some Fugly lifeless souls. I have been busy with work. Lots going on. We have a few things going on at the house as well. The heating system gets installed tomorrow. The house does not feel like it will be as cold as our old house, so that is a relief, but it also has several windows, so we do need some sort of heating. I saw Andrew and Areiel at my house for our Day of the Dead party. They both look very good and handsome and sexy. We had fun. We had a full house for the party. Nobody got drunk and no fights were started. I ran into Jeffrey and his little Latino cutie pie. I forget where we were, I think it was the Hollywood Forever cemetery Day of the Dead event. The event was HUGE. Negra, I can't keep my eyes open! You said you were coming to NY, what are the dates? You should plan a trip to L.A. next summer. Let me know, I will bring your ass down and you can stay in our studio. I can post on Craigslist, Mayata for White Chorizo Service. I'm sure that all the Hot Big Dick White bro's will reply and want to feed you their big rocket shaped Weenies. It will be fun. I wasn't selected on a panel. So my public duty is over.I'm at Gold's gym Hollywood. U should see the queens. For every One hot masculine sexy man, there are 100 tired former Weho A-list bitches.U r a Cochina for wanting to be a fly on the wall to see ur X husband fuck his new lover. That is disgusting. U r just yellous because Uriel is young and pretty and u r old and crotchety and ugly. But somebody out there I'm sure would just love you up the same way Andrew used to. U just have to kiss more Germans. It's getting cold out here,.with beautiful blue skies.I'm ready for my Mom's stuffing for Thanksgiving. I have been busy but still make time for some nasty sessions. I'm playing with a lean black haired blue eyed white dude. He's 26 with a smooth super hot ass and Hole. He's also packing a big thick dick. I also just recently reconnected with this straight surfer dude who is all crazy about getting fucked. I've played with him for well over a year or so. It had been a few months and he resurfaced last week for a fuck session. I am at Gold's gym, will write in more detail later.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Just found out that the great poet Wanda Coleman died after a long illness. Wanda was one of my mentors and inspirations. She was an all around classy, sassy lady who was a powerhouse in all manner of life and poetry and had dynamic presence on and off of the stage. Ms. Coleman even won an Emmy award for writing on the hit daytime TV show Days of Our Lives which was one of my late mother´s favorite soap operas. I felt like Wanda was a big sister figure dying at age 67 which is close to the age my sister Gloria Jean would be if she was still alive.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Hey my darlings the other day I was invited to a wonderous bruncheon at the compound of Felix Knoke my sweet and sexxxy collaborator with the Tenderloin music project. Felix is not only a well hung, muscular sex stud but is a fab gourmet cook. He whipped a delicious Lake Constance scramble with a Destruction of Atlantis Ambrosia that was out of this cockymania cosmos. Felix is such a prolific talent, besides being a gifted musician he is also a primo journalista writing for Die Stern and Der Spiegel and is also the Editor-In-Chief of the music, art, culture and tech journal DeBug. Enjoying the scrumptious and stylish meal: Italian Mario Bava-ish beauties Sara and Angela, handsome and patrician Landgraf Jan Klesse who when not performing with Tenderloin is part of his husband Glen Meadmore´s European touring band along with moonlighting duties in Joel Gibb´s The Hidden Cameras.

Just saw the new Woody Allen film Blue Jasmine and the performances of Cate Blanchett and Sally Hawkins are phenomenal!!!! I also recognized one of my young actor fans in the fine form of Alden Ehrenreich, who has flirted with me in very embarrassing ways in Europe, but also when I´ve been in New York. I am old enough to be the child´s great grandmother.

I hope Love Camel is reading my blog and he goes out and buys me a copy of Jack & Lem by David Pitts. It’s the untold story of the secret lifetime homosexual love affair between John F. Kennedy and Lem Billings which began when they went to my old prep school Choate. I only went to Choate for a while  on scholarship as I was kicked out. Vaginal Davis getting kicked out of schools is the story of my overly long life.

My west coast art gallery Adams & Ollman will be part of the art fair in Miami in December so those of you who go from art fair to art fair make sure you buy some of my latest paintings.

Adams and Ollman

NADA Art Fair

December 5-8, 2013

Booth 110

Peter Attie Besharo

Emery Blagdon

Felipe Jesus Consalvos

Chris Corales

Vaginal Davis

Sol LeWitt

Justin McCarthy

Philadelphia Wireman

Eugene Von Bruenchenhein

Acharya Vyakul

Bill Walton
The Deauville Beach Resort 
6701 Collins Avenue 
Miami Beach

Adams and Ollman
811 East Burnside #213
Portland, Oregon


Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Just received some very important announcements of upcoming events that I think you should be aware of. One from the master of underground film in Europa Wilhelm Hein and his fantastic art photographer collaborator Annette Frick that takes place at their joyous Wedding salon/studio Casaboubou and another happening in New York city from my dear pals the anarchists anarchist dynamic duo Sherrie & Ernie.


WILHELM HEIN - ANNETTE FRICK - JOHN HEYS - LISA SCHWALBE  CASABAUBOU - SONNTAG 1.12.2013 - 18 UHR SEESTR.107 - BERLIN - WEDDING - (U6 - bis Seestr. fährt wieder durch) PS: HEFT 14 ERSCHEINT AUS TECHNISCHEN GRÜNDEN IM JANUAR herzlichst Wilhelm Hein und Annette Frick

Come to this screening if you are in NYC, Tuesday Nov. 26--and if you're not in town, tell all your friends who are!! Provocative films (including an amazing demonstration by Iranian women in 1979) and discussion (including post-prison participant by John Greyson via Skype). Hope to see you there! Millner & Larsen

Violence of the Image: The Crisis of Representation

Tuesday, November 26, 7pm @ Anthology Film Archives
Filmmaker Jesal Kapadia will be present along with filmmaker John Greyson (via Skype) for a post-screening discussion with moderator, writer/cultural critic Nadja Millner-Larsen. Join us in the lobby after the screening for a wine reception where we invite the conversation to continue in a more relaxed environment. In butting up against the limits of representation these films take on an element of risk, sometimes formally, in refusing the conventional consolations of realism, and sometimes performatively, as the filmmakers expose themselves to direct physical danger.


Vera Cakanyova (Czech Republic, 2006, 18 min) SLA SCREED #16 Sharon Hayes (USA, 2002, 10 min)
IRANIAN WOMEN'S LIBERATION MOVEMENT, YEAR ZERO Iranian Women & Women of the Political & Psychoanalytical Group (Iran/France, 1979, 12:30 min) REQUIEM FOR M Kiri Dalena (Philippines, 2010, 7 min) SATYAGRAHA Jacques Perconte (France, 2009, 5 min) A NON-CAPITALIST CINEMA: SIKKIM Jesal Kapadia (India/USA, 2013, 13-min excerpt) 14.3 SECONDS John Greyson (Canada, 2008, 9 min) PRISON ARABIC IN 50 DAYS John Greyson (Canada, 2013, 4:30 min) For full program descriptions with synopses and bios, please visit: Violence of the Image The series runs every other Tuesday starting, Oct 1 - Dec 10, 7pm, Anthology Film Archives. For full series details: Global Revolt Tickets can be purchased at the box office 30 minutes prior to the show at Anthology Film Archives. (32 Second Avenue at 2nd Street.)
Flaherty NYC Programmers Sherry Millner & Ernie Larsen Sherry Millner and Ernie Larsen are anarchist artists who produce STATE OF EMERGENCY, an interventionist video project, in collaboration with more than 15 artists. They began working together in the mid-seventies with a performance about the Weather Underground and then made the two-screen situationist Super-8 Disaster (1976), recently restored on DVD. They produced two 16 mm anti-documentaries on the politics of crime, and then a series of satiric semi-autobiographical videos focusing
on the authoritarian structures indispensable to capital. Millner's multimedia installations have explored domestic space as a battleground, first with the theory and practice of camouflage as the controlling aesthetic and then re- creating the designs and plans in U.S. army manuals on how to boobytrap the home. Larsen is also a novelist (Not a Through Street) and a media critic. Their conceptual video, 41 Shots, based on the police murder of immigrant street peddler, Amadou Diallo, examines the implicitly racist 'broken windows' theory of criminology. Their new video essay Rock the Cradle explores the fierce challenge posed by the Greek uprising of December '08-January '09 to the rule of global capital and the state, while relocating resonant aspects of the anarchist pasts of Barcelona and the Paris Commune within present-day struggles. Millner is also a professor at College of Staten Island, CUNY. The programmers would like to dedicate this series to Allan Sekula. This program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council.

Monday, November 25, 2013


Rising Stars, Falling Stars-We Must Have Music was sheer delight Sunday evening with a screening of 91 year old director Alain Resnais 1997 film On connait la Chanson (Same Old Song)lots of French tyros to the monthly event with a glorious mix of  international celebutantes like curator Hans Ulrich Obrist, artist Juan Betancurth,artsis wheeler cadealer Daniela Balice who really gets around globally, lady severe Beatrice Ruf of Kunsthalle Zurich, Stephen Ira the 21 year old transgendered son of Hollywood stars Warren Beatty and Annette Benning, Amber LeBon the supermodel daughter of Duran Duran´s Simon LeBon and 80s mannequin Yasmin LeBon, and humpy Olympic gold medalist Louis Smith.  What an athlete was doing at RSFS I don´t know as I didn´t talk to him, but was reported that he was there by my ‘It boy’ spies DeRohan Chabot and Acme Singt who every month  scan the crowd for VIP´s as I never know who anyone is as all I ever do is sit in one spot and hold majestic court.  This month missing-in-action was our beautiful and enchanting Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, film historian Marc Siegel and intermedia actress/director Susanne Sachsse who were all in Bangalore India representing at  Experimenta Film Festival where Susanne Sachsse's SERIOUS LADIES will be shown and she will give an artist talk plus the program and installation of Ludwig Schönherr's work. Experimenta, is India's most important independent festival of experimental image and sound work and takes place from Nov. 27-Dec.1. For more information, see:  The RSFS regulars:  my partner in grime Daniel Hendrickson the Scandanavian Muslim on klavier, Markus Ruff of Living Archive Project who said that Alain Resnais is the French Woody Allen, love sexxxy Byzantine/Ottoman artiste Yorgos Sourmelis, Uli Ziemons of Forum Expanded,interpretive dancer Assaf Hochman, cineaste Tatjana Kononenko and Little Alex Tilamachos of Macedonia who expertly did my hair/make-up and styled me to look like French film star Fanny Ardant.  Next month on Sunday Dec 29th as part of our Global South Post Christmas celebration we present the 1954 Paramount Hollywood musical extravagagadada White Christmas starring Rosemary Clooney the aunt of modern day homosexual matinee idol George Clooney with the engaging dancing talents of Vera-Ellen, alcoholics alcoholic Bing Crosby and hysterical Ganymede Danny Kaye with the music and Yiddish lyrics of Irving Berlin.  Don´t miss it!!!! 
For those of you venturing to Berlin in the coming weeks here are a few things that you may be interested in checking out:
Last show... this year!

Unrecords Night #2
(Queer-feminist one-man electro punk band, Edinburgh)
& MAYR (
Queer-feminist one-mayr electro punk band, Vienna) 

Friday November 29, 7pm, Silver Future, Weserstraße 206, Neukölln
entrance free but please donate for the artists if you can

Ste McCabe is an electro-pop-punk one-man-band from the UK who started performing in 2006, using only a drum machine, electric guitar, synth samples and a very loud voice! Ste sings about serious topics such as homophobia, abuse and classism but always with a lot of fun, energy and humour. In the last year Ste has performed in over 15 countries and has appeared everywhere from punk squats and DIY queer festivals to Glastonbury, where he performed onstage alongside legend Billy Bragg. 

“At heart, McCabe is a brightly coloured pop-punk artist who gets better with each release” - Artrocker Magazine
"Ste McCabe is angry, hilarious and brilliant. Most importantly, he gives a shit. It’s time you started to give a shit about him too." - The Line of Best Fit
"This is that particular brand of electro synth DIY punk, which reminds you that our differences can be celebrated without any sort of conformance whatsoever." - GT Magazine 

MAYR is the solo project of Viennese musician Birgit Michlmayr. MAYR is working with guitar, synthesizer, violin, effect pedals and loops to produce songs which sound like punk rock, chanson or both (and sometimes smell like cat). This 7inch-split is Mayr's first release and comes in anticipation of a full album, which is due in 2014. Birgit Michlmayr also drums and sings for Viennese queer-kitsch-Schweinerockjazzpunk-band FIRST FATAL KISS, plays violin and bass in the noise/impro band Mutt/Mayr/Hackl and participates as a singer and performer in the performance-group NINCOMPOOP. 

Viennese label UNRECORDS was founded in 2012. The aim of the label is to support experimental/noise/punk/rock music in a queer-feminist context.
O and one of my top students in London when i did a block seminar at Kings College is putting on this Happening:

Monday 25th November- Sunday 1st December 2013. 

Vell is the third part of a trilogy of durational performances called Tuul, which means 'duration, or 'length' in Farsi. In Tuul, I expose my experiences as a British-Iranian girl who lost and found herself in dreams of transgression, hospitality and song. 

Having developed Tuul between 2011-2013, I aim to perform the entire trilogy once a year for the rest of my life. 

In this debut of Vell I stitch a tapestry for seven hours every day for seven days. 

You can watch me on this live stream channel

You can pray for me to your own gods. 

Love you and yours
To the limitlessness of time 
Your one and only,

Sara Zaltash