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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Had a lovely moviola dinner evening at Flemish royal Koen Claerhout´s spacious Greifwalder Strasse flat with Koen´s sweet young American roommate Jess Newman, Katrin Dodd the beauty of HAU and the vivacious curator Cordula Daus. I brought the films The Thin Man (1934) starring William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick&Nora Charles. The film also featured a very young Maureen O´Sullivan, the mother of actress Mia Farrow. After dinner we watched Mae West and strapping Cary Grant in She Done Him Wrong (1933)which had everyone commenting that Ms. West´s strut was very hip hop nation. Well the rumour about the late superstar was that she was a light skinned black woman passing as white.
Koen is a magnificent cook and delighted us with Tagliatele with chicken, spinach and Belgian herbs, the starter was a refreshing mozzerella rucula summer salad and desert the most heavenly cappucino creme berry dainty. Koen graciously gave the Vagimule doll her comfortable bed to sleep on and i was soon awash in dreamland.
Koen was living in Egypt for six months studying the Arabic language and culture. He was sharing a flat with Hannah Al Bayati the famous Iraqi political analyst whose father started the Bath Party in Iraq before Sadam Husain got his hands on it. I have met Hannah before and she is a fascinating young woman very much committed to social change in the world.
Yesterday morning my juicy daughter ZacKary Drucker took me and Little Alex of Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective out for breakfast. We were having a quasi business meeting ironing out details for the next film shoot for the project that Lady Z is making while here in Berlina.
Tuesday i was taken to breakfast by Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim. We ate at the cute new Neu Kölln boite Vadi on Karl Marx Strasse and oggled all the humpy Turkish and Arab boys, then i went to luncheon at Baby Diaper Joel Gibb´s compound in RixDorf where he showed the latest video he directed for his band The Hidden Cameras which is pure genius and super sexxxy. Baby Diaper had been back in Toronto for almost a month and I really missed him and it was nice catching up. He is super busy with summer festival tours and he is also going to perform with Wieland Speck and Zazi De Paris at the Arsenal in August as part of the tribute to Herr Speck´s illustrious film career. Later i went to the Arsenal to see an amazing print of Stanley Kubrick´s Barry Lyndon (1975) starring a gorgeous Ryan O´Neal and the goddess that is Marisa Berenson. Ryan plays the character of Redmund Barry which is what he named his drug addled son by actress Farrah Fawcette .
Speaking of films i forgot to mention that several months ago i was invited to a special screening of the new Cameron Diaz comedy Bad Teacher. I have to give Ms. Diaz credit for allowing herself to be photographed so unflatteringly. It worked with her character. Now that she is getting a bit long on the tooth her rubbery features really lend themselves to slapstick and potty humour, and i did find the film entertaining in a guilty pleasure like manner. The highlight for me was a scene where Ms. Diaz and Justin Timberlake are dry humping, which i thought was pretty brave that they would chose to recreate what their actual sex life was all about as it is commonly known that Mr. Timberlake has a frottage fetisch of the rare extremis. O and the adoreable actor Jason Seagel is also in the film. Before Mr Seagel became known he and i had a brief flirtation with each other that never went anywhere. Jason is chunky but delightfully funky.

O and actor Peter Falk died age 83. He was the star of the successful Columbo detective series on TV in the 70s but was also a fantastic film actor in such movies as Woman Under the Influence.(1972) directed by John Cassavettes and Husbands (1970)
Clarence Clemons of Bruce Springstein´s E Street Band also passed age 69 of a stroke. I don´t think it was known by too many people that Mr. Springstein and Mr. Clemons were sometime lovers. Their relationship really blossomed in the 1970s, and they actually hadn´t fornicated with each other since then. See all the hot gossip you learn from me? You won´t read any of this on Janet Charleton´s Hollywood blog.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Rising Stars, Falling Stars was packed to the proverbial rafters last night for our tributata to Mabel Normand the woman responsible for molding what later became the film auteur Charlie Chaplin. Some of the younger children in the audience were surprised how entertaining a film almost a century old can be. Some things are just eternal as was the musical accompaniment by the divine Eunice Martin who tore into Tillie´s Punctured Romance directed by Mack Sennett with humour and finesse. Ms. Martin is indeed a Berlin musical treasure. The film´s star is Marie Dressler who is a comic wonder. After the screening in the Rote Foyer the lovely Empress of the Arsenal Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who is off to her secret vacationland today for some well earned R&R. Frau Schulte Strathaus is the hardest working woman in film curatorialdom. Wishing her well for her holiday retreat the beautiful film curator Dorothea Wenner and winsome escort Mickey, lovesexxxy artist/programmer Angela Melitoupoulous, prima ballerina Trixie Cordua, charming Portugese actress and artist Elsa Aleluia who is the biggest fan and supporter of the Arsenal and a new RSFS devotee, Paulo the sauve Italian architect and old CHEAP klub regular who was grilling Ms. Schulte Strathaus about the beautiful and talented Eunice Martin, and wanting to know everything about all the marvelous programs and screenings that Arsenal Inst für film und video kunst has to offer.
Film Historian Marc Siegel and his intermedia actress and curator girlfriend Susanne Sachsse with their brilliant 18 year old daughter Salome Gersh were looking majestic with delight in the happy news that their latest art festival project that will premiere at HAU in April 2012 Camp Anti-Camp just received green lighted funding. That means I will be able to mount a Berlin version of my award winning chat show/akshunist installation Vaginal Davis is Speaking From The Diaphragm. In July I begin work on The Communist Bigamist with Susanne Sachsse. Commmie Biggie as we are calling it is our new two woman performance piece that is loosely based on the Ida Lupino/Joan Fontaine film The Bigamist from 1953. Giving congrats to Marc and Susie: NYU Performance Studies professor Tavia Nyongo with his sweet water polo playing pal Sebastiane, Sean Nye the American ethnomusicologist scholar who sadly leaves Berlin at the end of July,pierced nose booty pie Matt who studies continental philosophy, Manuel Schubert of Film Highlights Internet Radio Magazine,young Josef the Ulrike´s Brain assistant,Walid Raad the Lebanese artist of the imaginary foundation Atlas Group,dancer Assaf Hochman with beau Little Telemacos Alex of the Chocolate Grinder Film Kollective who did a magnificent job styling my outfit, hair and beating on the doll an amazing face---he even managed to make my shapely gams magically do an Ann Miller pop on stage during my Bob Fosse style introduction, Daniel Hendrickson the Jewish Muslim who helped write my opening song and dance routine as well as accompanying me on clavier, Katja Maya aka: Katja von Hellendorf of the band Leisey Lento and the new free jazz punk noise combo Piss Göttin that will urinate on Berlin´s gay burgermeister when they perform at Kunst Werke Museum on July 2 at 6pm.
First timers to RSFS included my fabulous art star daughter Ms. ZacKary Drucker, Javier Peres of Peres Projects who brought along a hot boy bevy that included 17 year old jail bait stud Gerardo Contreras who is the gallerista with the notorious Mexico City cutting edge gallery PreTeen, Winnipeg Canada art fag couple Pzemeck & Travis and DJ Pierre Sarkozy the blondine son of französischen Präsidenten.
The next Rising Stars is Friday July 29th 9pm with a screening of the feminist classic La Souriante Madame Beudet directed by Germaine Dulac with the Blue Bros Tim&kJohnny playing live music and on August 20th a special edition Rising Stars celebrating Wieland Speck of the Berlinale´s Panorama Section with a screening of the first gay German film Anders Als Die Anderen (1919) directed by Richard Oswald with Eunice Martin accompanying on clavier. Yowza!