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Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Went to Arsenal to see Meet Me In St. Louis  and An American In Paris directed by the legendary Ganymede Hollywood film director Vincente Minnelli father of Liza and ex-wife of Judy Garland.  I’ve seen St. Louis a million times but I always find new things to admire in the film.  This time the supporting players really caught my attention starting off with FIT male ingĂ©nue Tom Drake who use to be boyfriends with Gore Vidal who modelled one of his City and the Pillar characters after Mr. Drake.  Drake was also a regular sex partner of the late great Taylor Mead.  I also appreciated on this viewing the performances of Leon Ames as Alonzo Smith family pater,a humorous Chill Wills in a tiny part as the iceman cometh and the radiant Mary Astor as the nuanced matriarch of the clan.  Too bad Miss Astor was forced by Hollywood to play mostly mothers for Metro during the 1940s. Mary Astor’s father was German and born in Berlin later in her life like Louise Brooks her writing on film received much praise.
In An American in Paris Nina Foch is amazing as the wealthy patron to Gene Kelly’s character and during a student ball sequence there are some scantily clad sexy gay male couples.
On Sunday the Rising Stars, Falling Stars joint presentation with Annette Lingg & Hans Joachim Fetzer of All Singing,All Dancing Hollywood Musicals 1933-1957 Festival was packed with a screening of the Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire frolic Follow the Fleet.  The SRO crowd included Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Uli Ziemons and Nanna Heidenreich of Forum Expanded, my partner in grime Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muzlim jihadist, film historian Marcuse Siegelstein with his lady love Susanne Sachsse, Assaf Hochman with a visiting pal from Israel the TV/Film scribe and comedy sensation Galit Hoogie who like Daniel doesn’t care for the assless Fred Astaire, super sweet queer activist Rufus Sona with beauty boy Tomas and posse, Piero Bellomo with due sorelle di Firenze Elena y Monica, Olivier Nowitzky and his hot new Arab lover, superstar Antonia Baird aka Werner Hersch, artist Maggie Schneider, blue movie idol and and high priced male concubine Tommy DeLuca, with rectal hydrating actor Hamish Linkletter, Stedelijk Museum curator Hendrik Folkerts, Salome & Richard Gershe and G. Craig Smith of Chicago who is doing his European tour and first saw Ms. Davis perform in Chitown back in the early 1990’s during the heyday of Homocore Chieta.
I don’t celebrate Christmas but every year I do go to Piero Bellomo’s Christmas Eve dinner at his Embassy Row compound.  His husband Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muzzy takes care of the cooking.  Last year he made an American style Turkey dinner with all the trimmings which I hadn’t had in ages, but this year The Muzlim jihadist made gourmet enchiladas with mole sauce and masculine Cornisch Game Hen which was delicious.  Fearless Leader of CHEAP Susanne Sachsse did her yearly post Christmas dinner party that features mounds of sumptuous organic lamb, kale and mashed sweet potato in carmelized garlic droplets----heavenly. 
I hate New Year’s Eve known as Silvester in Germany.  Berliners overdo the fireworks thing so it gets loud and unruly.  You won’t see me at any allnite party, I prefer to spend the evening alone meditating and enjoying some well deserved Michele Obama style “ME” time.  Its great not having to feel like I have to entertain anyone or be “ON”.