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Friday, June 15, 2007

Was listening to NPR, Berlin where Pete of Dishwasher Magazine was being interviewed about his new book about washing dishes in all 50 states. I originally met Mr. Pete back in the 90s when i was on the Ben is Dead Winnebego National Zine Tour. Pete was going out with a sweet fiddle playing gal who did a zine about working on a fishing boat in Alaska, i think her zine was called "Goin Fishing"
Glad to see that a really great and deserving person got a book deal instead of one of the usual idiots.
Bumped into the tall, goodlooking editor of the amazing Scrub Magazine on the street in Kreutzberg. He was with that artist from San Francisco, who now is based in Berlin, MC Alvarez, or is his name PT Alvarez?
Lovely birthday party for Ritchie and Salome, the twins of Fearless Leader of Cheap Suzi Sue. I adore Suzi´s GDR mom Ellen. She is a living doll.
Trolling the Hermannplotz with Tim Blue, who would go up to humpy Arab men and say, "I´ve seen your countries porn, and I know what you´re capable of doing to your own people!" Which surprisingly illicited lots of smiles.
I wish that tiny woman of a film star Tom Cruise would stop stalking me. He just moved to Berlin to be closer to me, buying a villa in Wannsee which is an exclusive Berlina area west of tony Charlottenberg. Major yuck yuck--i hope i don´t run into him anywhere.
Delightful birthday luncheon with Marcu of Cheap, we stopped by bbooks who are opening up a branch especially for Documenta. Cute boy is working at bbooks who has extra large feet. Ran into sexy Chenell who was in Istanbul at the same time that Daniela Romano was there. So great spending quality time with Marcu in our favorite pursuit----gossiping.
Cheap inspiration day watching Fassbinder´s Whitey and the Cheap concert of 2005 by Daniela, Tim & k-Johnny Blue at Hau 2 which will greatly influence our new production which goes into rehearsals in July after i return from Slovenia. Later in evening attended a happy-go-lovely watermelon and vodka party celebrating Marcu´s newly appointed research position at the University. joyous, frivolity abounding!!!
Please stop emailing wanting me to perform for free at your tired event or club. Drag queens aren´t just happy to be anywhere getting a little attention. Drag is serious hard work, make-up cost money, so when i beat on a face its to be re-numerated appropriately, anything less than that is insultin, and offensive, and will not be tolerated. So please take heed and only contact me when you know what your budget is going to be and include what kind of honorarium you are willing to offer me. To quote tired McDonna, who i hate, but this is fitting: "Time is $money and that money is mine".

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Bar popping with 14 year old novelist Travis Jeppeson. Went to the Tom Bar Folllies where they were screening Rican Thug Porn and Arab Blue movies via Citi Beure. Ran into a Euro Creme pup who was in Bruce La Bruces Otto Up With Dead People. The tall gigantee genitalic youth was with his fugly sugardaddy who he obviously was bored with, because he kept ignoring the man and was constantly coming over to hang with Travis and I.
Spent a few days shopping furiously with Cheap husband Tim Blue looking for birthday presents for Ritchie Rich and Salome, the teenage children of Fearless Leader Suzi Su. As always i have a fantastie time with Mr. Blue, and we wound up at the Noble Elf bar in Kreutzberg for dwinks. Tim bumped into the dull German artist Rainer, who looks like a walking fishling, and one of Timmys Bay area pals Arturo was in the same malepussy posse.
Sunday i took a ho stroll and wound up at the tired dreadlock hippie park with the waterfalls. I hate hippies. I blame Perry Farrell of Janes Addiction for cross pollinating hippie culture and punk with his icky Lollapalooza Festival.

whats the difference between a punk and a hippy?
none, a punk is a hippy with amnesia

I swear sometimes Berlin is worse then San Francisco as the capital of bad hair and ill fashion. Dont let me get started about women who dont blend their makeup, and just slop it on haphazardly.
Walked right into the middle of the Mehringdamn Sttreet Fair. The street fairs here remind me of a dirtier Sunset Junction, with shady Afrikan drug dealers, looking for customers and crazy German white chicks to plow.
Bumped into this drag king who has been living in Berlina for over 10 years, but is originally from Boston. I like her dishelveled saggy male bitch tit look. I can never remember her name, but she is a talkative good time Sally, and i like that.

What a small town i live in. Was on my way to the Tiergarten and who should i espy but Doug Upp from Hawaii and his sugar daddy who are touring the continent. They had just arrived to Berlin from Prague and were on their way to the Jewish Museum. What a surprise seeing Doug, i didnt recognize him, he has really aged, he and the sugar daddy looked like contemporaries. When he was young, he was quite cute, and use to make this interesting zine called Bucky Lake, which was like a soap opera zine about the Peyton Place like inhabitants of a fictional town.

The last time i heard from him, he had made an awful video using one of my PME songs and put it on icky You Tube. I told him not to, but he did it anyway, I dont have the resources to sue him, but the guy who financed my CD, and owns Spectre Sonic Records, is rich and will sue him when he gets wind of the violation.
I hate it when people figure that because you are an underground star they can just take your work and do whatever they want with it. I told Doug that he should show his talent, and create original music for his video, dont just steal my music, and attach it to your ill conceived project.