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Monday, August 07, 2017


Hektik ist beim Aktienkauf ein schlechter Berater
I always listen to the divine advice of Glenn Belverio. When Glenn issues forth an utterance entire mountain ranges are moved in one swell swoop. Glenn or Glennda from his sister of the clothe days in Man!hattan, is one of my dearest friends from the last century.
That is why CHEAP Kollektiv had to be at the Berlin premiera screening of Rebecca Goyette’s Lobsta Porn Party at Spektrum in KruezKolln. What a delightful scene it was with the vivacious Ms. Goyette and her delectable crew (Marie Beckmann & Julie Gaspard curators of EVBG)introducing Berliners to the new vocabulary of hot buttery Crustacean sexuality.

What Berlin and the world needs more of is working class feminist sex perspectives, and with Ms. Goyette this includes a rich history that goes back to the Salem Witch Trials and beyond. I loved the audacious low tech revelry of it all.

I am officially all wrapped up in the House of Rebecca Goyette. Her work knocks the block off Ryan Trecartin. New England whimsy, shanty humour, and sea faring radical queering elements all mesh spectacularly. I was gagging on the lovely extravaganza of our frisky Lobster heroine giving birth Fertile La Toyah Jackson style with the help of an incestous mother/daughter doula pair.

More is more, and then some with double dicking, spicy beef curtains, pussy galore, and close encounters of the Octophallus eighth kind. Just because its all a loopy messticle doesn’t mean there is no room for serious reflection. Ms. Goyette handles that with devastating bengenueffect.

As an extra added treat Goyette and Company will be filming a Berlina edition of Lobsta Porn. If you are interested in joining the movement contact them at:

The other day during the ultra warm humid weather I noticed that more Berlin men are adopting the who wears short shorts look. I heartily approve as the long hip hop enfluenced board shorts are beyond tired. I just wish that the young men would finally quit the god awful yoga hair buns and beards. This is a trend that benefits no one. If you are not swarthy or Arab its probably not a good idea to grow a beard and forcing the issue on a face that really isn’t very hirsute is ridiculous. I feel I need to teach a class for trendy people that just because everyone is doing something you shouldn’t feel like you have to jump on the Fred Astaire bandwagon. One must consider if a certain style compliments them, and if it doesn’t avoid it at all cost.

I really do love seeing how Muslim young girls in Berlin add variety and style to their headresses with their flawless make-up and dazzling accessories.


So many great new elements in the Vaginal Davis art cosmos. The handsome British gallerist Dan Gunn whose Berlin gallery at Schlesische Strasse 29 will be the new European home of Ms. Davis art work. Dan will be working in close association with Ms. Davis’ west coast clan headed by Amy Adams at Adams & Ollmann and NYC gallerists Ben & Risa of Invisible-Exports. The Vagimule doll is so excited to be working with lovesexy Mr. Dan Gunn.

In the Fall Ms. Davis will be part of the Trigger show at the New Museum which opens to the public on Sept 27th and a Two Woman Exhibition called Cinema Chimera at Invisible-Exports that features Vaginal Davis and the late legendary sculptress Louise Nevelson that opens Sept 8th.