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Tuesday, April 05, 2022



At the end of January the Vagimule Doll started feeling very lethargic with a lack of energy so all encompassing that she didn´t have enough energy to pick up a piece of paper that landed on the floor or barely get out of bed.  This feeling started to intensify into February so much that the poor tiny woman thought that perhaps she had caught Covid 19´s dreaded Omicron variant.  Of course that was impossible since for the past two years the lady has kept herself completely isolated in an obsession not to infected because of asthma and other pre existing health conditions.  

Little did our heroine know that multiple symptoms were going to start plaguing her body including having to urinate every 90 minutes making it impossible to sleep, cottontail mouth and uncontrolled thirst and hunger pangs along with losing weight even though she was stuffing her pie face constantly with fattening comfort foods and chugging down fruit smoothies.  

Leave it to her internal medicine doctor who warned  told that the liver and kidneys were barely functioning and  blood sugar was 500+ + +  sending Ms. Davista Jr. to the krankenshaft ASAP.  

Fortunately her colleagues at CHEAP Kollektiv including Fearless Leader Susanne Sachsse, film historian Marcuse Siegelstein and translator to the academic schtars Daniel Hendrickson and others like Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Nanna Heidenreich, gallerists La Famiglia Bortolozzi, Amy Adams, Ben Tischer rallied to the daughter of dusts aid.  

She of She's wound up in the hospital for ten days where they were working on bringing the blood sugar down to normal registers.  One of the doctors at the hospital did an ultra sound and saw something in the enlarged pancreas ducts and with the bedside manner of a shredded turnip told les damsel its probably pancreatic cancer.  So for two days until she was able to get the results of an MRT Play Misty For Me was basically preparing her last Willena  and testament.

Well the MRT cleared her of pancreatic cancer but was diagnosed with late onset type one diabetes, which came as a complete shockermickeyrooney.  Much better than krebs but its a very serious chronic illness that forces her I would to be on a blood sugar management program that would include taking pancreas pills with every meal and shooting oneself Christian F style with insulin.  Upon release from Vivantes Victoria August Frau Sachsse found a delightful feministiche diabetes zentrum with all female doctors and staff who are the coolest ladies in the land, but because we are still dealing with a raging pandemic there are no classes to inculcate Lassie Marie Pangborn into this new diabetes cosmos  so she is Norma Kamali OMO (On My Own)  to do a lot of the research of this second bedroom island.  

The last three years Ms. Davista Jr. went from one international exhibition to the other but I guess for the 2022-23 season the focus will have to shift to healthcare on the Road to Ozcot.  If any out there in Wide World Webland have any insights please reach out to via webmaster Larry Bob Roberts in San Francisco.  Those in the know will figure out how to reach him via the Vaginal Davis Facebook fanpage.

Last week along with Marcuse Siegelstein Ms. Davista Jr. was at the Reboot FM studio for the first time in two years for a live broadcast of the monthly radio program CHEAP Funk on Freies K├╝nstlerradio aus Berlin - Kunst, Diskurs & elektronische Musik. Live aus dem ACUD - UKW 88,4 MHz in Berlin & 90,7 MHz in Potsdam.  The archive can be found by googling CHEAP Funk or Reboot FM.

 Special call in guests included  the brilliant scholar Sarah Lewis who ruminated on all things Sugar.  Sarah and her entire super talented, gifted family are international treasures that CHEAP Kollektiv worship. Miss Sarah had a lot to say on the colonial racist proclivities inherent in that sweet poison that Sugar manifests, and the ramification that are still wrecking havoc with funky nassau colored peoples the world over. Miss Sarah recommended reading these books:  

Curdella Forbes A Tall History of Sugar

Edwidge Danticat The Farming of Bones

Blood Sugar: Racial Pharmacology and Food Justice in Black America by Anthony Ryan Hatch.  

I will make it a point to get these important tomes and add them to what is already on my nitestand that includes Dodie Bellamy`s genius book of essays Bee Reaved.  Dodie Belamy and her late partner the great Kevin Killian together represented the very best of queer literary aristocracy, and were the only royals that mattered both in this life and the next.

Van Zandt and his hot young lover Bruce Lee during their tumultuous tortured courtship filming TVs The Green Hornet in the mid 1960s.

Lana Turner gets her soldier boy just where she wants him.

Become a top tier athletic supporter if you can handle it.

Marcuse Siegelstein and Ms. Davis live in the Reboot FM Studio - CHEAP Sugar with special call in guests Sarah Lewis in Lisbon, DJ Nancy in CDMX, music by Bessie Smith, Zero Mostel, Alice Bag, Craig Lee, Diahnne Abbott, Ilyich, and  Talking Heads. 

Brando Brando and the wearing of the turban. He is cuter than you, and can suck the rust off a cock at 30 paces.