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Friday, October 24, 2003

Ate lunch at Luna Sol on 6th Street at the bottom of the Asbury Apt Building. I love the food here, but the place has an odd vibe. Its sortof hippy dippy activisty mixed in with a bit of crusty street punk rasta sensibility that just doesn’t mesh with me.
There is this one jubas boy who works there, I can’t remember if he’s sporting dreds or not but his hands are always filthy, and he just doesn’t look like he bathes very often, which is a no no when working around food and the public. I’m not the only one who has noticed this, so I’m not being precious. On top of that he’s not very friendly and cops quite an attitude. There is also an Asian girl who works at the place and she is just downright hostile. When Cesar Vega took me there, she wasn’t featuring us as a couple. I guess she couldn’t quite figure out why were were together and it was disturbing to her. The girl looks like a cross between Anabella Lewin of Bow Wow Wow and that performance art chick who does all those gang bang films. A few weeks ago I went to Luna Sol and Anna was working there. Anna is the sweet younger sister of Maribu/Maribel who was the young lesbian girlfriend of my Afro Sister Fertile La Toyah Jackson. Now Fertile is seeing someone who is just a little bit more age appropriate. The girl who waited on me at Luna today was very sweet, but some of the other diners were giving some weird attitude. One boy with big feet was cute, and I could tell was trying to figure me out, what he should have done was ask me out on a date and bent over and let me munch on his garden salad. There were these other two white chickx that also rubbed me the wrong way and a ginger headed boy who was too ugly to be so arrogant.

Was invited to go to the grand opening of the Walt Disney Concert Hall designed by Frank Gehry. The only thing I had to wear that was formal was my Rick Owens couture suit. Thank god the weather cooled down last night or I wouldn’t have lasted. My escort was Wayne Baruch, and executive with PBS. What a gala event, the likesis I have never seen before. The hall is extroidinary and the acoustics are perfect. I caused quite a commotion on the red carpet and the paparrazi went crazola. A lot of people thought I was Dennis Rodman for some strange reason. I decided to play along with it. Robert Graham gave me his card, he had been giving me the hairy eyeball all night. So was actress Stephanie Powers. That one I don’t understand----she doesn’t strike me as a lesbiana. I told Mr. Gehry that I worked for ten years at UCLA’s Placement and Career Planning Center which he designed in 1975. I loved that building. Paul Geller the LA Philharmonic production direct told me he read my article in the LA Weekly about Club Chub and wants to go. He’s definitely a bear alright.
One of my favorite actresses died---Janice Rule. I loved her in Robert Altman’s Three Women and that movie The Swimmer with Burt Lancaster. Also Rerun from the 70s sitcom Whats Happening died. He had been a regular on Soul Train in the early 70s and part of the dance group the Lockers with Toni Basil.
Miracle of Miracles-I left my Mac Make-up bag that I use as a general carry clutch in the Starbucks on Santa Monica and Fairfax. This heatwave has me all flustered and I’m not exactly in my right mind. Of course someone stole it thinking it was a woman’s purse. I was distraught. My eyeglasses, day planner and my article that I wrote in hand for the LA Weekly’s Entertainment Guide were all in that bag. Luckily the heavens looked favorably on me and when the thief tossed the bag in Hancock Park a good Samaritan Sparkletts Waterman found it and called me telling me where I could find it. He hid it in some bushes on Windsor and 8th Street. Whew what a close call.

Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Went to writers klatch with Daddy and Lisa Teasley. Lisa’s new novel is really progressing nicely. Its so exciting seeing her blossom. The Indian summer heat is wilting me. I’m just a little green flower. Always remember that. Here it is almost all Hallow’s Eve and instead of layers I’m in a wifebeater. Glum.

Solidified the after party for the drag king movie Venus Boyz with Dred King. Dred has that New York moxie down pat. I’m glad someone is enthusiastic about something. I always forget that some people actually believe in showbizness. I’ve never been that ambitious.

Had dinner with Greg Der Ananian. He’s quite a cook, that kid. Very yummy meal. Greg really isn’t a kid anymore. He’s 28 years old. When I met him he was 21 or 22 and a student at the University of Indiana at Bloomington. He orchestrated me being brought out there as a visiting artist. I love the mid west, those cornfed /free range cuties. Greg is putting together a bazarre featuring high art crafts work. Very cute idea. He makes these cum rag with precision stitching and other erotica of similar ilk. Quite impressive.

Sunday, October 19, 2003

I’m exhausted. With the MTA bus/subway strike in its second week, I’m riding my bike all over town and covering quite some distance. Its making my butt bootylicious, but finding myself very short of breath. Oh welp, I just have to be thankful that I have some form of transportation.

This week Ron Athey and I had a power bitch meeting discussing many issues including The UK/Euro tour of Visions of Excess and also bringing back Spicy Beef Curtains as a quarterly solstice event. We kicked out some really amazing ideas and names of people we’d like to have perform like Joel Gibb and his Hidden Cameras Project, Animal Charm, the luscious Rebecca Del Rio and World Famous BoB. Plus our main girl Kembra is putting together a brand new edition of The Voloptuous Horror of Karen Black which should really be intriguing. We have our hairy eyeball on the Hollywood Forever Cemetary as a site specific location for a Tent Cathedral Saturday-as-Sunday-Going-To-Meeting-Place. After the blair power bitch meeting Daddy cooked an awesome streak dinner with Ocra on a bed of brown chisel rice-----beyond yummy.

Bricktops Friday was very casual chic. The Pablo Picasso theme worked really well. The talented audience loved painting their own masterpieces with the paint and easel Andrew of Gould set up.
We celebrated the joint birthdays of my grandson Mr. Uncertain and guardian of the gate Michele Mills of the Epiladies. Joining in the festivities lovesexy drag king extroidinaire Dred Gerestant, who just moved to LA from New York City and is in the new film Venus Boyz that opens at the Laemmle Fairfax on November 7th. Bricktops will host their after party. Also scruffy Eric Eisner the son of movie mogul Michael Eisner was sniffing around for booty. The kid ain’t too bright, but he sure looks good. Legendary scenester Europa, seems to be Mr. Uncertains biggest fan, she was looking lovely as ever and will do a pre-hallow’s eve jewelry installation/boutique next week. The stunning Rebecca Del Rio (David Lynch’ muse and star of Mulholland Drive)also came by enchanting everyone with her wit and goodtime Sally vibe. The Devil’s grandson Stanton LaVey and his new lady friend Mila Kunis popped in but couldn’t stay long as they had to go back home and do some more carnel knowledging. I’m so glad that Stanton is back in Los Ang. Stanton’s famous grandfather Anton LaVey of the church of Satan would be proud. French hearthrob Benoit Magimel of the new Claude Chabrol film
"La Fleur du Mal" had all the ladies going crazy. I sure would love to eat this young cheesy french diquetator out.

Oh the yearly Best of LA edition of the LA Weekly came out on Thursday. I have a Best Advice essay that actually came out really good. I’ve been getting a dozen emails and phone calls with compliments. Went to my guardian of the Bricktops gate, Michele Mills of the Epiladies birthday soiree at the YeeTee pub in Atwater Village. Can you believe it, a bar I haven’t been inside of? Very cute. Seems like someone else was having a party as well. All the Epiladies were present with their bitch Scratch. Plus sightings of celebutantes like Jane Cantillon and her mogul hubby, Alice Bag and Jailbait, Bibbe Hansen and Sean Carrillo as well as Jeffreyland Hilbert and his beau, the great Mrs Michael Glass and Tom Guzman.