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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

McDonna has her big white Nina Blanchard panties all in a bunch over my relationship with Stuart Price who has helped the immaterial girl with her well orchestrated pop comebackula. My daliance with Mr. Price is really nothing for her to get Cameron Manheim steamrolled over. The lanky Mr. P just wants to work with my Berlin based post politikal/proto Marxist art band Ruth Fischer. I already let him know that I was working with producer Mickey One Haves of the Super 700, and that Stuart's production services were not needed. We can still be occasional pluck buddies though, as he has a nice cruel club caucasion cock. But Lady Ray of Unnatural Light also has dibs on his very hefty member, so she is on the war path with me both creatively and coitally. I’m sorry but Mrs. Ritchie needs to go back to her super well endowed husband, before he permanently retreats with that girl from the band Elastica. Am i gossiping? No i don't believe in gossip.
I hate people who are never satisfied with what they have. She wanted kids, and a big dick posh English husband (who pretends he's working class) and she has them, now appreciate it.
Remember people, No one wants to see a movie with Madonna in it.