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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

After an exhausting morning, afternoon and early evening spent writing to meet a deadline, i let my teen pals Travis Jeppeson, Mario and their concubine buddy Baby Brian of Portland whisk me away to go see DJ Snax spin at the 80s style dinosaur junior Club Connections in Nollendorkyplotz. It was wise of this disco to hire Snax to spin, he attracts a much younger clientle, then the places usual tourists and troll dolls. MC Snax was in fine form having just returned from a drug cartel gig in Columbia, and his visuals for the evening included a projection of Loretta Lynn brandishing a giant can of Crisco. How appropriate. Had a fun time with the kiddies, and also seeing a Nordic studhoven of super duper sexual proportions. I could have done without the trendy long-on-the-tooth men, and their Carol Burnette hair.
Listened to Davey Rothbart of Found Magazine, being interviewed on NPR-Berlin Davey is a friend of Cyril Kuhn and his ex wife Kara Hunger. I met the cute humpy dufus back in LA ages ago at a dinner party, and of course i wanted to get inside his pants.
Was thinking about what ever happened to sexy Kelli Lovelace. Kelli was a black lipstick lesbiana with a fantastic sense of style, who i use to hang with in the early to mid 80s. She and another wilde and fashionplaty gal pal Patty, use to be regulars at the old Nairobi Room where Matt Dyke DJ´d prior to his fame with Delicious Vinyl, and the hit Ton Loc single "Funky Cold Medina". They actually wanted me as Medina in the video, but i hate being in videos so the part went to Sean DeLear. The last time i saw Ms. Kelli was in the early 90s at a party thrown by Cliff Diller of Club Fuck fame, just before he passed away of complications due to his Mrs. AIDS diagnosis. Ah Cliff was one of those goodtime Sally´s who could beat a face to death, and was soooo much fun to be around. If anyone out in cyberland can give me an update on Kelli, í would appreciate that.
O and also Maria Dum Dum. She was another lesbian from the 80s who was a bulldyke hustler. Yes a saaphic hustler, who would work men, women, anyone who would pay her way in life. She was very sexy, boyish and aggressive. She had sex with many gay men, and ploughed them better then a man, from what I´ve heard. Someone should make a movie of her life. Perhaps that someone is me.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

The return to Max und Moritz after a long hiatus was difficult. Fearless Leader Suzi Su changed the ending which was a good thing, but it meant more work for me. Relearning the role of Witwe Bolte, and the arduous Cheap Blacky rehearsal schedule has put me in a lady tizzy. I am a very delicate creature.
Had a sweet meeting with Zvonimir Dobrovic, an arts curator from Zagreb. What a lively, personable chap. He came to see me perform in Max und Moritz on thursday, and loved the piece. He wants me to create something cute for the closing of one of his art festival programs in December before Christmas. I would love a Balkan merry christmas, though with my luck, a war would emerge, and i would be the first person they decide to ethnically cleanse. o welp, i will just have to bring a blondine wig, and try my feral best to pass for white.
In the Parkauer Theatre cantina i also ran into a vivacious young journalista from Slovenia who interviewed me back in 2004 for Visions of Excess in Ljubjana, my endurance art spectacle, that was such a huge success. The Slovenia journalist was with a Japanese reporter and one of the Blue Men Group, who is friends with my Max und Moritz colleguen Denis Popping, and his American husband.
Spent a comedic, slapstick afternoon with Christophe Chemin filming sequences for Cheap Blacky in the Tiergartens childrens park on a tiny trampoline. I adore Christophe. He is a true freak, and looks like a man from the distant past. He began his career as a writing prodigy with three scandalous novels in France. His own parents even sued him because the autobiographical elements in one of his books hit too close to home. His last tome was about to be translated into English by an American publisher, but they got cold feet. The book starts off talking about Madonna licking his feet, that being the only thing she is capable of doing well, and goes on to describe a hollywood orgy Christophe art directed that features many downlow luminaries.
I will not tell the baby diaper Joel Gibb of the Hidden Cameras that his exfootballer lover Mehmet Scholl is now involved with blonde beauty boy Florian Weber. Mehmets girlfriend approved of him being with Joel, but isnt featuring the Weber kid. Ah the wacky world of sport sex.