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Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Just received some end of the new year Berlin gossip about the drug and last chance Texaco Nollendorky gay bar Bull. It seems that the place has been closed down by the cops because the owner has been using it as a front for his very lucrative Crystal Meth selling business. Crsytal and all nitelong Berlin equals a bad combination as people already smoke, drink,drug and stay up too late here in this party town. Recently a person was found dead in the darkroom which isn´t something exactly new to the Berlin gay scene. Even supermarkets like Kaisers has a darkroom and many times people are discovered to have OD´d while engaging in various acts of coitaldruggeninterruptus. Also the gay sauna The Broiler Room which has the nicest staff of any gay bathhaus in the world discovered a tweeker who had gone into the orbit of post retirement. Usually gay bathhouses are staffed by the worse dregs on the planet but all the men who work at The Broiler are very sweet and friendly, and personable service workers in Berlin is certainly not the norm. The best times to go to The Broiler are on Sunday afternoons or on Tuesday when you pay for one entrance and get a free visit within the month. The regulars who go to the place are hit and miss, but once in a great moon there will be some sexxxy tourist especially when Berlina is hosting a mega event and then the place is packed to the rafters with youthquakers and body bountifuls but the average age of men at gay saunas worldwide is 40plus as it’s a scene not typically featured by the young and desireable. Word to America! The owners of saunas in the States are usually elderly men living in Florida who just see the places as money cows and never update or maintain. If you continue in this direction you will wind up losing your business. Just something to consider. Personally I like gay saunas and bathhouses just because of the history that goes back to the pre-Stonewall era and beyond. And in the winter its nice to be in a warm place where men are running around naked in a towel. In some cities in Europe the business for gay saunas is so bad that most have opened them up to straight or bisexual nites once a month attracting swinger couples. In theory this seems like its an interesting way to re-adapt their usage, but hetero swingers are not very attractive and at the places I´ve checked out in Zurich and Hamburg it was very korny kollins.

My dear old LA friend the beautiful artist Karen Lofgren aka Kara Hunger is involved in a very fascinating new art project the details below. If you in the Southland in January please check it out you will not be disappointed:

Hi friends!

I've been working on this project for a couple of years, and on January 11 at 1PM, High Desert Test Sites is launching the completed installation and accompanying publication for Trajectory Object in Pioneertown, Yucca Valley.
Directions to the site can be found through this link at HDTS: It is relatively easy to get to off of Pioneertown Road. We will have a smaller afterparty at a local TBD venue when the sun is heading down on the 11th. Now, not to confuse you, but there is another, non-public event, during which we will work to bury the big bronze sculpture and build a stone cairn on January 5, from 9AM through 3PM. If you are interested in joining us for the burial action or if you plan to be in the area and want to come lend a hand, please email me for details or with questions. So the public event to launch the publication and the installation is January 11 at 1PM; the non-public, burial action is January 5 at 9AM. You are welcome to join us for either or both! x Karen


KAREN LOFGREN JANUARY 11, 2014, 1PM Trajectory Object c. 2000-2050 is a work permanently buried and positioned to associate with archaeo-astronomical constellations visible in both the distant past and far future as we rotate on earth's axis. It is shrouded and accompanied by the earthly goods needed to guide it through the ages. Placing contemporary cultural objects in a broader history of the world, it uses extensive research and our moving stars as a guide. Giving life to the unseen object and process, an editioned artist publication encapsulates the work for consideration in the present.

The project is organized and presented by High Desert Test Sites. Contributors to the publication include designer, Willem Henri Lucas; with writing by Ben Ehrenreich; ancient language translations by Jacob Hobson; and photographs by Robert Crouch. Trajectory Object c. 2000-2050 is made possible by the generous support of The Ranch Projects; West of Rome Public Art; and Royale Projects Contemporary Art.

Monday, December 30, 2013


I´m dreaming of a white boyfriend . . . yes that’s what I was crooning last night before the packed Rising Stars,Falling Stars-We Must Have Music screening of the 1954 Michael Curtiz Paramount Pictures holiday musical White Christmas starring the divine Rosemary Clooney with dancing assist from tiny wasp waisted Vera-Ellen, alcoholic turkey necked Bing Crosby looking long on the proverbial tooth, and ‘Sister-boy` Danny Kaye with appearances by everyones favorite spinster Mary Wickes, faggoty chorus gurl George Chakiris(West Side Story), and Oscar winner Dean Jagger(12 O´Clock High) playing an elderly general when he is exactly the same age as Bing Crosby-go figure! The audience was loving every hokey minute of this film extravaganza. I joked that the movie was a documentary about how neo nazi´s celebrate the season, and one lady in the crowd told me White Christmas was the first film she ever saw as a child. The last time I saw the movie was in 1980 so I forgot all about the Martha Graham spoof “Choreography” that features Vera-Ellen´s high tech dancing skills. Ms.Ellen wasn´t a singer so her vocals were dubbed by someone else accept on the song “Sisters” where Ms. Clooney sang both parts. After the screening everyone got lubricated with vino and a smashing time was had by one and all including Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus looking radiant and keeping secret the surprises for this year´s Forum Expanded program for The Berlinale. Quite a lot of VIP celebs in the haus including genius genius Antonia Baehr aka: Henry Wilde aka: Werner Hirsch,art filmmaker and great beauty Pauline Beaudry and her aerospace rocket building GF Sylvia. Booty Scholar Nanna Heidenreich and her entire famous clan including lovesexxy mom Teresa, film experten bros Andreas and supershtar sister Dodo.The luscious Black Market/Mobile Academy diva goddess extroidinaire Hannah Hurtzig, award winning French gamine and filmlass Marie Losier with entourage that included new beau Simon Damour a performer from Paris via Marsailles with his buddy the handsome Gallic actor Romain Duris,Aily Nash the New York Film programmer and Berlinale Talent Campus Coordinator with musician/boyfriend Aaron,Laurie Anderson´s film editor Ruth Schönegger with her hot girlfriend, Italian clothing designer Piero Bellomo with Dr. Professor Ingo the hip psycho-therapist to the stars, Effie Wu, the filmmaker and artist(Supersmile)with fellow art stars Ken Okiishi, Andrew Greene, Elizabeth Peyton, collector Dasha Zukhova and Venice Biennale President Paolo Baratta, Nadine Voss of Arsenal Experimental, Anja Lueckenkaemper of KW, Uli Ziemons of Forum Expanded, Daniel Hendrickson the Swedish Muslim and the Arsenal´s cute bigdicquethickerous projectionist Axel Lambretta who did a great job compensating for the fact that the 16mm print has degenerated into the red zone and we weren´t able to project the film in its original VistaVision wide screen process. Next month Jan 22nd RSFS presents a rare screening of Otto Preminger´s madcap Skiddoo from 1968 starring Jackie Gleason, Carol Channing, Mickey Rooney, Frankie Avalon, Groucho Marx as God and the first black supermodel Donyale Luna as God´s Girlfriend. This presentation will be interactive and ill so don´t miss it and tell all your friends.
Oh and check out this short interview i did in the German leftistnewspaper Taz:!129898/

Sunday, December 29, 2013


Very slowly I forced myself to be more social during the holiday season as I wasn´t feeling very festive because of such a devasting year of loss. One good thing about Berlin is that it has a large Muslim population so the affects of advanced capitalism isn´t so rampant during the tired Christmas celebration and marketing convoy the way it is in the States.

I attended the fabulous birthday dinner of the divine Hannah Hurtzig at her lovely Mitte compound. Miss Hannah was looking young and  radiant as she smashed the hell out of a piñata. Susanne Sachsse and Dr. Professor Karin Harasser of the Art Academy in Linz did the cooking and it was a feast for the Magi! The VIP celebrity guest list included Nicholas Bussmann the musician and DJ who also spins in tandem with his wife Lucile Desamory who is a filmmaker, musician of note and DJane. Bini Adamczak the great Marxist thinker and writer with author, filmmaker and pro abortion activist Sarah Diehl(Bruste Kriegen),Amelie Deuflhard theater personality,Joseph Vogl the imminent philosopher, writer, and professor at Humboldt University in literary studies,Marie-Luise Angerer one of the most prominent cultural /gender studies people in Germany who teaches at the Kunstschule Kölln. Maria-Luise  once was the leader of a famous punk band. Alice Chauchat, dancer and choreographer, Natasha Ginwala the delightful Indian curator, on the artistic advisory board of the Berlin Biennale,
Meg Stuart the famed dancer& choreographer, film historian Marc Siegel, scholar Nanna Heidenreich with Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, Chris Kondek video artist, Phillip Eckert of Text Zur Kunst, Stefanie of the Goethr Institute Siberia, Florian Stirnemann, architect and  designer, Cybele Peters of the Mertz Academy, Dr. Professor Petra Gehring, the beautiful and stylish curator and filmmaker Dorothee Wenner with her personable beau, the fun loving life of the party-Mickey Spehr who is one of the organizers of the Faust Prize and who use to be the boyfriend of Nan Goldin. 

On Christmas Eve I was invited to an Italian/Ameri banquet hosted by the gorgeous young fashion kingpin Piero Bellomo and his patrician pal Maximo who is related to the noble Visconti family of Milan. There were at least 34 courses that also included an American style Turkey with all the trimmings and 13 different deserts. Being the greedy lady that I am I stuffed myself silly enjoying the company of Daniel Hendrickson the Scandinavian Muslim, and social worker Tante Ingo. Piero loves Christmas and loaded me down with a million wonderful gifts including a leather jacket with matching gloves, make-up, fancy facial products and more presents then I could ever use. All this and I don´t even celebrate Christmas as I was partially raised as a Jehovah´s Witness. I guess that’s a fun fact about the Vagimule doll you probably never knew. 
Christmas Day I was invited to a Post Greek Passive brunch by Tiny Telemachos Alex and his hot humpy beefcake Israeli lover Assaf Hochman. Both Little Alex and Assaf are looking very lovesexxy these days and Lil Alex has a new personal trainer who is sculpting his body into a muscle machine WoW! With all the food I have been eating I am covered in winter speck and my asstrovar is phatter then its ever been. Hopefully I will soon catch the hairy eyeball of a lusty topman. 
Friday it was the annual post Christmas Pre-Silvester dinner by La Susanne Sachsse hosted by the intermedia actress and her longtime companion Film Historian Marcuse Siegel. It was so nice to be among loved ones that included the luscious Arsenal Empress Stefanie Schulte Strathaus who presented everyone with an array of beauty products in a handsewn golden fleece pouch, Skandinavian Muslim Jihadist Daniel Hendrickson and his lover Piero Bellomo of La Collezione, The Gersch Twins Richard & Salome and perky visiting Spanish exchange student Constanza.
La Sachsse´s wonderful mamma Ellen always sends me lovely little gifts from their home town of Jena in East Germany so I am truelly the most blessed intersexed love goddess on the planet with so many people looking out for me being the orphan that I am.