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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Went last nite with Daniel „Mae Cheetum“ Hendrickson to the Arsenal for their Unabhängiger Arabischer mini film festival co-sponsored by the Goethe Institut of Cairo to see the Egyptian film Microphone (2010) directed by the young attractive Alexandria, Egypt director/musician Ahmad Abdalla. The screening was packed which shows there is a huge interest for films from the Arab World. During the Berlinale, before the Arab Spring with little publicity the Arsenal showed a series of Arab films that attracted SRO crowds. I really think this should be a regular focus and the Arsenal needs to do some outreach to the Arab and Middle Eastern communities in Berlin to mix the audience. I enjoyed the film and the cute kids that populated it especially the hot skaterboard rats and one young documentary filmmaker boy who reminded me of my college crush Kaveh Kamooneh who at the time was this super beautiful young Iranian lad.

My interview with Manuel Schubert of Filmhighlights Internet Radio is up and running. Here is the link:

Rising Stars Falling Stars - with Vaginal D
avis - June 2011
by filmanzeiger

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Went to the Arsenal the other eve to see Fritz Lang´s Rancho Notorious (1952) starring Marlene Dietrich. La Lilli Marlene was looking hot cha cha giving every bit of the sex queen at age 50. Leave it to the first eyebrow gal to floor the ageless wonder quotient . Before going to the Arsenal was treated to luncheon with Anna Muelter of HAU. Anna and I had a fab time sitting al fresco style in front of the WAU café catching up on our busy lady lives. Got to meet the new 20 year old HAU intern Timon who is a cute, personable German boy who is into free jazz. I told him all about my new musical art project Piss Göttin which combines punk & noize and and mentioned that Wilhelm Hein´s older brother brought Free Jazz to Germany in the late 60s. Later that night I went to Koen Claerhouten´s Dirty Birthday Party to celebrate his 30th. I have known Koen who is a Flemmish Royal since he interned with the CHEAP collective back in 2004-2005. Koen was living in Egypt earlier this year studying Arabic during the political turmoil. I am glad he is back safe and sound on teutonic soil. His party was cute and I chittle chatted with Katrin Dodd, the beauty of HAU, lovely Nadja Talmi, lovesexxxy Michele Belague,Easy Target Heike of Vienna´s Brut Theatre, soul singer Barbara Panther of the Black Panthers and a charming young curator friend of Koen´s who came to the last Rising Stars, Falling Stars whose name escapes me at the moment. I love Koen´s huge Greifswalder Strasse compound with a glorious view of the Soviet Park.
The next night i was taken to dinner by my darling tranny daughter ZacKary Drucker who will be in Berlin for three weeks. ZacKary is the mulatta daughter I share with Ron Athey, and she is beauty and refinement incarnate. Tuesday morning we filmed at my studio a little short subject project where I play my persona of The Whoracle et Delphi. ZacKary´s assistant was a beautiful young Mexican girl name Jasmine who hails from the Bay Area and has been living in Berlin for the past 2 years. This new art video film also features Warhol Superstar Miss Holly Woodlawn and Flawless Mother Sabrina of the 1968 cult docu The Queen.
After a grueling day of filming I hosted a studio visit with young junior curator from Lithuania Liutauras Psibilskis who now lives in Manhattan. Mr. Psibilskis is a former student of the divine Gavin Butt of Goldsmith College in London and also an associate of the silver fox French legend Michel Audair and Participant Inc.´s Lia Gangitano.
Hector Martinez emugged me the other day with some hot gossip. Hector participated in a spoken word night produced by someone named William Wright, whose young boyfriend is the same former student of Ron Athey´s when he taught at UCLA. This kid became notorious for his performance piece of Russian Roulette where he used a loaded revolver. I thought the young man was a macho straight, but I guess when you play with guns you eventually will wind up turning into a FAG-GOT: