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Friday, September 29, 2006

Thank you to all who have been emailing me wanting info on my exploits here in Graz at the Steirischer Herbst Festival. Its been a whirlwind let me tell you, and its amazing how things get out all over the world about whats been happening to me. The rumour mill is rampant. One arts editor in Stockholm heard that i was arrested by right wing extremists. And i promise a complete report in this very blog, plus the articles i committed to write on all my shenanigans for those magazines and papers that desire things told as only a true Prinzessin von Ho!hernzollern can give you. I am kept extremely busy with this particular Cheap Kollective project, plus i also have writing work that i have to finish for my agent with the upcoming book proposal. 1,000,000 apologees for the short replies to emugs, but i get over 30 a day and the festival headqtrs is a bit of a treck from my artist residence, and with my bad sense of direction i can´t find it alone, so i have to wait for a brother Cheap member to escort me. A lady with a large ass like mine should never wander a city of virile men alone.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Just came back from the first stop in the lush Austrian countryside. The people of the tiny town of Murzzuschlag were so nice to us. checked emails before i left, and someone sent me a note that the owners of the funeral parlour lenny and squiggy and some icky woman are opening soon a place called T on Fairfax. i know that my supporters won´t be patronizing this establishment. More on my Austrian tent tour with St. Salicia and her Bruder/Sfesters when i have more time.