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Monday, March 01, 2004


My formal girth celebration with Frank Rodriguez of Club Sucker was held this year at MJ’s on Hyperion(formerly Woody’s) We wanted to have a dance party and the newly redesigned homo moderne club made it convenient for us. Bar manager Tom Walker was very gracious and courteous, so was his staff. The high tech equipment took a while to get use to, as I’m not technically oriented, but once I started the first round of spinning, I didn’t want to leave the booth.

Guest DJ’s included Sit n Spin/Trade legend Jeffreyland Hilbert-UK, Monkey Bone, Glenn Masculine, and Sexnation Matt. We premiered new films by Ste’Eve Harrington Hall and Lil Papa’s Triatheletes, Wrestling Champs and Showering Jocks Montages. Yummy.

Tons of celebutants partook in the proclitities: Entertainment 2Nite producer extroidinaire, and legendary punk beauty Jane Cantillon, Meesh and Selene Luna of the Epiladies, director Darren Stein(Jawbreaker), Heather Cassils and her high holy Toxic Titties Collective, Daniel Bruhl of "Good Bye, Lenin!", Nuyorican poet Willie Perdomo, fighting promoter Raul Garzon with his handsome Tijuana boxing champ Erik Morales, Silverlake socialite Rage Brenna, Ron Athey, Electroclash godfather Dave Harrow of Technova fame, writer Lisa Teasley, make-up artist to the stars Jeff Judd, filmmaker Laura Nix, Rob Zebrecky and Arthur editor Jay Badcock, LA Weeklytes Steven Mikulan and the lovely Sandra Ross, derma tex guru Eddie Gilmore, Sony Pictures Exec Michael "Twee" Dykes, Stuart Townsend (without Charlize) designers, Marky Magdaleno, and Morgan Olsen, Lyor Cohen, the former chief execuive of Island Def Jam now with Edgar Bronfman’s Warner Music Group, Kent William Albin with some writers from Fashion Daily, Visionaire and Women’s Wear Daily, Marvina Jones, writer and independent curator David Cotner, Professor Jennifer Doyle, F2M film editor Billy Rich(Black Hawk Down) and Mrs. Michael Glass of Amok Books fame.


Had to get up early to start my yard sale in front of Daddy Athey’s garage at his Silverlake compound. All my collectibles that have been in storage for 2 years and are finally within my ladylike grasp. I’m trying to sell as much as I can to finance my moving to East Berlin. Amazingly with no fanfare I sold quite a lot. Had to end the sale early because my Italian pal Andreas was arriving at my studio from London at around 3:30. Of course the subway and busses are not running on schedule because of the damn Acadamy Awards. I hate the Oscars. I haven’t watched it since 1983 or 84. Its so dull, how can anyone in their right mind stand viewing it. People I know who’ve been to the ceremony said that its even more boring in person. If I’m ever nominated I promise I won’t attend.

Took my guest for a bit of sight seeing on Hollywood Blvd. He was disapointed at the tacky clothing stores and lack of glamour. I don’t blame him. We ate some pizza and then had some drinks at the Spotlight Pub. The hustlers were hideous except for one very young, but very womanly boy whore, who would have been attractive if he didn’t gesture so much or talk. He really ruined it when he started lipsynching to Shania.

We ended the evening at the tired sauna. I warned Andreas that it would be mostly speed freaks in a tweaky frenzy. Surprise, surprise I actually got way laid by this giant handsome visiting Brit with a huge willis, giant muscles and thyroid eyes. Poor A. didn’t find his prince Harming, though as we were leaving we did see this little blondine dork, wearing glasses with an amazing body. Of course whenever I have sexel I need to eat immediately, so I had a late nite snack at Popeyes, which was filled with nutters homeless waifs, sociopaths, skitsofrenics, and the icky bridge and tunnel kids that go to all those lame Hollywood clubs.

Woke up early to resume the yard sale. Nice having A helping me. Daddy Athey took him to catch his bus to San Fran where he’ll be till Thursday then back with "The Doll". Made some good sales and had a power bitch meeting with Kirsten of Outfest. Seems like they want us back, after the disaster of Platinum Snapmeat. Kirsten has brought together a great new crew including Moj who is a delight----Very organized and cute.


Was the theme for Bricktops as we saluted high C susie Grace Moore. Julianna Snapper the musicalogist and intermedia Opera diva, sang to perfection, looking ravishing at the same time. Her accompanyist Linda Kernahan added a gentle, delicate touch in her piano playing that gave the proceedings an ethereal quality. Ms. Snapper and Ron Athey are collaborating on a new piece that will premiere in England called the "Judas Cradle" based on, of all things, the Inquisition. One movement in the new piece is titled, "That Disassociated Feeling" Pure geniustata.

Making the pilgramage to Bricky’s to shower praises on Heather Cassils and her Toxic Titties posse, Rage, Sean Griffin, Dame Darcy, Gwen Kahn, Toby McGuire, Sofia and Roman Coppola, Ron Athey and his butch realness Swiss beau Maxmillian, Miss Morgan Olsen who made Ms. Davis’ stunning gown, Tre Cool(Green Day) Tim Armstrong (Rancid), The Herbst Twins,. Europa, Meesh of the Epiladies, Kent William Albin, Shauna Leone, Sylvia Rhone CEO of Elektra Entertainment (without her gal pal Missy Elliot) and John Fruciante of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Bricktop sang a new ditty that went like this:

Bricktops, Brickbottoms
tops, bottoms
sloppy bottoms, mud slides

it takes its toll
one never knows what
will come out of an olde bung hole